EASY CLEAN CUTSHEET 123107 REV051517.indd

EASY CLEAN CUTSHEET 123107 REV051517.indd
keep your liquid coffee dispenser
clean for best tasting coffee & tea
for use with all bib dispensers
New from Newco, the leader in liquid coffee machines.
Ensure your coffee stays fresh and good tasting by using
Easy-Clean, natural cleaning solution.
Cleaning liquid coffee dispensers is an essential part of
preventative maintenance.
Easy-Clean keeps tubes and pumps running smoothly
and free of bad tasting coffee residue.
Cleaner can be used in all liquid machines but coffee
always tastes better out of a Newco machine!
Uses very little cleaner for each use.
PN: 900083
1 box with Scholle fitting
PN: 900084
1 box with QCD fitting
Currently available with Scholle fitment or QCD fitment.
Customers can easily attach the cleaner to the tubes and
simply prime the machine to clean.
Repeat sales with the cleaning solution.
LIT PN:123107
800.325.7867 • 3650 New Town Blvd. • St. Charles, MO 63301
Flushing Instructions:
1. Place Easy-Clean box into the BIB rack or compartment. 5.
2. Pull Easy-Clean spout out through perforation.
3. Connect to beverage supply line.
4. Flush system for 2 minutes or until the solution runs clear.
[Agitate line to clear any syrup remaining in the line.]
Remove product and place Easy-Clean
box into the BIB compartment.
Allow 2 minute rest cycle before reinstalling line to beverage BIB product.
Reinstall product line and refill with product.
Open dispensing valve until all cleaner dispenses and the syrup appears.
Pull spout out through box perforation
and connect the beverage supply line.
Flush system for 2 minutes or until the
discharged solution runs clear.
Easy Clean Flush for Scholle fitting 900083
Close-up of
QCD Fitting
PN: 400137
Close-up of
Scholle Fitting
PN: 107117
Easy Clean Flush Solution for QCD fitting 900084
(removed from the box view)
PN: 900083
PN: 120508
PN: 107117
PN: 400137
Clean Out Cap (1)
Scholle Connector (1) QCD Connector & Fitment (1)
PN: 800013
Seat Cup [Faucet] (1)
Adaptor Flush QCD (1)
PN: 900084
QCD fitting
Note: Cleaning Adapters
Cleaning requires the use of a cleaning/flush adapter. An adapter may be purchased from Newco Enterprises, Inc. PN: 400137 for QCD cleaning/flush adapter. PN: 120508 for Scholle
cleaning/flush adapter. A cleaning adapter can be made by taking an empty BIB bag and cutting away as much of the empty bag as possible. Wash the remaining connector and further
trim off any remaining bag pieces if desired. This is now your cleaning adapter. It will allow the check valve in the connector to stay open during the cleaning process. Cleaning adapters
may be saved for later use. You can also purchase premade cleaning solution that comes in a Bag-in-the-box that has either the Scholle or the QCD connector on it. PN: 900083, Cleaner
“EASY CLEAN” [64 fluid ounces], with Scholle fitting. PN: 900084, Cleaner “Easy Clean” [64 fluid ounces] with QCD fitting.
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