Sales Tax RADAR

Sales Tax RADAR
Sales Tax RADAR
Ensure Pinpoint Precision Every Time with Accurate
Sales and Use Tax Rates and Taxability Content
CCH® Celebrates 100 Years in Tax & Accounting
The ever-changing sales and use tax rates and jurisdictional boundaries often make it difficult to stay current — and with the
added pressure of having to be right every time, staying current is especially imperative. At CCH®, we ensure you have the
products that provide accurate content for your lookup and research needs. With Sales Tax RADAR, you’ll experience one
Web-based source to help you work smarter by finding tax and decision-making criteria in a fraction of the time it would take to
manually research or use state websites.
Sales Tax RADAR Performs above the Rest
Lookups Available for Sales Tax RADAR
Sales Tax Rates and Decisions Administration Reporting (RADAR)
addresses key competitive gaps and offers substantial value at a low
cost. Returning all results in customizable output, RADAR provides
accurate tax information that can be easily consumed and quickly
applied to your business’ needs. With this powerful solution
you’ll get:
The most accurate content available.
Fast and easy activation and setup.
Multistate coverage.
Rates and Administration — Quickly find detailed sales and use
tax rate information for a particular location.
Rate Changes — Keep up to date with the sales and use tax rate
changes in thousands of tax jurisdictions.
Rate Directory — Generate a list of sales and use tax rates
that are summarized at the state, county, city and special
district/local level.
More feature functionality than competitors.
RADAR Rates & Taxability
Quick return on investment.
Lookups covering thousands of tax jurisdictions include:
Products to Fit Your Business
Sales Tax RADAR offers two subscription options to specifically fit
your business’ needs.
RADAR Rates quickly pays for itself in its ability to help prevent
costly errors in tax rate and calculation determinations. Search
features for Rates and Administration, Rate Changes and Rate
Directory ensure you’re current and accurate.
RADAR Rates & Taxability provides further detailed criteria for
researching and reporting on specific products and services. The
subscription includes a lookup covering Taxability Changes, as
well as the ability to generate a Taxability Matrix. You also have
the ability to upload and map product SKUs, which are then
available for search purposes.
Rates, Taxability and Administration — Determine the
applicable sales or use tax rate of a specific product or service for
a particular place as of a specific date, preparing you in the event
of an audit.
Taxability Changes — Review a list of all product groups and
items with taxability changes during a date range. Select specific
products or services to view details so you can make changes
before an audit happens.
Taxability Matrix — Easily research whether certain products or
services are subject to tax as of a specific date.
Rate Changes — Keep up to date with the sales and use tax
rate changes.
Rate Directory — Generate a list of sales and use tax rates
that are summarized at the state, county, city and special
district/local level.
Sales Tax RADAR
Features and Benefits
Sales Tax RADAR’s features offer valuable benefits for the user that solve inefficiency and accuracy challenges.
Access to reliable sales and use tax
rate and taxability content
Quickly find applicable tax rates and stay up to date with rate and taxability changes.
Answers based on geocodes
Access the most accurate information available and ensure data accuracy with address
validation, ZIP+4 results and geospatial boundary data.
Gain access anywhere, anytime with just an Internet connection. And, no software
means you eliminate time and the hassle of maintaining or updating. In addition, an
off-site host allows added protection in the event of a catastrophe or power outage.
Intuitive screen designs
Reduce the training time required with a user-friendly interface.
Ability to import locations, SKUs
Save time by setting up business locations and storing them in the system, rather than
manually typing each address in the search criteria. With the taxability subscription, you
can import product SKUs and map them to the appropriate CCH product groups and
items. From then on, generate searches based on SKUs rather than referring to
CCH groups and items.
Customizable result grids
Easily tailor search results for your specific needs by filtering, sorting or grouping data,
or rearranging grid columns.
Integration with Microsoft® Excel®
Export important search results to Excel® for audit, billing escalation, Sales Force
support, research on a product/service or other purposes.
Effective date search
Pinpoint rate or taxability information for a specific date or date range, which may be
necessary for billing inquiries, audit defense or voluntary disclosure.
Rate Directory by location
Generate a list of rates for a specific date that’s summarized at the state, county, city
and special district/local level.
Taxability lookup
Make quick and accurate taxability decisions for transactions (e.g., invoicing customers;
use tax on purchases).
Search with Postal Code or
Postal Code +4
Use the full 9-digit ZIP code for a more accurate jurisdictional search.
Save commonly used searches
Reduce time spent in research and problem escalation by saving a search so it’s easily
identified and retrieved later.
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