For intact rock, the permeability measurement range is from 1

For intact rock, the permeability measurement range is from 1
Portable Systems
TinyPerm 3
TinyPerm, developed and manufactured by
New England Research, is a portable handheld
air permeameter used for measurement of
rock matrix permeability or effective fracture
apertures on outcrops and at the core scale.
The operator presses a rubber nozzle against the
specimen and withdraws air from it with a single
stroke of a syringe. As air is pulled from the sample,
a microcontroller unit simultaneously monitors the
syringe volume and the transient vacuum pulse
created at the sample surface.
Measurements are automatically stored and
cataloged on the NER-supplied Android™ device,
communicating wirelessly with the TinyPerm
permeameter. The Android device shows a plot of the
time-domain pressure and volume data in real time
as a measurement is taking place. New capabilities
in TinyPerm allow faster measurement times at low
For intact rock,
the permeability
measurement range
is from 1 millidarcy to
10 darcys.
The measurement data, along with GPS-derived
latitude and longitude coordinates, serial number
of the TinyPerm permeameter, date, barometric
pressure, ambient temperature and humidity, and
sample images, are captured in data files that are
easily exported from the Android device to desktop
computers for additional analyses.
For intact rock, the permeability measurement range
is from 1 millidarcy to 10 darcys. Similarly, fracture
apertures from approximately 10 microns to 2
millimeters can be determined.
The TinyPerm system, which includes the
permeameter, Android device and software, spare
nozzle, and operator’s manual, comes in a rugged
case for transportation and shipping.
Key Features
Innovative technology
Fast results
Portable and all-inclusive
• The TinyPerm app on the Android
device permits wireless data
collection; no more pen and paper
in the field.
• Conversion from response function
to permeability or aperture
measurement is automatic.
• Samples are given unique names
and can be assigned to groups.
• GPS-derived latitude and longitude,
barometric pressure, ambient
temperature, and humidity are
recorded for each measurement.
• Using the new “Extrapolate Data”
option, TinyPerm can measure
millidarcy range permeabilities
in less than a minute.
• Time-domain pressure and volume
data are plotted in real time,
allowing the user to gauge how long
the measurement will take.
• The system is easily portable: the
syringe measures 38cm x 12.5cm x
5cm and weighs 1.2 kg.
• TinyPerm ships with everything
you need to capture accurate,
spreadsheet-compatible data.
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