Only nature imprints so well
Only nature imprints so well
DReAM: the first industrial digital textile printer
Suitable for all types of fabrics, from cotton to silk, DReAM is an
industrial ink-jet textile printing machine, with a rubber blanket and a
real dryer.
DReAM is suitable for short and medium runs as well as for samples, ensuring high productivity, reliability and quality.
Designed mainly for high fashion, flags & banners and household
applications, DReAM also provides solutions for unexplored fields,
offering a wide variety of options also for the most demanding
DReAM Digital Printing Machine
• Fashion, apparel and accessories (cotton, silk, polyester)
• High productivity
• Home textile: curtains, bed-sheets, home furniture,
• High reliability
sofa coverings (cotton, polyester)
• Flags & Banners (polyester, polyamide)
• Cost effective short and medium runs
• Environmentally-friend
• Polyamide carpets
• Leather
• Technical textiles: automotive and specially designed fabrics
• Suitable for all types of fabrics (woven and knitted, non-woven,
technical textiles)
• Height-adjustable printing heads (for different fabric thickness
as well as for leather and carpet)
• 10-20 litres ink-bags for each colour (easy replacement, no machine
• Real dryer with closed chamber
• Easy and simple interface
• One operator only
• Quick answer to market requirements
• No need to store unlimited screens
• No need of colour kitchen
• Easy set up of different colour-ways
Home textile
High productivity w
Main features
• Reactive, acid, disperse and pigment inks
• Six process colours (CMYKOB) for a wide colour gamut or light
colours for better light tones
• Entry/exit devices for a smooth feeding/extraction of all fabrics
• Gluing device with self adjustment of the gluing cylinder according
to printing speed and cycles
• Continuous blanket washing system
• Dryer with electrical or gas or steam heating system
• REGGIANI software application based on DUAL XEON server
• No limits of IMAGE SIZE, with true 600x600 dpi of resolution
• No waste of time during file loading and unloading
• No waste of fabric between two jobs
• Reduced maintenance cycle
• New automatic feeding colours system
• Short ink class change time, no need of any head replacement
with the best quality
DReAM Digital Printing Machine
Digital Technological Center (DTC)
The first-of-its-kind for industrial digital printing development.
Located in the North of Italy, the DTC is dedicated to research and
training, focusing mainly on:
• Production processes
• New digital inks
• Fabrics pre and post-treatment
• Digital workflow optimisation
Special textile inks
Using ground-breaking technology, a new range of highly sophisticated textile inks have been developed, specific for REGGIANI
DReAM inkjet.
• The new REACTIVE inks developed for cotton and cellulose
fabrics, ensure high performances and bright shades.
• The new ACID inks are designed for polyamide, silk and wool
• DIPSERSE inks, for polyester applications, direct and transfer
• DIRECT DISPERSE inks, for polyester apparel and automotive
applications, direct printing
• PIGMENT inks, for cotton, cotton/polyester for home furnishing
and apparel and finished garments
New technology and in
Technical data
• Industrial inkjet printing machine
• Suitable for all types of fabrics (woven, knitted, non-woven, carpet, leather)
• Roll-to-roll
• 180, 240 and 340 models, 1800 mm, 2400 mm and 3400 mm maximum useful printing widths
• Speed: 150 sqm/hr (180 model), 190 sqm/hr (240 model), 240 sqm/hr (340 model) with true 600x600 dpi of resolution
• Blanket with permanent/thermoplastic adhesive
• 6 process colours
• 7 print heads for each process color
• 42 printing head on 1 bridge (21,504 nozzles)
• Continuous blanket washing system
• Online dryer (with electrical, gas or steam heating system); temperatures up to 160 °C
• No limits for IMAGE SIZE, with true 600x600 dpi of resolution
• Inks: reactive, acid, disperse (direct and sublimatic) and pigments.
• New flat screen to combine traditional and digital printing
for special applications
• Ultrasonic cutting devices
nks for high profitability
Via Zanica, 17/o - 24050 Grassobbio (BG) - Italy - Tel. +39 035 3844511 - Fax +39 035 526952 - - [email protected]
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