Bartec | 17-21BA-0024 | Datasheet | Bartec BCS 3800ex

Hand-held scanner BCS 3800ex for ATEX Zone 1 and Zone 21
Explosion protection
Ex protection type
II 2G Ex ib IIC T4
-20 °C < Ta < +50 °C
II 2D ibD 21 T135 °C
-20 °C < Ta < +50 °C
Ambient temperature
-20 °C up to +50 °C
Hand-held scanner
BCS 3800 ex
Technical data
Storage temperature
-40 °C up to +60 °C
Decode capabilities
all common barcodes
Scan rate
270 scans per second
Connection power pack
■ Insensitive to direct exposure
As innovative as it is rugged, the BCS 3800ex
hand- held scanner from BARTEC delivers the
sophisticated ergonomic and operational features
industrial applications demand.
Light source
Visible red light 630 nm
The scan line is wider than in conventional laser
scanners and accordingly more visible. This
makes aiming at the barcode much easier – even
on hard-to-access objects.
approx. 213 g without cable
■ High level of impact resistance - robust
■ All common barcodes readable
■ 270 scans per second
■ RS232/RS422 interface via power pack
■ pluggable
With its high scanning and decoding frequency
of 270 Hz, it can easily read a large number of
barcodes in quick succession.
The BCS 3800ex has a robust enclosure that can
withstand use in even the toughest conditions.
Even dropping it onto the ground several times
from a height of 2 m will not damage this scanner.
The BCS 3800 ex hand-held scanner with
integrated decoder is designed for the pluggable
connection to a power pack. The power pack is
for direct installation in hazardous area. The power pack contains an explosion proof module
incorporating the intrinsically safe power supply
(barriere) and one signal barriere for the data
The data connections are available in the
hazardous area - Zone 1 and 21 for connections
to non-hazardous host systems (PC, PLC or
Reading distance
bis zu 2,1 m
5 % up to 95 % (non-condensing)
Dimensions (height x length x width)
163 mm x 81 mm x 135 mm
Protection class
IP 54
LED safety
LED classification according to
DIN EN 60825-1
Operating voltage/power requirements
U = 5 V/210 mA (Standby 60 mA)
Supplied through the appertaining power
Accessories for BCS 3800ex
Extension cable
plug/socket 6 m
Order no.
Hand-held scanner
BCS 3800 ex
with 2,4 m spiral cable
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