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Need: The HI 4050 to operate the external relays from the HI 2151/30 D2 option using the DIO option.
HI 4050 with DIO option (p/n 0535-0357)
HI 2151/30xx-D2 option (p/n 0509-0390-01)
External Power supply (5v).
Plug one end of supplied cable to the relay option card. White wire should be in pin one of connector.
Using the paragraph below mark the wires and then cut off the connector on other end of relay cable.
Wire pin one of relay option card to HI 4050 DIO connector pin five (common) and to ground connection of power
Connect pin two wire to power supply +5v connection.
Connect pin eight wire to HI 4050 DIO output connector pin 1 (output 1).
Connect pin seven wire to HI 4050 DIO output connector pin 2 (output 2).
Connect pin six wire to HI 4050 DIO output connector pin 3 (output 3).
Connect pin five wire to HI 4050 DIO output connector pin 4 (output 4).
Wires three and four are extra connections for last two relays. These may be used in place of one of the other relays
if desired.
Mapping string: HO0.0=+HSI2, HO0.1=+HSI3, HO0.2=+HSI4, HO0.3=+HSI5
Expanded map:
HO0.0(Digital Card Output 1) = +HSI2(Setpoint 1 Output)[setpoint one to DIO output one.]
HO0.1(Digital Card Output 2) = +HSI3(Setpoint 2 Output)[setpoint two to DIO output two.]
HO0.2(Digital Card Output 3) = +HSI4(Setpoint 3 Output)[setpoint three to DIO output three.]
HO0.3(Digital Card Output 4) = +HSI5(Setpoint 4 Output)[setpoint four to DIO output four.]
NOTE: Set up setpoint target, deadband, and preact values and map input to the setpoints.
Example: Setpoint 1 input is gross weight. Setpoint target is 100, preact is 5, deadband is 10, mode is gain in
Set up as above, the output from setpoint 1 would go high when the gross weight reached 95. This would then
cause the first relay on the 2151/30 relay card to change states. The relay would remain in this state until the weight
came back down below 90, then the setpoint output would go low and the relay would reset. The preact setting
closes the relay to account for in-flight material or slow gates.
NOTE: Relay option card has dip switches that will reverse the relay logic. The user can set the relays normally
energized and then de-energize, or normally de-energized and energize at the setpoint.
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