Before using
Parts name........................................ 1
Cautions............................................ 2
Rated voltage and frequency
120V~ 60Hz
Rated capacity of wash and spin
7.0kg (dry laundries weight)
Water level/water volume about
10/66L 9/62L 8/58L 7/54L
6/50L 5/46L 4/42L 3/38L
2/34L 1/30L
Inlet pressure
Rated input power
Wash 420W spin 340W
About 37kg
W545mm D575mm H944mm
Installation and adjustment................. 4
How to use drainpipe.......................... 5
Water inlet installation........................ 6
Preparation before operation .............. 7
Load Laundries................................. 8
Use of detergent................................. 9
Program operation............................ 10
control panel instructions................10
operation steps............................. 12
Maintenance.................................... 13
Trouble shooting.................................14
Other functions.................................16
Specification.................................... 17
Before using
Parts name
Other functions
1. Give an alarm
The top lid is opened
when preset is started
After draining 5 minutes,
it still does not reach to
water level
The top lid is open when
Spin does not balance
After inlet 20 minutes still
not reach to setting water
Water level sensor is
Close the top lid and clear upthe alarm
Hot water inlet valve
Top lid
Cold water inlet valve
Top frame
Open top lid, according to before
troubleshooting and settlement to
settle it ,then close the top lidand
clear up the alarm.
Close the top lid and clear upthe
Open the top lid ,make the laundries
place equally, then close it andclear
up the alarm
Detergent box
Open top lid, according to before
troubleshooting and settlement to settle
it. Then close the tip lidand clear up the
Cut the power supply and call the
Lint filter
Power cord
Lint filterB
Control panel
Back cover
Inner tub
Foot wheel
Adjustable foot
Fixing foot(3pcs)
2. Imbalance adjustment
During spinning, if the laundries are not placed equally in the tub, it would cause
violent vibration. This machine has imbalance adjustment function, and the
vibration testing system will supervise the running. Once vibration is beyond certain
level, the adjustment system will start automatically to adjust the imbalance.
The end connecting to
the appliance
3. Power supply is cut offautomatically
Connector for
water inlet hose
and tap
1) Press the power supply button and does not start the program in 10 minutes,
the power supply will be cut off automatically.
2) After the washing is finished, buzzer will remind, the power supply
can be cut off automatically.
The end connecting to
water inlet hose connector
Bottom cover
Water inlet hose (2pc)
Outfall stopper
Symbol definition
Warning symbols
Forbidden symbols
Pay special attention to the warning symbols. There may be
serous risks to personal body safety or damages to the washing
machine if not follow.
Please stop doing the contents with this symbol, otherwise
it will damage the appliance or injure your personal body.
Before using
Please insert the plug into the power socket with rated voltage
120V A/C.
Always unplug the appliance and turn off the water when
the power is cut, moving or cleaning the washing machine,
or it is not in use. Do not insert or pull off the plug with wet hand.
Insert the plug tightly
Check the socket or change to another socket
Press power switch
Check power supply
Do not make the electric cable bended, stretched, twisted, strapped or changed, pressed or nipped. If the electric cable or plug is
damaged or the socket becomes loose, they must be repaired or changed by our appointed repair stations or the professionals of
our post-sale service department to avoid danger. The pin of the plug must remain clean. Please clean it carefully with dry cloth if
it is dirty.
Install the inlet hose again
Tighten the connector of the machine
The height of the drainpipe should be less than 1.2m
Straighten or clean the drainpipe
Don t install the washing machine in bathroom or damp
places,. Do not wash the machine with water, do not put
wet clothes on the control panel film.
Do not use water hotter than 50
Restart when water supply is resumed
Open the tap
Clean the filter according to before clean inlet gate
The machine is adjusting automatically
If the machine is situated on a carpeted floor, please adjust
the feet in order to allow air to circulate freely.
Do not wash raincoat, bike cover, feather dress and such
waterproof laundries, which will make the washing machine
abnormal vibrations during spinning.
Close the top lid
Close the top lid
Ventilation holes
at the bottom
Soft item
Do not share the same socket with other electric appliances.
Do not use the damaged plug or loose socket.
If there is still a fault after the above checks, please pull out the plug and
contact the seller right away. It is dangerous to repair this product by yourself.
Before contacting the technicians, please make the following checks:
Inlet hose leaks
Do not put hands into the working machine.
It is dangerous even if the speed is very slow.
Take special care of the children, and forbid
them to climb on the washing machine.
It is dangerous to alter the specifications or
attempt to modify this product in any way.
Do not overload the appliance or put any hot
goods(such as the kettle with hot water)on the
washing machine.
Garments which have been in contact with
volatile petroleum products should not be
machine washed.
Possible reason
Control panel has no any display
Before using
Plug is not inserted tightly
No electricity in the socket
Power switch is not turned on
Power supply is cut off
Inlet hose connector(connecting with the tap)is not fixed tightly
Inlet hose and washing machine connector is loose
It does not drain
It does not inlet
Spin stops and begins to inlet
during spin program
Press the program button to
select SPIN, but It does not spin
The spin is intermittent when spin
Water outlet of drainpipe is higher than 1.2m
drainpipe is bended or get blocked
No water supply
Tap is not open
Inlet hose gets blocked
Laundries is too much or too little or the
Machine is not place stably
Do not close the top lid when drain is finished
Open up the top lid when start drain
This appliance is not intended for use by persons(including children)
with reduced physical,sensory or mental capabilities,or lack of
experience and knowledge,unless they have been given supervision
or instruction concerning use of the appliance by a person
responsible for their safety.
Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with
the appliance.
Keep the appliance away from direct
sunlight and heat sources like the heater.
Any objects such as coins, safety pins, nails,
screws, stones or any other hard, sharp material
can cause extensive damage and must not be
placed into to the machine.
To prevent the lint from blocking cascade outlet
during washing, please keep the lint filter in good
condition, install it to proper position and clean it
in time.
Balance the laundries to reach to the best spin effect
First time to use, some water flows
The remaining water when the factory make test
from the drainpipe
Before washing, please ensure the tap is open
and the inlet hose is installed properly.
It is suggested to use low foam washing powder.
Fit on
Installation and adjustment
Before using
Please install and adjust the machine according to the requirements of the manual.
It is very important to your safety and correct operation.
Maintenance methods
After the end of the programme
External cleaning
The machine stops automatically ,and music
buzzer will remind you to take out the laundries
or start again.
Once you have finished using the machine,
you are advised to unplug it and turn off the
water taps to avoid unexpected leak or fire.
Unpack the carton and take out the bottom panel.
Open the top lid of washing machine and take out all of the accessories.
Remove all wrappers, including the polystyrene base.
You are advised to keep all the packaging for reuse in case the machine is to be
transported again.
Clean the exterior cabinet of the appliance with
soft cloth. Do not use cleanser, volatile chemical
materials to clean the machine, which will
damage plastic parts and the surface.
Clean inlet gate
Clean the lint filter
Installing the bottom cover
Let the back of washing machine incline forward make Scissors
the side of bottom cover with sticker description back to
washing machine insert to the bottom of washing machine
along the direction of arrow.
Remove two fixing clamp by scissors insert to the
accordingly holes red lines indicating gently pull
Bottom cover
fixing clamp should not be pulled out
make the
bottom cover fixed on the base.
It is necessary to use lint filter during
After washing, please clean the lint
filter in time.
Clean the lint filter according to the
following steps:
1. Pull out the lint filter.
2. Turn the filter net outside and
wash it.
3. Recover the filter net and
remount it.
Fixing clamp
The base
It is possible that the inlet filter net can be blocked
by the dust, please clean it according to the follow
1. Close the tap and turn on the power switch.
2. Start the washing machine for 5 seconds(make
the water in the inlet hose flows to the tub),and
cut off the powersupply.
3. Pull off the inlet hose, remove and clean the inlet
valve and the inlet net, and install again.
The distance between the washing machine and the wall should be more than 50mm, and the
maximum allowed angle of the shank base of the machine is 1 .The slanting or rough ground may
cause operating stopped or unstable, please adjust it with the following methods:
1.Once you have using the machine, you are advised to turn off the water taps.(if necessary, pull out
the inlet hose)
2. Do not keep water in tub for a long time. When washing is finished , drain it right away.
3.Once you have finished using the machine, you are advised to unplug it.
4. Put the electric cable and the drain hose in order.
5. Wipe the water on the surface and in tub with soft cloth and keep the top lid opening for a while. It
helps to prevent mould and stagnant smells forming inside the appliance.
Make it horizontal
Use a tied thread with plumb to check
If the water in the inner tub has possibility to freeze,please do like below:
1. In winter, if remaining water freeze can cause the washing machine trouble,
please take off the water inlet hose and drain out the water in the hose and inner
tub .
2. If the water freeze, please don't operate the washing machine. Put 40 hot water
in the tub, the hot water should submerge the pulsator, after a few minutes, rotate
the pulsator by hand gently, then you can operate the washing machine.
if it is horizontal.
Adjust the adjustable foot
Lift up the adjustable foot gently, loose the adjustable nut
and twist the adjustable foot.
Fasten the nut after adjustment.
Operation steps
How to use drainpipe
Before using
Operation steps
1. Press power switch, put through power, the machine is in state of beginning
1). if there is no water in inner tub,washing machine is in state of "FUZZY",the state details
as per each model's button explanation. Now press "START/PAUSE" button (press
"PROGRAM" and select "STRONG",the washing machine is in state of "FUZZY"), the
washing machine will start fuzzy sensor and to sensor the weight of laundries and set
water level automatically.
2). If there is water in inner tub, washing machine is not in state of "FUZZY",the state details
as per each model's button explanation.Now press "PROGRAM" and"PROCESS" to select
proper program and process.
2. Press
3. Press
program button to select proper program
process button to begin process selection
Selected procedure
Times of pressing
the process button program
Wash, rinse, spin
Standard program
Soak, wash,
rinse ,spin
Contents(the lighted indicator
indicate the programs about
to run)
For dirty laundries
when use detergent
Wash rinse and spin
lights are on
Wash by hand and
only need to spin
Less than 1.2m
Spin light is on
Soak, wash, rinse and
spin lights are on
Wash light is on
Wash, rinse
No need to spin for
Wash and rinse lights
laundries creased easily are on
Rinse ,spin
Rinse and spin lights
Wash by hand and
need to rinse and rinse are on
Remarks: press PROCESS button continually, the above mode will be
cycled in turn.
1.the drainpipe must be hanged during use, the
height is not more than 1.2m to avoid leakage or stop,
if drain a long time, the machine will stop running.
2. You can adjust the situation of the elbow bend
pipe to change the height of the drainpipe.
3. Do not extrude the drainpipe to ensue drain smoothly.
4. Select appropriate water level according to your laundries quantity.
to select
COLD or WARM water for
wash, during the rinse process, it will inlet cold water.
6. Close the top lid, press START/PAUSE, the washing machine is working.
7. When the washing is finished, buzzer alarm, power supply cut off automatically.
Before using
Water inlet installation
Cautions:W hen install the washing machine, please use the new hose assy along with the washing
machine, old hose assy can not reuse.
Tap selection
º ÏSuitable
tapË ® Á ú Í ·
When washing, the digital timer shows
the rest time of washing, unit is MIN.
When trouble encountered, the digital time
shows trouble code.
At the beginning of start, if with FUZZY logic,
The digital timer shows -- .
Not suitable tap
After select program, process and water level, press
this button to start.
Press this button to pause during working, press again
will rework .
To control the washing machine is in
working state or waiting state.
The front end should be longer than 10mm. The tap exit end
face should be flat and smooth, if not file it to avoid leakage
Check the connection between inlet
hose connector and the tap
1. Swing the inlet hose gently to confirm if it is
2. After installation,open the tap and check if
it leaks.
3. Do not bend the inlet hose with overstrain.
4. Before each usage,check the connection
between inlet hose connector and the tap.
Make sure they are firmly fitted to prevent
dropping from improper installation position.
Can select one program from NORMAL,STRONG,SOFT, SPEEDY,ULTRASPIN
At the beginning of start, the process is NORMAL.
Press this button to select HOT,COLD,WARM.
At the beginning of start, the process is COLD.
Connect the inlet hose with the washing machine
1. Do not take off the water absorption cushion. Please
check if the cushion is dropped or damaged before
each usage. If it is, contact the seller immediately.
2. Put the inlet hose nut on the inlet valve connector.
3. Fasten the inlet hose nut and swing it gently to make
sure if it is suitable.
Inlet valve connector
Inlet hose nut
At the beginning of start, if with FUZZY logic and do not select water level, the digital timer
shows - at this time, before press START/PAUSE, If select NORMAL or STRONG,
with fuzzy logic. When select SOFT, no fuzzy logic, the water level is 7
select speedy, no fuzzy logic, water level is 2 . If no WASH process, no fuzzy logic.
At the beginning of start, press WATER LEVEL to select water level, at this time, no fuzzy
logic function, you can select appropriate water level. According to your laundries quantity.
1-2 is low water level, 3-6 is middle water level,7-10 is high water level.
During wash (including rinse), if need to add water, press WATER LEVEL button to add
water, un-press will stop adding. Or PAUSE the washing machine and press WATER
LEVEL to select higher water level, then press START/PAUSE button, The washing
machine Will add the water to setting level automatically and continue working. If your
resetting water level is lower than present water level, the lowe r water Level will valid in
next water inlet.
Automatically add water: during SOAK, WASH and RINSE process, if the washing
machine check the water level is lower than setting water level, The washing machine
will pause and add water to setting water level automatically.
Water absorption cushion
Control panel instruction
Preparation before operation
Mode and meaning of the indicator light
on: indicate the selected mode
flashing: indicate the program is running
Preparation before washing
1. Connect the inlet hose and open the tap.
2. This appliance must be earthed. Confirm
the socket is earthed reliably and insert the
power plug. The earth terminal should not
link to gas pipeline, tap pipeline etc.
3. Hang up the drainpipe.
Warning: the temperature of the water should less than 50
Before washing the laundries, please pay attention to the followings:
Press this button to select one cycle from wash-rinse-spin
soak-wash-rinse -spin
rinse-spin .
At the beginning of start, the process setting is wash-rinse-spin .
Make sure if there is Before washing, empty Knot the long band,
special requirements all pockets of small
fasten the buttons
objects which may
for the laundries
and close the zippers.
have been left inside
(coins,keys,screws etc.)
As these could damage
the drain pump.
Do not overload the Sort the laundry
according to the type
machine. Load the
of fabric, color-fastness
laundry loosely
and how dirty it is. Put
alternating large
items with small ones. thin laundries, woolens
and such prone to wear
and tear laundries into
washing bag.
A. Make sure the laundries are washable.
B. It is essential to wash new colored items separately when washing for the first time. White items
should not be washed with colored items.
C. Please immerge the non-absorbable laundries by hand.
D. Some stains such as fruit, wine, grass, rust etc. are difficult to remove and should be treated
At the beginning of start state
Put through the power, press POWER button, the machine is in the state of beginning of start:
1. If no water in the inner tub, the washing machine is in state of FUZZY, the process is wash,
rinse, spin . The program is NORMAL ,digital timer shows -- , at this time, if press
START/PAUSE button(or press program to select STRONG),the washing machine can
automatically set the water level according to the laundries quantity.
2. If there is water in the inner tub, and the machine is in state of non FUZZY, the water level setting
is 7 . Process is wash,rinse, spin
program is NORMAL .
before washing with specific products, which can be found in most household shops. In some
cases it may help to soak the stain before washing with a special pre-soak product or biological
E. Overturn the nap fabric and long floss laundries before putting them into the machine.
F. Do not put the laundries polluted by chemicals into the machine directly.
G.Very small item(handkerchiefs, ribbons, socks etc) should be washed in a washing bag or a pillow case.
Load laundries
The capacity of washing and spinning of the machine refer
to the largest weight of the standard laundries under dry
condition .Washing quantity shall be lower than the rated
capacity.The maximum capacity of this machine is 7.0kg.
Different thickness, size and type of the laundries will
influence the actual washing capacity. It is suitable that
the laundries can be turned round normally during washing.
Do not select high water level when laundries are less than
1.0kg to avoid water splashing.
Use of detergent
Use of detergent
Detergent box
Withdraw the dispenser box before adding detergent
Pour concentrated synthetic washing powder into
the box directly as shown in the left illustration.
The dosage of the washing powder, please refer to
It is suggested to use low sud washing powder.
How to use the washing powder
How to use bleach
Fill water to the selected level,
dilute the bleach in the container,
and pour it slowly into the washing
Do not use bleach for colored or
figured laundries as they are prone
to lose colors.
Do not put bleach to laundries
Refer to the manual for the usage
and quantity of the bleach.
Please dissolve powder bleach
before use.
Dissolve in the machine directly not suitable for
preset program
1. Low water level.
2. Add the washing powder, and run for 30 seconds
to dissolve it completely.
3. Put laundries in, select suitable water level.
The instant dissolving of the washing powder
1. Prepare warm water of 30 in a container.
2. Pour the powder while stirring to fully dissolve it.
The washing powder is more prone to pollute the
laundries than the detergent, therefore, please use
it with proper quantity.
Washing powder with poor quality or not used for a
long period may get blocked, please clean the
detergent box in time.
It is suggested to use low foam washing powder
For the quantity of the concentrated washing powder, please refer to its manual
avoid splashing of water and waste of washing powder, water level should not be too
high if laundries are too small.
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