Importing Electronic Clocks Tauris Principle Procedure

Importing Electronic Clocks Tauris Principle Procedure
Importing Electronic Clocks Tauris
Importing comprises three basic steps:
1. Import race result from the clock to the PC
2. Interpret the imported data
3. Import the data into Winbird
The clock to be imported must be connected to the Club Unit and the PC and
the clock must be in PC Mode.
1. First select all the races flown
2. From the Calculate Race window select Import Electronic Clocks
3. Then Select Download Clock to PC
4. Then select the clock you want to Import from
Setup and requirements
1. The windows version of Tauris software must be installed on the PC that
is used.
2. The clock must be connected to the PC
3. The clock must be in PC/Communication Mode
4. Races must preferably be entered on the clock as Race 1, Race2 etc. If
specific race names are used the race numbers must be known so that
the correct race numbers are used. If Race 1, Race 2 etc. is used the
race numbers will be the same every week which makes the operation
5. The Tauris software saves the race file to drive A so a PC with drive A
must be used. A stiffy must be in drive A
6. I did pick up that Tauris also saves the file to the Hard Drive so I have
also provided that getting the file from the hard drive can be tried.
7. Any number of races can be downloaded
1. Open WinBird
2. Click on Calculate Races
3. Select all the races flown over the weekend and enter the clock detail
for each race flown – all the races on your clock will be read at the same
4. Click on Import Electronic Clocks
5. Click on Download Clocks to PC
Click on Tauris – Canada or South Africa
The Tauris software will open
The region, organisation, club and fancier must be entered for each
flyer’s clock to be imported. When the Tauris clock is switched on the 4
groups of numbers on top of the screen is the region, organisation, club
and fancier numbers for that clock and must be used when entering this
Go to Communication/Get Race Data
In Race No enter 00 and not the specific race number. By entering 00 all
the races on the clock will be downloaded.
In Race Week enter the number of the week in the year that the
race/races were flown. It would normally show the current week number.
Entering the correct week number is not that important but what is
important that you use the same week number for all the clocks that are
imported. The file that is downloaded uses this week number in the file
Click on Import Race – the race is imported from the clock to the PC but
in memory. I have since discovered that it is not in memory but written
to the hard drive. To download the file from the hard drive, skip step 13.
If this does not work which I believe it will, try step 13.
Click on Write to File – the race file is taken from memory and written
as a file to drive A
Click on the Winbird icon at the bottom of the screen to bring Winbird
to the front as Tauris does not have a minimise option
If data is shown in the bottom right hand grid from the previous week,
click on Clear All Clock Records to clear the data. This data must be
clear when you start to download data from the clocks for races flown
this week.
Move to the left hand side of the screen. This is when it is important to
know the race number used for each race. If the races were named Race
1, Race 2, etc then you know that Race 1 will be race number 1 and will be
in the same sequence the birds were basketed/shipped for each race.
Select the race number on the left hand side by clicking on it. That
number will appear in the bottom left hand grid. Click on the race name
for the race. The race that was basketed/shipped first should have the
lowest number. The name will appear in the bottom grid. Click on the
name of the flyer. Should you have made a mistake, click on Clear which
clears the grid and do the selections again.
18. If you fly more than one team select the correct races for the correct
flyer remembering that the numbers is in the sequence of
19. Once ALL the races flown and on the clock has been selected, click on
Interpret Race Data.
20. The program will now interpret the race file you have downloaded
previously by inserting the correct race names and flyer name and
display the result in the bottom right hand grid.
21. You can manually change this data should you wish.
22. Proceed to the next clock by clicking on Clear on the left hand side to
clear the race details of the clock just interpreted. Bring up the Tauris
software by clicking on the icon at the bottom of the screen and repeat
the process for all clocks.
23. The data for all the clocks are now stored in a single file on your hard
drive. You can now transfer this data to a stiffy or memory stick/flash
drive to transport to another PC should you wish.
24. Cloche this window and on the next window click on either Import Data
into Race Result from Other Source or Import Data into Race Result
depending on where the data is.
25. The data from all the clocks will now be imported into the race result
for all the clocks imported.
26. Lastly you need to change the clock variation for those clocks that did
not run correct.
27. Click on Change Clock Variation. The list with flyer names will appear and
click on the appropriate flyer name. Enter the clock variation and click
on All Races Flown Today. This will correct the clock variation for that
flyer for all races flown.
Finishing off Procedure
You now have the race results of all the clocks in a file on your PC for all
races. You can now download this file to another media or proceed on the
same PC to import these results into Winbird.
1. Close the Import window.
2. On this window you import the data into Winbird. You can enter the
clock variation to be used for all clocks. The default is 0.
3. Click on Import Data into Race Result from OTHER SOURCE or
Import Data into Race Result from Hard drive.
4. This window will close and you will see the program importing all the
race results.
5. If you only had ONE clock detail for every race flown, this import
action will proceed without you doing anything.
6. If however you have more than one clock detail for a race, the
program will ask you to select the correct clock detail for every bird.
It is recommended that you only have one clock detail per race.
7. Once the import is completed you must check the clock variation of
each clock and change where needed – go to Change Clock Variation. It
will change the clock variation for one or more races at the same time.
Most common problem
The most common problem is the connection between PC and Club Unit.
Please ensure that the Com port number on your PC is correct as well as the
Com port number on the club software. Should you get an error
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