Detector Assemblies

Detector Assemblies
Detector Assemblies
Provide greater configuration flexibility to fit an array of application needs
Easy to mount on a standard
0.5 inch integrating sphere
port frame.
Measure UV, visible
and infrared radiation;
reflectance, transmittance
and absorption
Wide wavelength range selection
based on specific application.
When connected to a radiometer
(SC 6000), and with appropriate
calibration, can monitor the
radiant/luminous flux,
or luminance/radiance
Laser power detection
Radiometry and
Low-level radiation
Luminance and radiance
Compatible and flexible
Labsphere’s detector assemblies are compatible with Labsphere’s general purpose integrating spheres
to provide greater configuration flexibility. All detectors are contained in a housing that fits on a 0.5 inch
diameter integrating sphere port frame or port adaptor. Each detector assembly includes a BNC connector
and 10 ft coaxial cable.
Labsphere offers five different types of non-cooled detector assemblies that are used in a variety of
applications. All detector assemblies are compatible with Labsphere’s SC 6000 Radiometer/Photometer.
Silicon Detector Assembly:
Indium Galium Arsenide Detector Assembly:
The silicon detector assembly is a UV-enhanced photovoltaic detector
designed to monitor radiation in an integrating sphere. The unfiltered
detector assembly has a broad spectral response from 190 to 1100 nm.
Low dark current and high sensitivity and reliability enable it to be used
in a wide variety of optical measurements.
The InGaAs detector assembly monitors radiation in an integrating
sphere, and is spectrally sensitive from 1000 to 1700 nm. Due to
state-of-the-art sensitivity and high responsivity, the detectors are
ideal for optical power measurement applications.
Photopic Detector Assembly:
The photopic detector assembly is filtered to closely match the CIE
photopic observer in the visible region (380 - 780 nm). When integrated
with Labsphere’s spheres and systems it can provide highly accurate
photometric measurements due to low dark current, high linearity
and high stability.
Extended Range InGaAs Detector Assembly:
The extended range InGaAs detector assembly is designed for greater
flexibility and wider application range. The high-quality photodiode
embedded in the detector assembly is designed for the 800 to 2600 nm
wavelength range. The detector provides fast rise time, uniformity of
response, excellent sensitivity, and long-term reliability for a wide range
of applications.
Germanium Detector Assembly:
The germanium detector assembly monitors radiation in an integrating
sphere. The high-quality photodiode is designed for the 800 to 1800 nm
wavelength range. The detector has high responsivity, good linearity,
fast response times, and excellent long-term stability.
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