LAN-Phone 40v1 Sales Info iss2

LAN-Phone 40v1 Sales Info iss2
LAN-Phone 40
Heavy Duty VoIP Phone
with Power over Ethernet
LAN-PHONE 40 series VoIP phone is an internet based voice network phone terminal supporting
power supply via Ethernet, IEEE 802.3AF (with external power as an option).
LAN-PHONE 40 series VoIP phones adopt multiple voice control protocols and voice
compression coding methods to directly convert analog voice into IP packet for LAN or internet
transport, thus effectively using the existing bandwidth to provide PSTN quality voice service.
LAN-PHONE 40 VoIP phone supports SIP with options of H323, MGCP, IAX2 and other protocols.
It offers two 10/100Mbps Ethernet interfaces and can accommodate both internet access and
telephone connection on a single line, thus effectively using the existing broadband resources. It
is compatible with various softswitch systems and VoIP voice gateways to provide broadband IP
voice service.
LAN-PHONE 40 VoIP phone adopts the latest Ethernet power supply technology to not only save
user investments, simplify network deployment, but also provide centralized power management.
industry, rail, metro, tunnels, roads, ships & military etc
LP40 v1 Sales Info iss.2
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8 June 2008
Key features:
voice features
unattended/ attended call transfer
call waiting and per call-waiting blocking
call forward (Always, busy, no answer, power
off) (option)
VoIP speed dial (option)
VoIP digital map
user defined ring tone
E.164 dial plan and customize dial rules
caller number/name display
MWI(Message wait Indication, option)
voice promote
configurable jitter buffer size
configurable audio frame
data features
Static/Dynamic WAN-IP-Addressing
telephone management
http, telnet, keypad and dedicate manage tool
adjustable user password and super password
URL based FTP,HTTP and TFTP auto provision
configure file download and upload by palmtool
support four settings storage, switch by keypad
safe mode provide reliability
four servers store and load by keypad
80 entries each for missed calls, answered
calls and dialed calls
100 entries for speed dial number
Multiply Language support
open source, user individuation firmware
Internally 2 x RJ45 connectors + power
connector for external supply (if required).
Power over Ethernet, IEEE 802.3AF
PoE (augmented) for peripheral powering also
available as an option, IEEE 802.3AF
Up to 3 x 3m cables (2 x Cat 5 + 1 x power to
POE Beacon on this option)
230VAC external local PSU option connected
thru glands.
Brief Specifications:
Enclosure Material
Dimensions overall
Temperature Range
Degree of Protection
Relative Humidity
Cables Connection
Handset Body
Keys (Keypad)
LP40 v1 Sales Info iss. 2
Heavy duty plastic, approx. 4mm thick
320mm high, 220mm wide, 80mm deep (including Handset)
Approx. 1Kg. max. depending on options
-25 Deg.C to +60 Deg.C. min.
to 95% non-condensing
up to 3 x cables can be supplied - via rear entry. Bottom entry also
available on deep base option
Heavy duty plastic
Armoured Cable/Metal Spiral
12 keys (LP40 -12)
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8 June 2008
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