Comcast Spotlight

Comcast Spotlight
Fast Facts
omcast Spotlight
offers insightful
market research and
integrated promotional
opportunities that
leverage network
brands to enhance your
dvertisers can
work directly with
Comcast Spotlight, or
with National Cable
(NCC) who exclusively
represents Comcast
Spotlight in the
national spot television
Comcast Spotlight
Comcast Spotlight, the advertising sales division of Comcast Cable, helps put the
power of on air, online and on demand media to use for local, regional and national
advertisers. It is focused on moving the industry forward in advanced technologies and
innovative products to reach, engage and connect with audiences most effectively and
Headquartered in New York with offices throughout the country, Comcast Spotlight
has a presence in nearly 80 markets with approximately 33+ million owned and
represented subscribers. Comcast Spotlight’s goal is to make cable advertising easy
to buy, and to enhance the value of spot cable advertising via new technologies,
products and services.
*Alteryx Spotknowledge as of 12/12
able’s audience is more upscale and has more purchasing power than broadcast
network’s and local television station’s audiences.
omcast Spotlight inserts commercials in many targeted cable networks, allowing
advertisers to choose the best mix for reaching the geographic consumer groups
they desire.
uying commercial time with Comcast Spotlight allows advertisers to run only in
the precise markets - and zip codes - they want, whether it’s for a local, regional
or national effort.
omcast Spotlight delivers innovative products that reach the audiences
advertisers want, when they want them. AdtagTM and AdcopyTM allow advertisers
to air several different versions of a commercial across several precise geographic
omcast Spotlight offers multiple on air, online and on demand media options to
help you target audiences wherever they use media.
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Fast Facts
S imple – Spot cable is
simple to plan and simple
to buy.
Market Focused – Spot
Cable allows you to master
the changing television
Spot Cable Advertising
Spot cable refers to cable purchases in local markets or other geographic areas as
specified by you and/or your ad agency. With spot cable advertising, marketers can
pick and choose from various cable networks and from different geographic areas
covered by the cable system.
Adaptable – Select the
right networks, dayparts
and programs for your
brand in every market.
ROI Driven – Deliver
consumer reach and
effective frequency –
eliminate doubt and waste.
Targeted – Spot Cable
offers a wide range of
advanced engagement
and technologies.
Allows you to strengthen your brand in the markets most important to you.
rovides efficient media buying – spot cable allows you to reach your core
audience without paying for wasted coverage.
Allows you to reach potential customers that share similar interests.
rovides you with the opportunity to marry your message with top-rated network
and programming brands for increased awareness and credibility.
eographic Targeting – By effectively using spot cable, you can reduce waste
by concentrating your message only in the areas you need to reach potential
emographic Targeting – Cable networks have specific audiences with their own
individual interests. Spot cable allows you to advertise on the cable networks
that best allow you to reach the niche audiences interested in your products or
lexibility – Because of the way cable systems are now “interconnected,” you can
easily create a strategic, awareness-building campaign, while still enjoying the
efficiency and targetability that spot cable delivers.
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Fast Facts
Industry standard for
advertising, available
in over 110 markets,
representing over 85%
of cable households.
Fast turnaround: over
90% of campaigns
tagged and delivered to
market in one business
ver 500 unique
advertisers have run
Adtag & Adcopy
campaigns since 2004.
Adtag & Adcopy
Adtag & Adcopy employ state-of-the-art technology to offer you the most targeted
approach to spot cable advertising. Using geography and demographics, you can
segment your market and customize spots like never before.
Adtag lets you maintain the first 25 seconds of a spot and change the final five seconds
to feature different local tags that run simultaneously throughout the market. The viewer
sees not only the most relevant location information, but an ad that is customized and
effective. With Adcopy, you can promote different products and services to different
customers, simultaneously, all with one buy. This tailor-made mix of commercials will
deliver a more targeted message without sacrificing reach.
reat for co-ops and
dealer groups: every
agent can have a unique
photo, voiceover, and
contact information.
*Source: Visible World, 2012
trengthens your brand throughout a market while targeting the desired geographic
and demographic groups with specific messages.
ffers more targeted, relevant and effective advertising with commercials that run
simultaneously across the market with different tags.
Incorporates client-specific data with market research to enhance targeting.
Offers a more targeted approach that broadcast cannot match.
Promotes different products and messages to support one or multiple brands.
aximizes your media execution by reaching multiple segments with one simple
Geographic targeting with different messages.
Many versions, multiple zones, one traffic order.
Creative repurposing for different segments comes standard with your order.
Split copy execution to target specific audiences with specific messages.
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Fast Facts
Brand recall from TV
advertising is 50% but
when combined with
online advertising,
brand recall increases
by an additional 24%.
That means 74% ad
effectiveness. *
Multi-screen Advertising
Comcast Spotlight’s multi-screen solutions include television and online advertising
to integrate an advertiser’s message to potential customers in a more engaging and
impactful way. Multi-screen advertising extends reach, builds frequency and provides
advertisers with multiple exposures in Comcast homes across the county.
68% of XFINITY cable
TV subscribers are also
internet subscribers, and
84% of XFINITY internet
subscribers are also
cable subscribers. **
A recent Nielsen study
reveals that three in
every four internet users
have also used television
at the same time. ***
75% of consumers
use TV and online
simultaneously on
a monthly basis.
Additionally, 90% of
those multi-taskers
exhibited this behavior at
least once per week. ***
* Source: Nielsen. Google CrossPlatform Ad Effectiveness Study
** Source: Comcast internal report
Q4 2012
*** Source: Yahoo! Survey of Nielsen
Convergence Panel – 2010
Unifies TV and Online efforts
Provides unduplicated local reach
xtends existing TV commercial creative into the online space creating cost
Maximizes reach, message and brand recall by extending TV campaign
ulti-screen advertising utilizes both geographic and demographic targeting
dvertisers can demographically target the same :30 video message on two
screens to reach the target audience
omcast Spotlight’s TV and internet technologies allow for deeper engagement
with advertisers’ target audiences
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Fast Facts users are:
25% more likely to have
purchased furniture
or home accessories
23% more likely to make
a home improvement
purchase online.*
27% more likely to book
a hotel/motel reservation
24% more likely to
have shopped online
for airline tickets/
Overview is the award-winning consumer portal for our more than 15 million Comcast
High-Speed Internet subscribers. But it’s not just a gateway, it’s a wide-open gateway where
users have the complete freedom to check e-mail, read the latest news, view streaming video,
access member services and more.’s revolutionary broadband video player streams video clips to our subscribers
generating a staggering 65 million views a month and it makes finding, searching, watching,
organizing and saving video content simple.
Advertisers benefit from’s popularity with the ability to reach their target audiences
through well-positioned banner ads and text links, as well as in-banner video opportunities that
make your presence come to life in a clutter-free environment.
Plus, the added feature of being able to reach your desired local audience with our geotargeting capabilities allows you to specifically attract potential customers more efficiently and
with pinpoint accuracy. Combine the local targeting capabilities of’s geo-targeting
with a completely targeted cable advertising campaign, and you have a winning combination –
the best on air and online resources available to promote your business!
78% of adults who used
Comcast as an Internet
Service Provider (ISP) in
the last 30 days like web
sites that show local
Adults who like sites
with local information are
28% more likely to have
been lead to a purchase
by a banner ad.**
*Source: Nielsen @Plan 1/3/13
**Source: Experian Simmons,
Fall 2011 Full Year, Base 18+
Leverages the wide-reaching exposure (more than three billion total page views).
Associates your business with, and gains access to, cutting-edge interactive technologies
and capabilities.
Targets your online audience more effectively by marrying online advertising to cable
commercial schedules with geo-targeting capabilities designed to attract customers.
elivers content to our robust community down to specific interests, demographics and
High-quality content in multiple categories.
Ability to place display ads, video pre-roll, text links, expandables and in-banner videos on
the site.
High quality content clips on the video player from providers such as: ABC,
CBS, E!, NBC, AP and Music Choice, among others.
Geo-targeting capabilities allowing advertisers to reach audiences with pinpoint accuracy.
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Fast Facts
CDE consists of 6 wellknown entertainment
−−E! Online
and XfinityTV attract young,
affluent and entertainment
enthusiastic adults, 18-44.
Comcast Digital Entertainment
Comcast Spotlight provides advertisers with a one-stop online entertainment destination via
our Comcast Digital Entertainment (CDE) ad network. This exciting ad network, anchored by
Comcast entertainment brands E!, XFINITY TV, Fandango and G4, combine the best movies,
TV, celebrity news, and gaming content with exceptional reach to high quality, loyal visitors.
Every property in the Comcast Digital Entertainment ad network is hand selected for its highquality audience and engaging original content. When you choose a campaign, you’ll have
confidence that it is running on A-list sites.
Comcast Spotlight provides you with a wide array of targeted advertising placements including
site-specific ads, section-specific ads (Home Page, Movie Content, TV Content, etc.), or
run of the network. Along with these targeting capabilities, you are also offered impactful
ad products to help you engage with viewers, including display ads, synched ads, page
takeovers, integrated sponsorships and more. Our team works closely with you to attain the
right combination of ad products and targeting strategies to achieve your objectives.
G4 caters to movie
buffs, technically savvy
and early adopters of
new technology – attracting
adult males, 18-34.
E! Online and
attract stylish females,
18-34, who are fashion
conscious, influential and
entertainment enthusiasts.
ffers tremendous scale and connects advertisers with the right consumers: highly
engaged young, affluent female/male demographics including gaming-obsessed early
adopters, media multi-taskers, entertainment/pop culture enthusiasts and influential wired
Includes well-known, advertiser-friendly publishers.
ffers advertisers the opportunity to run high impact creative units and integrated
programs across one or more CDE properties to deliver superior reach.
omcast Digital Entertainment is among the top 10 entertainment properties on the Web,
reaching over 52 million unique visitors per month.
very site in our portfolio delivers a high-quality audience with best-in-class programming
and content.
ffers IAB-approved ad formats with rich media options from the industry’s leading
ds can be targeted site specific, section specific
or across run of network.
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Fast Facts
Encourages complete
advertiser integration—
can host your custombuilt sweepstakes
micro-site, banner
ad campaign,
“Local Happenings”
announcement and
coupon or special offer
Overview is the local sweepstakes and promotions area within Comcast’s
award-winning consumer portal, This unique channel has become
a destination for consumers who enjoy online sweepstakes, promotions and coupon
offerings, while providing you with an opportunity to reach and reward new and existing
customers in your community. In addition to local sweepstakes, a new sweepstakes
from a different cable network each month ensures that consumers return to the site
again and again.
Provides brand
association with some
of the most well-known
brands on television
ccess to a receptive audience who enjoys entering sweepstakes and is
interested in trying new products and unique promotional offerings
Expands your on-air promotions with an online advertising extension
Features offers specialized content and marketing opportunities
weepstakes: Featuring exciting local sweepstakes and unique promotions and
Coupons: Easy-to-access special offers that generate traffic, sales and
product trials
anner Ads: Allow you to promote your brand or business in 728x90 and
300x250-pixel positions that can host static, Flash or Mixpo video banners
(300x250 configuration only)
Network Spotlight: the latest on networks’ upcoming programming and specials
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Fast Facts
Searchlight is available
in nearly 19 million
homes across more
than 60 markets.
Searchlight offers four
different advertiser
options: Showcase,
Feature, Sponsorship
and Publishing.
36.1% of on demand
users have annual
household incomes
greater than $100,000.
Searchlight is Comcast Spotlight’s on-demand advertising destination. Information
that is relevant to viewers can be transformed into entertaining, compelling, and easily
accessible on demand content.
Many advertisers have stepped up to the opportunities provided by Comcast
Spotlight’s emerging platforms, including Searchlight. From long-form content
Showcases and Features, to content Sponsorships, to our On Demand Publishing
offerings, businesses can more effectively target their prospective customers when
they’re ready to engage. Consumers visit Searchlight at their convenience – so an
advertiser’s message is reaching very qualified, actively engaged potential customers.
55.4% of on demand
users have children.
69% of on demand
users own their homes.
On demand users
are active members
of society who are
more likely to have
investments, attend
sporting & theater
events, dine out,
purchase vehicles in the
next year and more!
Comcast VOD users:
−−25% more likely than
national average to
have college degree
or higher
−−51% more likely to
work for a fortune 500
−−17% more likely to
own a vacation home
*Experian Simmons Winter 2012
NCS adult survey 12-Month
ore targeted advertising – Reach consumers who are actively interested in your
product or service and are actively seeking out information.
Rich environment – Leverage the benefits of sight, sound and motion of TV.
ong shelf-life – Extend the life of your campaign with a dynamic presence on
television 24/7.
A less cluttered environment allows viewers to proceed at their own pace.
pportunity to create your own long-form advertising or to sponsor content
already available within Searchlight.
ontent folders include: Automotive, Real Estate, Careers-Education, Shopping,
Home & Garden, Health & Wellness, Travel & Leisure, Entertainment and more!
Direct Tune technology allows viewers to directly access Searchlight content by
simply pressing 8-8-8 on their remote controls.
n on-air schedule that can include branded navigational units (BNUs) – your traditional
:30 spot inclusive of a tag that drives viewers to the Searchlight folder on demand to view
your messaging.
For more information visit
Fast Facts
A $40 million
research investment
is made annually
to help you reach
your best prospects
demographically and
ophisticated marketing
intelligence made
available for every
advertising category.
Comcast Spotlight provides you with expert knowledge to confidently invest in our
expanding array of advertising products across our Multi-screen platform. From our
linear channels like (ESPN, Fox News, AMC, TNT) to our full digital product suite
(, iTV, VOD) we provide the analytic insights to understand how those
products fit into a targeted media and marketing plan. We subscribe to a vast array
of syndicated research from (Nielsen, Scarborough, comScore, Kantar), and we also
conduct primary research catered to your business needs. Every step of the way, we
help you target and execute your advertising plan effectively across our multi-screen
We have a strong
commitment in defining
an advertisers best
prospects and
identifying the most
effective methods to
reach them through a
dedicated Sales
Research Department.
Comcast Spotlight is structured to provide you with both strategic and tactical insights
into your media and marketing planning process. For example, through our Rhiza for
Media resource, we can we can examine a specific audience down to the zip code
level, generating thematic maps to illustrated high (and low) geographic opportunities
for advertisers. Comcast Spotlight research expertise is geared to transform big data
into critical and actionable insights.
Comcast Spotlight relies on sophisticated quantitative and qualitative applications
to provide you with customized research to maximize ROI. The quantitative data
from Nielsen, comScore, Kantar and others gives you precise analysis of television
viewership, online activity, views into the competitive media landscape and more.
MRI, Simmons, Scarborough, Bluefin and various other resources provide extensive
qualitative data on consumers, geographies and social media habits to help you make
a more informed decision during the media planning process.
For more information visit
Fast Facts
No other medium
can offer the depth of
brand association you
receive with Comcast
Spotlight. Our network
partners like Lifetime,
A&E, ESPN, and others
supply us with unique
opportunities on a
regular basis.
Promotional Opportunities
Comcast Spotlight helps you further extend your brand and product messages
through promotional opportunities of various shapes and sizes! Whether you’re looking
to gain exposure through sweepstakes, events, cross-platform sponsorships, or just
trying to align yourself with top programming brands, Comcast Spotlight helps you set
yourself apart in a cluttered world.
ore frequently,
advertisers can benefit
from cross-platform
programs including
on-air, online, and on
demand sponsorships.
romotions come in all shapes and sizes to fit almost any budget. In most cases,
you will receive additional on-air exposure through
co-branded promotional spots.
ith new cross-platform programs, you can receive additional exposure on
air, online or on demand – allowing you to extend your message to engaged
consumers who actively seek out information and entertainment in these new
very promotion offers something different – from on air sweepstakes or online
presence on one of Comcast’s highly-visited web sites, to sponsorship of unique
on demand content, we provide it all!
ee your sales representative to learn more about promotional opportunities that
directly target your consumer base. Here are just a few examples:
—— Lifetime Breast Cancer Awareness
—— Discovery Shark Week
—— MTV Video Music Awards
—— NBCU Olympics
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Fast Facts
Users can’t get enough
of IPG:
1% consider the IPG
their main source of
program information.
45% of IPG users recall
seeing advertising for
a specific program or
sporting event.
i-Guide Banners
i-Guide banner ads, which appear in the Digital Cable Interactive Program Guide
(IPG), have been setting a trend in television advertising. Available to approximately
10 million Comcast Digital Cable subscribers, these quick bursts on the screen can
have a big impact on user response. i-Guide banners can promote linear programming
(e.g. “watch Mad Men at 10:00 p.m”) or film studio releases. These brief advertising
messages provide consumers with detailed information and other viewing options (e.g.
parental controls) and will be supplying links to On Demand content in the near future.
83% respond to the ad,
with 76% watching the
Programs advertised
on the i-Guide
demonstrated 9% higher
ratings than expected
based on historical
trends for these specific
programs when they
were not advertised.
*Source: IPG Usage Study,
Lieberman Research Worldwide,
July 2007
Leverage the high visibility and eyeballs that the i-Guide generates.
Maximize the power of high advertising tune-in rates.
Reach your target audience with a creative, subtle, method of advertising.
Associate your brand with cutting-edge entertainment.
It’s easy. You simply provide the graphics for the banner ad and copy for the
various pages, and we take care of the rest.
In the near future, you will be able to link to unique long-form content like
documentaries and sweepstakes.
You can reach a captive audience with powerful i-Guide functions including:
Reminder timers
Links to long-form content and more
For more information visit
Fast Facts
spots are
more effective than nontelescopic spots across
four measures*
−−Purchase Intent
−−Attitude toward brand
−−Attitude toward ad
−−Day after recall
Telescoping has been
shown to have superior
ad recall, equal to or
better than 3-repeat
linear spots.*
*Source: Beyond :30, Interactive
Institute, 2006
Telescoping is an interactive prompt or “overlay” on a TV spot that directly links viewers
to On Demand content by pressing select on their remote control. Qualified consumers
can quickly and easily view long form video and gather more in depth information on a
product or service. Advertisers now have
a new, compelling way to tell their story
beyond the thirty second spot.
elescoping seamlessly transitions
viewers between linear television
and VOD content for more detailed
information about a product or
elescoping provides the opportunity for deeper, qualified engagement
with an advertisers brand by allowing viewers to choose to view longer-form
ideo On Demand provides advertisers the opportunity to extend the power and
reach of a :30 second spot 24x7.
small interactive “overlay” rests at the bottom of your commercial allowing for
easy access to your On Demand content. This can be used to link viewers to On
Demand channel or directly to a specific video.
Three types of interactive overlays are available:
−−View Now – one interactive button that will launch a VOD asset immediately
upon selection
−−View Now or View Later – this provides the viewer with two options: launch the
VOD asset immediately or save the ad for later viewing
−−View On Demand – one option that will tune directly to a VOD channel (i.e.
Searchlight on Channel 888)
Multiple ROI metrics aggregated directly from set-top boxes returned to
advertisers to ensure effectiveness.
For more information visit
Fast Facts
Achieve campaign
accountability through
the reach of television
and the targeting of
direct response
Generate highly qualified
leads from customers
who want your products
and/or services
overlay spots
are more effective than
non-interactive spots
across four measures*
−−Purchase Intent
−−Attitude toward brand
−−Attitude toward ad
−−Day after recall
*Source: Beyond :30, Interactive
Institute, 2006
Request for Information
Request for Information (RFI) is an interactive prompt or “overlay” on a TV spot that
allows viewers to request additional information, accept coupons, enter sweepstakes,
or product offers by pressing “select “on their remote controls. RFI allows advertisers
the ability to truly engage viewers and
to generate highly qualified leads for
advertised products and services.
he opt-in nature of interactive TV
provides the opportunity for a deeper,
more qualified engagement with a
brand or service.
dvertisers have the opportunity to
send coupons, product samples or brochures to self-selected viewers.
dvertisers have the opportunity to send coupons, product samples or
brochures to self-selected viewers.
iewer information is provided back to the advertiser for fulfillment, allowing them
to be more efficient with costly marketing materials by only sending to those who
have requested them.
Shown to be superior or equal to 3-repeat views of general commercials.*
Interactive overlays allows viewers to respond to product and service offers
directly from an advertisers TV commercial.
“Overlay” prompt length varies by:
—— Length of enhanced spot - :30/:60 second
—— Viewer interaction
Ability to engage viewers from a :30/:60 second commercial.
Available lead generation options:
—— Mail
—— Phone
Lead generation request fulfillment options include:
—— Directly to the advertiser and/or client.
—— Advertiser and/or client fulfillment vendor
—— Comcast Spotlight in-house fulfillment vendor
Enhanced metrics that allow advertisers to determine return on investment and
guide future plans for advanced advertising.
For more information visit
Fast Facts
overlay spots
are more effective than
non-interactive spots
across four measures*
−−Purchase Intent
−−Attitude toward brand
−−Attitude toward ad
−−Day after recall
Interactive overlays
prompt viewers to take a
specific action
*Source: Beyond :30, Interactive
Institute, 2006
Remind • Record
Remind •Record is an interactive prompt or “overlay” on a TV spot that offers viewers
the ability to quickly set reminders or record (on their DVR) their favorite television
programs by pressing “select” on their remote control. Remind •Record can be used
by cable and broadcast programmers to
effectively promote upcoming TV series,
encourage sampling and create viewing
habits. With one easy click during a :15/:30
tune-in ad, a viewer can set a reminder or
record the episode or series.
Increase the impact of your tune-in
campaign by building awareness,
creating desire and impacting ratings.
Drive Live and Live + ratings directly from your :15/:30 commercial.
Leverage interactivity with your TV creative.
Enable and simplify the tune-in “purchase decision”.
n interactive overlay appears on the lower portion of the screen shortly after the
tune-in spot begins.
Prompt overlay options include:
—— Setting a reminder
—— Setting a recording for a single episode
—— Setting a recording for an entire series
Campaign reports will provide:
—— Total number of interactions
—— Total number of reminders set
—— Total number of episode recordings**
—— Total number of series recordings***
**DVR boxes only
*** Only when series recording ID is available
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