Hi-Vac® Model LV-2327 Industrial Vacuum System I. General The

Hi-Vac® Model LV-2327 Industrial Vacuum System I. General The
Hi-Vac® Model LV-2327
Industrial Vacuum System
The Model LV-2327 Hi-Vac® is an efficient, heavy duty, dust free
industrial vacuum loader designed for in-plant and over-the-road use.
Power Module
The standard Hi-Vac® Model LV-2327 utilizes a 170 horsepower diesel engine with a V-Belt
drive to power the blower. The engine is equipped with an integral 11.5" clutch allowing it to be
started under a "no load" condition. The engine is also used to drive an integral air compressor
which provides compressed air for the filter cleaning system. The Model LV-2327 power module
also includes a control and instrument panel, 50 gal. fuel tank and blower and engine exhaust air
III. Material Collection Hopper
The Hi-Vac® Model LV-2327 features a large 1.0 cu. yd. (0.76 cu. m.) capacity main material
collection hopper as standard. The Model LV-2327 hopper is fabricated from high strength
low alloy steel. The assembly consists of a dropout chamber and a baghouse reinforced to
withstand vacuum pressure up to 29" Hg vacuum. Materials enter the hopper through a 6" port
in the rear and are spun around the hopper in a cyclonic motion. This motion and the reduction
in air velocity in the hopper allows the heavy material to fall out of the airstream and the
remaining dust laden air to be pulled into the baghouse for final filtration. A manually actuated
gasketed discharge gate permits fast and complete discharge of collected materials. Standard
discharge height is 6'-0". The hopper also includes a side access door to inspect the hopper
IV. Filtration System
Fifty-two (52) 44" filter bags assure the removal of virtually all particulate matter 5.0 micron and
larger from the airstream. Filter bags feature Hi-Vac®'s snap band retention method which saves
hours of work and requires no tools. The venturi design retainer cage enhances cleaning of
each filter when pulsed. Timing and sequencing for filter cleaning are controlled by a solid state
logic panel housed in the system control panel. Access to the filter assemblies is quick and easy
by just opening the top mounted, hinged plenum a-ssembly. High pressure reverse pulse jet air
assures that the Hi-Vac® unit never needs to be shutdown for filter cleaning. Filters are cleaned
continu-ously while vacuuming.
Ready-to-tow 14,000 lb. capacity trailer with lighting, reflectors and electric brakes. Standard
towing connection is an adjustable pintle eye type.
VI. Hydraulic System
The hydraulic system consists of a 12 VDC powered hydraulic pump rated at 3.5 gpm flow and
1800 psi. pressure and a hydraulic fluid reservoir with level sight glass and thermometer.
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Hi-Vac® Model LV-2327
Industrial Vacuum System
VII. Anticipated Performance
The Model LV-2327's engine and positive displacement rotary lobe type vacuum producer
provide the following performance specifica-tions:
Horsepower: 170 HP (127 KW)
Air Volume
No Load
2350 CFM
= 61.2 m3/min.
Vacuum Rating: 27" HG (0.914 BAR)
Conveying Rate
Conveying Distance
500 lb./min.
227 kg/min.
300 feet
61 m.
1800 CFM
1000 lb./min.
500 feet
Max. Load = 51.0 m3/min. Maximum =
454 kg/min.
Maximum =
122 m.
Material handling rates and conveying distances will vary based on the bulk density and particle
size of the material, as well as the skill and efficiency of the operator.
IIX. Instrumentation
The instrumentation to safely operate and monitor the Hi-Vac® LV-2327 includes a filter bag
differential pressure gauge, vacuum gauge, hydraulic pressure gauge, engine tachometer
with elapsed time meter, air pres- sure gauge, oil pressure gauge, water temperature gauge,
amp meter and fuel gauge. All instrumentation is mounted in a NEMA 4 control panel with a
replaceable, clear plexiglass front for ease of monitoring. Controls include a high level sensor
in the hopper to automatically discharge when full, auto/manual switch for filter cleaning,
automatic shutdowns for low compressed air pressure, low engine oil pressure and high engine
IX. Miscellaneous
All Hi-Vac® units include three (3) Operations and Maintenance Manuals as standard (1 hard
copy & 2 CD’s). Additional manuals are available at a cost of $125.00 each. Units are primed
and painted with a durable industrial enamel. Color is standard white or your choice of any
single color specified on the written order. All Hi-Vac® equipment is covered by our twelve (12)
month warranty covering materials and workmanship exclusive of normal wear components
such as filters or hose.
The proposed equipment is available with the following options in addition to the standard
features shown above:
Hydraulic leveling system
Air operated slide gate discharge valve
Remote vacuum on/off control
Bulk bag filling vent
Onboard tool boxes (variety of styles)
HEPA filter on vacuum pump inlet
Pneumatic hopper vibrator
9'-0" discharge height
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