Drunken Feast! Misc. Chop Chop Salads $7 Plates
Drunken Feast!
We start y’all off with a dinner salad then load ya up with
Beef Brisket, Chicken, Pork ribs, and sides!
Family Style meal for 1 to 50 people
$23.95 per person
Kids under 11, $11.95
Kids under 3 – FREE ☺
Farmers Mac $7
Gruyere, cream cheese, cheddar
& Shiner Bock
“Bowl o Soul” $8
Smoked tomato chili with
cornbread baked on top
BBQ parfait $8
All our sides in a mason jar
add brisket $4, pulled pork $3
or chicken $5 to all the above
Pickled Plate $8
Smoked Bone Marrow
“Gods Butter” $8
Smoked Sausage $4
Hot Link $4
Smoked Trout $8
Herb cream cheese, crostini,
smoked onions
Rib tips $6
Burnt Ends $6
Chop Chop
Salads $7
Romaine, Red onion, beans,
sunflower seeds & mozzarella
tossed in our secret bbq
dressing with your choice to
Beef Brisket $5
Smoked Chicken $6.50
Pulled Pork $4
Smoked Trout $6
Pork belly Bacon $4.50
Meat by the pound!
Brisket- $19, ½ lb $10
Pork Loin $10, ½ lb $6
Pulled Pork $15, ½ lb 8
Pork Ribs ¼ rack $9, ½ rack $17,
full rack $30
Pork belly bacon $21, ½ lb $12
Whole Chicken $25, half $13
Rib tips $11, ½ lb $6
Sausage or Hot links $20, ½ $11
Smoked trout filet $12
Dinner salad & 2 sides
Smoked Chicken $16
Brined for 3 days, wrapped in
Caul fat, then smoked to
Beef Brisket $18
Smoked central Texas style
Pork Ribs $20
1/3 Rack St. Louis Style
Smoked Links $16
Andouille sausage, Louisiana
Hot Link, smoked onions
Drunky’s Choice! $29.95
Feast Portion plus Farmers Mac &
Hot Link or Sausage
Served “Southern Style”
coleslaw on the bun
Sliced Pork Loin $10
Smoked Chicken $12
Beef Brisket $12
(chopped or sliced?)
Pork Belly BLT $13
Pulled Pork $10
Drunky’s Deluxe
pork loin & pork belly $13
Drunky’s Triple Chop
Brisket, ribs & sausage &
Havarti cheese $12
Hot link or Sausage $11
Add Pork Belly Bacon to anything
for $3 bucks
BBQ Baked Beans $3
Cornbread & honey butter $3
Potato Salad $4
Coleslaw $3
We have pies by the slice
from “Yippie Pie Yay”
*The Health department warns that eating raw or
undercooked foods can be harmful to your health
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