remplacement mesh manual for retractable screen for entrance door

remplacement mesh manual for retractable screen for entrance door
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Tools needed to install your replacement mesh:
• Fiberglass mesh same size of your actual mesh.
If your screen is standard height, you will need a mesh of:
78 15/32" (1993 mm) long by 48" (1219 mm) wide.
• Masking tape
• Star-tipped screwdriver
• Flat-head screwdriver
First, you need to remove the 2 screws at the top and bottom of the retractable
screen door, as well as the top rail, so that you can remove the casing from the
Lay the screen door horizontally on a table.
Remove the 3 screws from the fixed cap opposite the one with the “Made in
Canada” sticker.
Take hold of the roll and remove it from the casing.
Put the casing aside.
Using a screwdriver, remove the plastic handle. This part of the handle is
simply inserted into the aluminium handle. Use a flat-headed screwdriver to
lift the side edge, and then remove the plastic handle entirely from the
aluminium handle.
Remove the mesh from the handle and the roller. The mesh is held in place
with double-sided tape, which can be re-used if it is in good condition.
Otherwise it will need replacing.
To install the new mesh on the aluminium handle and the roller, you must
follow the lines engraved on them.
989 ave Bergeron, St-Agapit, Québec Canada G0S 1Z0
Tel : 418-888-5404 / 1-877-888-5404 fax : 418-888-5411
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Install the mesh on the roller, and place masking tape on the mesh to hold it
firmly in place on the roller.
10. Install the mesh on the aluminium handle. Put the plastic handle back in place.
11. Hold the roller in your hands and slowly roll the mesh onto the roller. The
weight of the handle will allow you to roll it more tightly.
12. Unscrew the 3 screws on the mechanized cap and remove it.
13. Remove the Made in Canada sticker. You need to remove the retaining pin
that’s underneath it.
14. Insert the roll into the casing.
15. Replace the fixed cap on the casing by inserting the ferrule on the roller into
the hole in the fixed cap, and attach it with the three screws.
16. Insert the round mechanism on the spring rod. Install the mechanized cap and
fix everything in place with the three screws.
17. You will need a support point, or the help of another person, to hold the casing
in place while you re-tension the spring.
18. Using a flat-headed screwdriver, give the round mechanism 10 to 12 full turns
in a clockwise direction. Lock everything in place with the retaining pin.
19. To hold everything in place, use a small piece of masking tape or re-use the
“Made in Canada” sticker.
20. Reinstall the retractable screen door and the top rail on your doorframe.
21. Clean the tracks and add a little silicone spray.
22. Slide the screen door in and out a few times, and you’re done!
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