Installation Guide - на Rd

Installation Guide - на Rd
1.Installation Guide
2. Control and Key Feature
3. Operation
Adjustment:On the left side of x323, there is a button
a. Power On/Off and Volume Adjustment
which can control the power on and off. Besides, it can increase and decrease the
b. DIM Mode
Mode:Default is bright mode.User can adjust the brightness from bright mode,
DIM mode to dark mode.
c. Mute Mode
Mode: there are special auto mute features. Traditionally,there is micro tower
or auto door spreading out microwave,all radar detectors will fail to show
signal.Avoiding the noise from auto door or micro tower,your speeding is under
sppeed limit selected in downtown.Radar signal sounds are muted on or mute off
by speeding setting. Mini speed alarm activates when you are under your personal
speed limit,it will mute on automatically.However,when you are approaching radar
camera(which spreads out microwave) and exceed your personal speed limit, it will
be mute off automatically which is spreading out sounds.
d. City Mode
Mode:Default is highway mode。Lightly press “City
ity”” key to enter the setting.If
you are driving in highway,please use Highway mode
mode,x323 will be more sensitive
and detect fixed and floating radar caemra in a long distance;If you are in city,
please choose City mode to avoid interferance.Besides, x323 has the mode
AUTOSCAN. In this mode, x323 can work intelligently.It can not only
provide enough-distance alert,but also filter the interferance from other radar
signal.When user drive in the area of many interferance sources,x323 will change
to city mode automatically and decrease the sensitivity of x band. When in Low
mode, x323 will close x-band detecting and other bands will work all right.
Switch:Default is are bands can be detected。Press Mute and City
e. Frequency Switch
Button 3-5 seconds at the same time to enter settin. User will see
,then press city one by one, the creen will show
in turn. User can press mute button
to on and off the bands.
AutoMute:Default is automute on. Press Mute button in 3 seconds to choose
f. AutoMute
automute on or off。In this mode,,when detecting radar, x323 will only sounds 10
seconds and indicate the receiving radar signals in the screen.
g. Language switch
switch:Default is chinese。Press city button in 3 seconds to change the
language from Chinese, Cantonese dialects to English.
On/Off:Default is voice on.Press DIM button in 3 seconds to on and off
h. Voice On/Off
i. POP radar detecting
detecting:Default is POP radar detector on.X323 has high sensitive
POP radar detecting function,Press DIM and MUTE button in 3 seconds at the
same time to swith the status. In this mode, X323 can warn the driver rapidly before
POP radar camera work to avoid speed tickets.
4. Notes
a). X323 is surely with laser detecting function. But because the
laser’s locking time is too short, it can not guarantee 100%
working. Please try to slow down when find traffic police.
b). This product is suitable for different cars with DC 12V power
and please take care of the installing position, too low or too high
will effect the usage.
c). When in Dark mode, user can not see the status of frequency
and city or highway mode on the screen.
d). When mute on, there will be a silent in 1 minute and only
frequency show on the screen. At this time, if user setted Dark
mode, no sound and no light will happen.
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