(weather and vibration resistant for exposed environments)
The gauge requires a round hole 2-1/16” in diameter. It should be inserted into the opening from
the front and the U-clamp will be installed from the back. Tighten the two nuts on the U-clamp so that
the gauge is secure. Gauge depth to the back of the case is 1-1/2”. Gauge depth including the
mounting studs is 2-3/8”.
Fused +12 volt power with key on, main power
Ground for gauge and case
(the ring terminal should attach to the top screw on the case.)
Night dimming, connect to light circuit, when wire gets +12V gauge will dim.
(This is an optional feature and doesn’t need to be wired for gauge to work)
RED with ring terminal
YELLOW with ring terminal
To RED wire on sensor cable.
To YELLOW wire on sensor cable.
The red and yellow wires with ring terminals are for the temperature sender input. The sender
must be Dakota Digital part SEN-3111 which contains 12”-14mm ring head temp probe and 6’ of
extension cable. Sending units from other manufacturers will cause incorrect readings. These cables
cannot be extended with standard wire. If a sender is not connected properly, the display will show
The HEAD TEMP gauge uses a thermocouple sensor to measure the temperature. A
thermocouple actually measures the temperature difference between the ends of its wire. The
thermocouple consists of a probe with a ring terminal attached to the end and the cable which connects
it to the gauge. Because the thermocouple only measures the temperature difference, the gauge has a
temperature sensor so that the temperature at the gauge end of the thermocouple wire is known. The
gauge then adds the two temperatures together to display the actual head temperature.
Because of the nature of the sensor used, the gauge will not read cold temperatures. The power
circuitry inside the gauge will elevate the internal gauge temperature to 90°-150°F. This is the lowest
temperature the gauge will be able to display accurately. The gauge has a user adjustable high warning
level. This can be set to indicate when the engine is beginning to overheat.
Factory settings:
Unit type:
Hi warning point:
450 °F.
The gauge can be set to read in °F or °C. (see page 2 for setup instructions)
The HEAD TEMP gauge will read correctly between the temperature range of 150 - 750° F (65 400°C).
This gauge has a user adjustable high temperature warning point. (see page 2 for setup
Setting the warning limits and temperature setup:
The red and yellow sensor wires are used to enter and change the warning settings. The wires
will need to be disconnected from the sensor before proceeding with this. The headlights should be off
or the blue wire unhooked so that it does not interfere with the setup.
1. To enter the set mode, turn the key on with the red and yellow sensor wires not connected. The
gauge will display “SEt”.
2. Touch the red and yellow sensor wires together. The gauge will display “F” or “C”. (If you wait
too long the gauge will exit the setup routine and you will need to repeat step #1).
3. Release the sensor wires. The gauge will display the current temp unit. “F” is for °F and “C” is
for °C.
4. Each time you momentarily touch the sensor wires together the setup will change.
5. When the desired setup value is displayed, keep the wires touching for about 2 seconds. The
gauge will display “ HI”.
6. Release the sensor wires. The gauge will display a number between 300 – 600 °F (150 –
7. Each time you momentarily touch the sensor wires together the number will change.
8. When the desired high warning value is displayed, keep the wires touching for about 2 seconds.
The gauge will display “--”.
9. Turn the key off.
Troubleshooting guide.
Gauge will not light up
Gauge lights up, but does
not read correctly.
Gauge lights up, but displays “Er0”
Gauge lights up, but displays “EEE”
Gauge lights up, but displays “Er3”.
Gauge lights up, but displays “Er4”.
Gauge lights up, but displays “Er5”.
Gauge flashes constantly.
Gauge will not dim.
Gauge remains dim at all times.
Possible cause
PWR terminal does not have power.
GND terminal does not have a good
Gauge is damaged.
Loose connection on sensor
cable terminal.
Poor ground connection.
Red and yellow wires in
sensor cable are shorted
Temperature unit is not set
correctly (F or C)
Voltage or wiring problem
in vehicle wiring harness.
Gauge is damaged.
Sender is not connected
to gauge.
Sensor wire between gauge
and sender is broken.
Sender is damaged.
Gauge is damaged.
Gauge is not calibrated correctly.
Temp unit setup
(F or C)
needs to be reset.
Gauge warning points need to be reset.
Warning limits are not set properly.
Vehicle is overheating.
Blue wire is not connected correctly.
Blue wire is getting power all of the
Battery is very low.
Gauge is damaged.
Connect to a location that has power.
Connect to a different ground location.
Return gauge for service. (see instructions)
Reconnect cable wire.
Move ground to different location
Check all splice connections and inspect cable
for pinched or damaged insulation.
See “Setting temperature setup” in the
Check wiring harness for loose or damaged
Gauge must be returned for service. (see instructions)
Connect red and yellow sensor wires from
gauge harness to sensor harness.
Test and repair wire.
Replace sender.
Return gauge for service. (see instructions)
Gauge must be recalibrated. (contact factory)
See “Setting temperature setup” in the
See “Setting the warning limits” in the manual.
Reset warning limits.
Check fuel mixture.
Check wiring connections.
Connect blue wire to location that only
has power when the headlights are on.
Recharge or replace vehicle battery.
Return gauge for service. (see instructions)
Technical specifications
Minimum operating voltage
7 volts
Maximum operating voltage
17 volts
(operating at or near maximum voltage for an extended time can damage unit)
Maximum temperature reading 750°F (400°C)
Gauge Resolution
3-4°F (2-3°C)
Gauge accuracy
±10°F (±5°C)
Typical current draw (@ 13.8V) 0.2 A
DAKOTA DIGITAL offers complete service and repair of its product line. In addition, technical consultation is available to help you work through any
questions or problems you may be having installing one of our products. Please read through the Troubleshooting Guide. There, you will find the solution to most
Should you ever need to send the unit back for repairs, please call our technical support line, (605) 332-6513, to request a Return Merchandise Authorization
number. Package the product in a good quality box along with plenty of packing material. Ship the product by UPS or insured Parcel Post. Be sure to include the
RMA number on the package, and include a complete description of the problem with RMA number, your full name and address (street address preferred), and a
telephone number where you can be reached during the day. Any returns for warranty work must include a copy of the dated sales receipt from your place of purchase.
Send no money. We will bill you after repair.
Dakota Digital 24 Month Warranty
DAKOTA DIGITAL warrants to the ORIGINAL PURCHASER of this product that should it, under normal use and condition, be proven defective in material
or workmanship within 24 MONTHS FROM THE DATE OF PURCHASE, such defect(s) will be repaired or replaced at Dakota Digital’s option.
This warranty does not cover nor extend to damage to the vehicle’s systems, and does not cover removal or reinstallation of the product. This Warranty
does not apply to any product or part thereof which in the opinion of the Company has been damaged through alteration, improper installation, mishandling, misuse,
neglect, or accident.
This Warranty is in lieu of all other expressed warranties or liabilities. Any implied warranties, including any implied warranty of merchantability, shall be
limited to the duration of this written warranty. Any action for breach of any warranty hereunder, including any implied warranty of merchantability, must be brought
within a period of 24 months from date of original purchase. No person or representative is authorized to assume, for Dakota Digital, any liability other than expressed
herein in connection with the sale of this product.
4510 W. 61st St. N, Sioux Falls, SD. 57107
Phone: (605) 332-6513 FAX: (605) 339-4106
[email protected]
©Copyright 2004 Dakota Digital Inc.
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