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Lithium Batter y User Manual
Thanks for choosing our lithium battery pack products.
To correctly use, store and maintain our product, please read this user
Manual carefully and pay attention to the followings.
C. Typical Failure and Troubleshooting
1. Prohibiting reverse the positive pole and negative pole of the battery.
The batter y got no
2. Prohibiting discharge by charging port. On the contrary, it is not
allowed either;Donot put the lithium battery into fire, keep away from
fire and heat source.
3. Prohibit vibrate, impact, and press violently.
4. Keep the discharge port away from water.
The power indicator
light of charger does
not shine.
The Reasons for Failure.
The output line of batter y
does not connected.
Connect the output line of
batter y correctly according
to the manual.
The batter y is beyond of
Charge the batter y.
over-discharge protection.
The city electric input
plug of charger is inserted
Put the input plug of
charger into the city
electric socket according
to the manual.
The output of charger is
Check whether the output
of charger is connected
The battery is beyond of
the over-charge protection.
No necessar y to
charge the batter y,the
batter y can be used
There is issue with the
mainboard of the charger.
Pleae contact the
after-sales centra.
5. Keep away from Children.
105 mm
6. Charge temperature in work environment: 0℃~45℃;
7. Discharge temperature in the work environment: -20℃~60℃;
8. When you no loger use the battery, please remove the battery from the
load and store it.
Cannot charge
the batter y
9. Prohibiting disassembleing the battery by your slef.
10. In case of questions, please contact the after-sale service department
for further infromation.
B.How to charge for Battery
1. Firstly, put the output of charge plug into the charging port of battery.
And then put the AC power plug of charger into the city?s electric socket.
2. During charging, the indicator light of charger is red. When the light turns
green, it means that the battery has been fully charged.
3. Please use the specified charger and notice the reminding of this
specification Use the constant current and constant voltage.
4. Not allowed to reverse the charging,it will lead to heat and leak,and
also decrease the nature and safety of the cell system.
5. Do not cover the charger when charging proceed. In addition, liquid and
metal pieces should not get inside the charger.
6. Issues such as battery getting heat,bad smell, colour chage, deformation,
and ther abnormal situation,please stop charging and send to repiar in
autthorized points.
D.Storage, Maintenance and Transportation
1. The batter y should be fully charged and discharged at least one time
ever y 3 months.
2. The batter y should be charged to about 80% if you will note use it for
a long time.
3.The batter y should be stored in a dr y and ventilation clean condition,
avoiding caustic chemical substance, fire and heat souces.
4.The storage temperature conditions for batter y :
1 year : -20~25℃
3 months : -20~40℃
30 days : -20~45℃
5.The battery must be packed into boxes for transportation.In transit, the
boxes cannot be vibrated,impacted, or pressed ,and avoid the sun and rain .
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