DMS-25 Motion Sensor

DMS-25 Motion Sensor
DMS-25 Motion Sensor
The TSS Deck Motion Monitor (DMM) system is a
combination package of hardware and software, designed
to deliver the particular range of information demanded for
use in helicopter flight operations involving a moving
vessels or platforms.
DMM specifically meets the recommendations contained in
the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) publication CAP437 –
Offshore Helicopter Landing Areas – a guide to criteria,
recommended minimum standards and best practices.
The system delivers the full range of measurements
defined in Chapter 6, paragraph 6.3 of the CAP437
publication. This sensor has been used for many times
into complete Met systems in combination with the
software program OMC-Data-Online.
● Meets CAA CAP437 requirements for deck motion
● Incorporates latest silicon gyro technology
● Compact motion sensor with low power consumption
● Simple installation
● Easy to use operating software (OMC-Data-Online)
● Flexible mounting orientation
● EMC and CE rated
DMS-25 Motion Sensor
Motion sensor: heavy roll & pitch
5cm or 5% whichever is greater 0.25°
Work station (optional)
Size overall
375 x 285 x 104mm
5.2 Kg
Maximum range
±10m ±60°
Display type
TFT colour LCD, size 12.1 inches
1cm Digital: 0.01° Analogue: 12 bit
Maximum resolution
800 x 600 pixels
0.05 to >30Hz 0 to >30Hz
Power supply
85 to 265V AC (47 to 63 Hz) 80W
Data output rate
Digital: up to 200 Hz
Analogue: up to 500Hz
(with an external repeater)
4 serial, 1 parallel
Temperature range
0 to 45°C
99mm (d) x 172mm (h) (excluding
connector and mounting plate)
<2.3Kg (3.5Kg with 5m length of cable)
Power supply
15-30 Vdc
12 months international warranty
for parts and labour. Due to
continuous development,
specifications may vary from
those listed above.
0 to 55°C operating; -20 to 70°C range
10-36V, <6.5W
Depth rating
Shock (survival)
30g peak 40ms half-sine
30mm/s or 0.2mm, 7-300Hz
Output formats
DMSView for Windows offers standard
TSS and other manufacturers’ data
strings in addition to a userconfigurable menu
Software interface Digital: RS232 or RS422 (software
Analogue: via an optional remote
interface for power communications
and aiding
MTBF (computed) 50,000 hours
Version 012015 The Observator range is in continuous development and so specifications may be subject to change without prior notice
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