Electrical Water Heater Calore Control User manual

Electrical Water Heater Calore Control User manual
User manual
Electrical Water Heater
Calore Control
30L- 40L- 50L- 60L- 80L
Safety instructions …................................................
Features …………………………………………………………………
Waste of electrical equipments…….………...............
Maintenance ……………………..……………………................ 5
Installation ………………….………………………..................
Care and cleaning …………………………………..................
Control Panel ………………………………………………………
What to do if ………………………………………………………….
Usage ...…………………………………………........................
Technical data …………………………………….....................
Subject to change without notice
Safety instructions
Important! Read carefully and keep for future
 The safety of your appliance complies with the
industry standards and with legal requirements on
the safety of appliances. However, as
manufacturers, we feel it’s our duty to provide the
following safety notes.
 It is most important that this instruction book
General safety
 Installation and maintenance should be carried out
by Service center authorized professionals.
 Check that the specifications written on the
appliance’s identification plate are the same as
those of the electrical supply.
 The installation and start up must be carried out in
should be retained with the appliance for future
accordance with these instructions and only by
reference. Should the appliance be sold or
qualified professionals.
transferred to another owner, or should you move
the house and leave the appliance, always ensure
that the book is supplied with the appliance in order
 Zanussi electric water heaters are manufactured
and tested in accordance with valid regulations.
 This appliance is not intended for use by person
that the new owner can get to know the functioning
(include children) with reduced physical sensory or
of the appliance and the relevant warnings.
mental capabilities or lack of experience and
 Correct functioning of your water heater does not
only depend on the product’s quality, but on the
correct installation by a qualified professional.
 Before first time starting up, check the appliance for
any damage incurred during transport.
Never connect up a damaged appliance. if parts are
damaged, contact the service center.
 Never remove or damage stickers, warning labels or
nameplates attached to the appliance.
knowledge unless they have been given supervision
or instruction concerning use of the appliance by a
person responsible for their safety.
 Children should be supervised to ensure that they
do not play with the appliance.
 Do not leave the packing materials (cardboards,
nails, bolts, plastic plate and other similar materials)
within reach of children, they can be exposed to
suffocation danger.
Waste of electrical equipments
At the end of the appliance’s useful life, it should not be disposed of with general domestic waste.
By disposing of a waste electrical device separately, you are reducing possible negative consequences
for health and the environment, caused by incorrect disposal, and enables treatment and recycling of
the materials that it is made of, thus saving energy and resources.
For more information, please get in contact with your local authority or the shop where you purchased
the product.
 Accessories
The electrical water heater is supplied with the basic
equipment required for their installation, such as:
- Safety valve.
This accessory is inside the packaging.
 Placement
Both the wall on which the water heater is to be
installed and the fixing wall plugs and screws must
hold the weight of the appliance full of water. If the wall
is very thin, back plates must be used on the other side
of the wall.
 Hydraulic Installation
Leave a minimum space of 40 cm under the pipe
outlet, to be able to gain access to the electrical
parts and to make maintenance and repairing easier.
If plastic pipes are being used, and in order to
carry out the installation conditions, the
pressure and temperature conditions they are going
to undergo have to be taken into account. A
maximum pressure of 9 bars and maximum
temperature of 70ºC, in normal conditions, or of
100ºC in abnormal conditions if the safety thermostat
switches off.
The water heater MUST be installed with the
safety unit, which has a non-return valve
(supplied with the water heater)check page#7.
Do not install the appliance in the following
- Outdoor
- Areas that are cold and freezing, the freezing
water may damage the internal tank and
- Close to the ground.
- Where water discharge is not possible
- The water heater can be placed anywhere in the
house. Nevertheless we recommend placing it as near
as possible to the hot water tap, in order to prevent
temperature loss in the pipes.
- The appliance can be installed in all bathroom
sections except Zone”1”
No Hydraulic accessory must be installed
between the safety unit and the cold water inlet
tube service valve(plug valve, non-return valve, etc..)
check page#7.
The pressure relief opening of the safety unit can be
connected to a drain pipe, with a diameter that is at
least the same as the water heater connection pipe,
with a continuous inclination and open to atmosphere.
Pressure relief valve works only when the pressure
inside the heater tank increses above 7±1bar
,relief will be in a continous water drops form that
come out from pressure relief opening.
If the main network pressure is more than 5
bars, it is OBLIGATORY to install a 3 or 4 bar
pressure regulator in the mains connection of the
 Electrical Installation
- Connect the appliance to the power source with a
1.2mm2 cable for heating element power 1200 and
1500 watt , and 2mm2 cable for heating element
power 2000 watt.
Distance from appliance location to the power
supply should be not more 5m long.
Use a 16 Amp Overload switch to connect your
appliance to the power supply, Overload switch
can be replaced by 16-20 Amp socket and plug.
- If the appliance is provided with “EARTH” terminal, it
must be checked that the electrical installation of the
premises or house is equipped with the “EARTH” line.
- If it does not have the standard “EARTH”, we
recommend installing a differential switch
(ELCB/RCCB) with a value of ≤ 30 mAmp.
It is strictly forbidden to tamper with or replace
parts (including the power supply cable, as only
the Technical Support Services are allowed to do it).
Control Panel
 Filling
- Once the water heater has been installed, open the
water source valve. Turn on the hot taps. When the
water starts to run through it with constant flow, the
water heater will be full. Then close the outlet taps and
make sure there are no leaks in the installation.
Do not connect the water heater to the main power
supply without being sure that it is full of water.
 Operation
- Turn on the main switch so the appliance has voltage
on ,the display will be ON
 Standby mode
- the display of the control unit is lighting ON , show
the currently temperature of the water while it is
blinking continuously
- the two Red and Green indicators will be in Off state
(not lighting)
- the heater will be in standby mode
 Adjusting water temperature(operating mode)
- Press the power button on the control panel.
- The display will show the currently measured
temperature steadily
- After 30 second, the control unit will going to ON
state, red indicators will lighting on, and one beep
sound will be heard from the appliance.
- Press Increment or decrement buttons to adjust the
desired temperature from 35 °C to 80 °C.
- After the temperature had been adjusted to the
desired value, the display will start blinking for 5
second to the setting temperature value, and then get
stable to the currently measured temperature.
Each press to the increment / decrement buttons
will increase /decrease the setting temperature
by 1°C consequently
Long press to the increment / decrement buttons will
increase /decrease the setting temperature by 5°C
- The heating element will heat up the water inside
the tank until the water temperature reaches to the
setting value, then heater will go to OFF state.
- Red indicator will be Off , and green indicator will be
ON , and two beeps sound will be heard from the unit
- After the water inside the tank gets cooler, and the
temperature will be lower than the setting
temperature by 5°C , the heating process will start
working again and heat the water inside the tank
- The operation will repeat continuously in automatic
manner as long as the electrical source connected to
the water heater.
- In case of main power source goes down or sudden
shut-off ,The digital control unit will keep (save) the
last setting temperature inside its memory ,After the
main power comes again, the unit will be powered on
and going to the operation state (ON state or OFF
state ) according to the setting temperature and the
currently measured temperature.
 Digital Control
- The appliance provides the user with a full control of
the desired water temperature to satisfy his/her
 Maintenance free tank
- This appliance tank is not equipped with a
magnesium anode, so no need to service the tank
 Anti-Burn system
- The appliance will detect any abnormal temperature
increase and disconnect the heating element to
protect it from damage
When this occurs, an E2 signal will blink
continuously on the appliance LED screen and
beep sound will be heard for 60 seconds.
 Over heating Protection
- If water temperature increased above 90°C the
control unit will stop heating process to protect the
user and appliance from overheated water.
When this occurs, an E3 signal will blink
continuously on the appliance LED screen and
beep sound will be heard for 60 seconds.
 Quad Safety
- The appliance is protected from overheatingoverpressure with four types of safety:
1. On board Overheating protection
2. Mechanical thermal fuse
3. Relief valve
4. Non return valve
 HD polyurethane insulation foam
- High-density polyurethane foam injected between
the inner tank and the outer shell.
1. To reduce power consumption
2. Keep heat loss controlled
The material of the foam was chosen carefully to give
the best performance for a long life.
The water heater requires no special maintenance, no anode change. The safety limiter, which cuts both phases
and leaves the water heater without voltage; protect the appliance from excessive heating due to a possible
thermostat fault.
If this case occurred, you must call the Service Center for it to be repaired
Electric circuit
*The MANUFACTURER reserves the right to modify the characteristics and specifications of its products, without prior notice.
Care and cleaning
 All the repair and maintenance must be carried out by
customer service authorized technicians.
 A clean soft cloth or wet sponge can be used for the
 Appliance malfunctions should be repaired on its time
to keep the performance of it.
 Dissolvent products are not allowed for the cleaning.
What to do if…..
Certain problems are due to lack of simple maintenance or oversights, which can be solved easily without calling
the service technicians, before contacting the local service center please carry out the check listed below.
Water leaks
No hot water
Possible cause(s)
Improperly sealed, hot or cold water
source connections
No power to heater
Insufficient hot water
Temperature set too low
Cold water mix fast with appliance
stored hot water, high water source
Wrong piping connections
Wasted hot water
High operation cost 03(power
Dripping from safety valve
E1 appears on LED screen and
blink continuously and sound
beeps will be heard for 60
E2 appears on LED screen and
blink continuously and sound
beeps will be heard for 60
E3 appears on LED screen and
blink continuously and sound
beeps will be heard for 60
Long runs of exposed pipe
Hot water piping on outside wall
Temperature set too high
Wrong piping connections
Wasted hot water
Long runs of exposed pipe
Hot water piping on outside wall
Leaking Taps
High water source pressure
Temperature Sensor wire or socket
disconnected or the sensor failure
Tighten threaded connections
Turn on electrical switch, Check for blown
fuses or tripped breaker
Raise the temperature set to the desired
Close the inlet water service valve(or the
pressure regulator) partially until the
problem disappear
Correct piping
Review and reduce hot water
consumption ,
Insulate piping
Insulate piping
Set temperature to a lower desired level
Correct piping
Review and reduce hot water
Insulate piping
Insulate piping
Repair leaking taps
Install a 3 or 4 bar pressure regulator valve
in the mains connection of the house
disconnect the main power source and call
service center
Anti-burn (anti-dry) safety alarm, if
the temperature increases than the
normal rate
disconnect the main power source and call
service center
High temperature safety
temperature increased over 90°C,
this is to be in safe in case that the
unit fail to disconnect the main
power from the heater at its
maximum setting temperature
disconnect the main power source and call
service center
Technical data
220V ,50/60Hz
((bar)10 pascal)
Safety Valve
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