DURANAR® ADS (Air Dry System) - PPG Architectural Metal Coatings

DURANAR® ADS (Air Dry System) - PPG Architectural Metal Coatings
DURANAR® ADS (Air Dry System)
Air Dry Fluoropolymer Coatings
Special Remarks
Air-dry fluoropolymer finish for touch-up and repair of factoryapplied coil and extrusion finishes
Solid, metallic and pearlescent colors matching factoryapplied Duranar coatings
Due to the variability of substrate conditions, scuff-sanding
and/or cleaning alone, prior to painting, may not be sufficient
enough to obtain adhesion of the Duranar ADS finish. A tiecoat primer may be required. See the Duranar ADS Coatings
Application Guidelines Manual for further details and a list of
recommended tie-coat primers.
Recommended Use
Application Methods
A one-component solvent based coating system for use over
properly prepared, painted or bare, aluminum and steel
building components, with performance characteristics
comparable to factory-applied PVDF finishes.
Volume Solids*
Weight Solids*
Package Viscosity*
8.45 ± 0.30 lbs./gal. 18% ± 1%
33% ± 1%
10-30 sec. #3 Zahn @ 77F
Air spray is recommended. Rolling or brushing is not
recommended due to the drying speed of the paint system.
Small touch-ups may be accomplished using an artist’s
brush or dauber pen. A multiple, light pass spraying
technique to slowly build the film thickness will prevent
sagging and allow for proper drying. Add more reducing
solvent or switch to the slower reducing solvent and/or
increase fluid delivery to improve paint surface smoothness.
Application Equipment
Average of 100-120 sq. ft. per gallon at 1.0 dry mils with a
conventional spray application.
Conventional air atomizing spray guns with a 35-90 PSI
pressure range. For aerosol can application, use a disposable
spray gun with a separate aerosol charge can. NOTE:
Duranar ADS coatings are not compatible with most aerosol
can propellants.
Reduction for Use
Clean Up
Spreading Rate - Unreduced*
Mix thoroughly before use. There are packaged ‘fast’ and
‘slow’ solvent blends (ADS-FAST & ADS-SLOW) available
through Nanochem Technologies to satisfy specific
application temperature and humidity conditions. See
Applications Manual for details. NOTE: Duranar ADS
coatings are not compatible with all solvents.
Drying Time Under Normal Conditions
(77˚ F @ 50% Relative Humidity)
To touch: 1 hour | To handle: 4 hours | To pack: Overnight
Drying time will vary based on temperature and humidity
conditions. Apply only when air, product and surface
temperatures are between 50°F -100°F and at least 10°F
above the dew point.
MEK, MIBK, mineral spirits, toluene
Shelf Life
One year at 77°F storage conditions
Reduced samples: six months
Safety Precautions
Refer to label warning and available MSDS literature. Due
to changing governmental legislation regarding the emission
of volatile organic solvents (VOC), the use of Duranar ADS
coatings in certain regions is regulated and may require a
permit prior to its use for any field repainting. Contact your
local authorities to determine the local ordinances.
*See Individual Product Data Sheets.
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