Use on the floor to detect the presence of water or liquid. The sensor

Use on the floor to detect the presence of water or liquid. The sensor
AlertWerks™ Rope Water Sensors
Use on the floor to detect the presence
of water or liquid. The sensor is
to measure distilled water.
Includes a 20-foot (6.0-m) cable; 10-foot (3.0-m) extension cable is also
Communications Cable — RJ-45 jack to main sensor module
using UTP CAT5 cable
The AlertWerks™ Rope Water Sensor detects and monitors
water and battery acid. Connect it to an AlertWerks hub’s
intelligent sensor port. The Rope Water Sensor is a switch-type
sensor that will be on or off to detect the presence of water or
battery acid if any portion of the rope gets wet.
Maximum Extension Cable Run Length — 100 ft. (30 m)
Measurement Range — Wet or dry: -4 to 140° F
(-20 to +60° C)
Measurement Accuracy — Detects the presence or absence
of water/battery acid; the sensor can detect and withstand
a 40% concentration of battery acid for short periods
of time without damage to the rope
Power Source — Powered by the AlertWerks Hub or base
unit; no additional power is required
Power Consumption — Typical 125 mWatt, 25 mA
Sensor OID — .
Sensor Type — Patent-pending, microprocessor controlled,
capacitance measurement technology
The sensor is fully assembled, including the water/acid sensing
rope, the non-sensing cable that connects the rope to the
sensing module, and the main sensing module that connects to
the hub via CAT5 LAN cable. The autosensing rope cable on
the EMERW-020 is 20-feet (6.0-m) long. It connects the main
sensing module to the hub’s RJ-45 sensor ports. You can add
distance using the extension cable (EMERWE-010). The cable
can be extended up to 100 feet (30 m).
The sensing module connects to any of the RJ-45 intelligent
sensor ports on the base units using standard CAT5/6 LAN
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When the rope is wet, the sensor triggers alerts such as e-mail, SMS, phone calls, and SMS traps. The sensor has its own SNMP
OID so you can monitor it over your network using any Network Management System.
Mounting the AlertWerks Rope Water Sensor
Use any standard plastic U-clip with an adhesive base as shown in Figures 1 and 2 below. You can find these types of clips at your
local hardware store.
When installing or handling your new rope sensor, be sure to handle the rope portion of the sensor with care. Do not twist,
excessively bend or put stress on the rope, because the internal sensing wires are very delicate and can be damaged easily.
Figure 1. U-clip with adhesive base.
Figure 2. Half U-clip with adhesive base.
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EMERW-020, version 1
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