tap-tap user guide - pro-tronix your it and security specialist

tap-tap user guide - pro-tronix your it and security specialist
TAP (Temporary Access Pin)
TAP : A temporary 5 digit secret number that guests use to gain access to the complex. The Tap-Tap
keypad is very secure and cannot be bypassed in anyway as no codes or PINs are stored on the unit,
and neither is the controlling relay on the keypad. The Keypad is simply a means of sending TAP
PINs to the MKII Intercom. The Intercom decides if the PIN is valid or not. A further benefit of the
external keypad is that the regular resident PINs can be entered on these keypads.
LET’S GET CRACKING: Once setup, using the TAP feature is easy. A resident sends an SMS to the
Intercom Cell numbers as follows: TAP n Where n is the number of guests that need access. Eg, let’s
say the resident needs a temporary PIN to be valid for 5 tries (guests):
TAP 5 The resident will receive a reply SMS from the Intercom within a few seconds as follows:
“Your temporary pin for Entry is
pin at the relevant gate
aaaaa and Exit is bbbbb. Please
keypad. Valid for 5 tries"
type the
This SMS can be forwarded
to each guest. There is a PIN for gaining access to the complex and a PIN for exiting the Complex.
The numbers aaaaa and bbbbb are the two PINS needed for entry and exit. When the Guest
arrives, he will type the 5 digit TAP at the Intercom keypad or entrance keypad, the gate opens,
when leaving, the guest types the 5 digit TAP at the exit keypad and the gate opens. After all 5
guests have used their TAPs, the TAPs expire. TAPs also expire at midnight everyday. Every TAP
is unique and ensures that a close audit trial is kept of who requested TAPs and when the TAPs
where used. TAPs are always 5 digits long, the entire 5 digit TAP must be used even if the TAP
contains leading zeros eg : 00123 is not the same as 123. Regular resident PINs can also be typed on
the external keypads as follows : *resident*pin eg, resident 27 has PIN 1234 setup as a trigger on
Relay2 (exit gate): *27*1234 is typed on the external keypad. TAPS can be extended and cancelled,
please see the TAP commands section below. TAP access can be coupled to a time grid; this means
that TAP pins can be set to be valid only at certain times on certain days. TAPs can immediately be
disabled for security reasons by un-ticking the TAP enabled option and doing a “Synchronise”. NOTE:
every time a resident requests a TAP, the Intercom sends and SMS to the resident, this incurs an
SMS charge to the cellular account. If there is no airtime in the account, the TAP response SMS's will
not be sent.
TAP SMS commands TAP SMS commands can be entered in upper or lower case. A User simply
SMS's these commands to their Intercom phone number.
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