Packaway Deluxe Boat Cart Instructions

Packaway Deluxe Boat Cart Instructions
Packaway Deluxe Boat Cart Instructions
Attaching your Packaway cart is quick and easy. We recommend the following
sequence for the quickest, most secure fit.
Before using your Packaway Deluxe Boat cart, check that the tires are inflated to 30 psi. If
the tires are flat, inflate to 30 psi. Use caution not to exceed 30 psi. Over inflating tires
can lead to exploding tires. Use a manual pump to inflate tires to 30 psi.
1. Place the cart next to the stern (back) of the kayak as shown. Have the control arms
pointing at the front tip of the kayak, so the cart and boat are aligned when you lift the
boat onto the cart. Generally, the best fit is with the hull down as far as possible in the V
of the cart. Very wide kayaks may rest high in the V.
Note: For many short, wide kayaks such as the Manatee, Swifty, Otter, and Pungo 100,
the cart fits more securely if attached at the bow (front) since the bow has a narrower
profile and will fit deeper into the V.
2. Lift the kayak by the stern and place it on top of the cart. The kayak hull does not
have to be resting on the bottom of the V. Side hull contact on the rubberized sides
will work file.
3. Lightly snug the rear strap around the kayak.
4. Place the hook in the center of the cockpit coaming and snug
the control straps firmly and evenly. Snugging each side up
3” or 4” at a time makes this easy. They should be snug but not too tight.
5. Give the cart a quick tug backward to make sure it is seated.
Snug the rear strap. Now you are ready to grab the kayak’s
front carry handle and head for the water.
Stowing your Packaway
6. The Packaway cart will fit through openings as small as an
8” round hatch by folding the arms down and taking the wheels off.
Simply pull the clevis pins to remove the wheels. Note: Replace the clevis
pins in the axle so you don’t lose them. If lost, clevis pins can be found at
most hardware stores.
For canoes, follow a similar process to kayaks but use a seat or thwart to secure the hook. As long
as the control straps are equally snug, the hook can be off center to accommodate seat or thwart
design. The cart usually fits best approximately 6” in from the canoe’s stern. Use the cart with an
empty canoe only, as the cart is not designed to handle the extra weight of gear.
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