Programmable Interval 12V Timer Module

Programmable Interval 12V Timer Module
User Manual
Programmable Interval
12V Timer Module
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TechBrands by Electus Distribution Pty. Ltd.
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NSW 2116 Australia
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Technical Specifications:
• Power Input: 12VDC
• Low current drain: <50mA when relay is on, <5mA when
relay is off
• Timing accuracy: ±1% at all settings
• Dimensions: 72(L) x 65(W) x 43(H) mm
• Never get any part of the module wet.
• Never attempt to open, modify or repair any part of the
• Set the jumpers to program the timer, according to
the connection diagram and jumper settings table
• Plug in the supplied to the module, and the black and
red cables to a power supply 12V.
• Use only the positive cable/terminal from the power
source of the device you want to connect to the
interval timer. Connect the positive cable from the
power source of the device to the N/O cable for a
Normally Open switch or N/C cable for a Normally
Closed switch of the Interval Timer. Then, from the
COM cable of the Interval timer to run to the device
positive input .The NO1, COM1 and NC1 are
independent from NO2, COM2 and NC2 so please
ensure you connect to the correct corresponding wire.
• Press the reset button to restart the selected timer
Jumper Settings:
Circuit Diagram:
c b a
c b a
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