instruction manual electric fan english gb

instruction manual electric fan english gb
Model: OF16HF
AC220V~50Hz, 120W
We really believe you will get the greatest pleasure from using this device for the years!
Please, read the user’s guide in detail before first using of this fan.
This product has both fan and humidifier functions, which can be used together or separately.
The humidifier is especially useful on very hot days, when the extra mist in the air helps not only
to cool you down, but also to increase the humidity in the dry heat.
How does it work?
This Mist Fan uses ultrasonic vibration to atomise water into 1-5 micron particles, which can
then be blown through the room with the fan.
Why is it useful?
Not only does this fan help to cool you down with air containing micro water droplets, it also
helps to avoid dry skin and eyes which are common in dry heat. A relative humidity of 45% 65% is recommended for comfortable living, and this fan can help maintain that balance in the
hot summer months.
1. Front mist plate
2. Front Guard
3. Blade cap
4. Blade
5. Guard Mounting Nut
6. Rear Guard
7. Motor
8. Fan Body
9. Base
10. Castor wheels
11. Base Nut
12. Fixer
13. Plastic Tube
14. Tube Button
Rated Voltage: 220-240V~
Rated Frequency: 50Hz
Fan Power: 80W
Humidity Power: 40W
General Power: 120W
Max Mist Capacity: 200ml/h
Fan Head Size: 400mm
Water Tank Capacity: 1500ml
1: First base is installed in place of the main stable
2: The head fixed in the main part of the bearing hole
3: Installed guard and blade, and net fixed firmly lock the lookout Network
Filling the water tank
Place the fan on a flat, stable floor, then add water for the humidifying function as follows:
1. Open the water tank
2. Lift out the water tank
3. Take out the water tank.
4. Over a sink, turn the water 5. Screw off the tank cap, and
tank so the outlet cap is
add water.
facing upwards.
6. Screw tank cover tightly, and
put it into the fan, then close
*Insert plug to the electrical outlet, and the indicator light turns on.
*Press “ON/SPEED” button to choose the wind for low, Med, High speed that matches the light
on the control panel.
*Press “MODE” to choose the wind type from one of the following:
“Normal”: Wind flow based on Low/Med/High speed.
“Breeze”: Imitates the flow of natural wind based on strong and soft wind.
“Sleep”: The fan runs for half an hour on strong then soft natural wind mode, then changes to
soft natural wind for the next half hour, and then the fan turns off automatically.
(1).Setting H:
Operation pattern: H→Stop→H→Stop→H
(2).Setting M:
Operation pattern: M→stop →M→Stop→M
(3)Setting L:
Operation pattern: L→Stop→L→off→L
*Press “SWING” to start oscillation; press again to fix the airflow direction.
*Press “HUMIDITY” to start the humidifying function; mist comes out of the front plate if there is
water in the tank.
The MIST function can be used on its own or along with the fan function to blow the mist into
the room.
*Press “TIMER” button to make the fan run for the length of the timer. There are 4 indicator
lights for automatic timing. To set a time of 7.5 hours you need to press 15 times and all the 4
indicator lights light up.
* The Remote Control must be pointed towards the Remote Sensor on the main unit for best
results. If the remote control doesn't operate as expected, replace the batteries (2 pcs, AA
* Do not touch / pull out / put back the water tank when the unit is plugged into a power source.
Make sure it is physically disconnected from the mains before doing anything with the water
* When the water level is too low, the safety switch will cut out operation of the mist function.
Unplug the unit and refill the water tank for further operation.
* Do not let dust or other particles collect on the mist plate - if the mist outlets are blocked, the
mist function could malfunction.
* Before cleaning the unit, make sure it is completely disconnected from the power source.
Make sure your hands are not wet when unplugging the unit.
* Do not use very hot water in the water tank - use water less than 40 degrees Celsius.
* Use only water in the water tank. Do not add chemicals
oils or any other additive.
* Infants,the disabled and the elderly should not be in the
direct airflow from the fan for long periods of time.
Cleaning and Maintenance
* Make sure power is disconnected before any
cleaning or maintenance is performed.
* It is recommended that you clean the water
tank every 2-3 weeks of use, and clean the
flume every week.
* Pull out the water tank before cleaning it - pull
the plastic tube out of the mist cask properly,
then take out the mist cask and water tank.
* Use a dry cloth to clean the mist cask. If there
are stubborn stains on the mist cask, use a cloth
lightly dampened with mild detergent.
* If the mist feature will not be used for a long
time, empty the water tank and leave it to dry
before recapping it.
Fault Phenomenon
1. Mist projector works
normally, but
without mist spray
a. Water could be contaminated with
other substances or chemicals
b. Water tank could be cracked
c. Water tank could be empty
2. Mist projector doesn’t
a. Bobber doesn’t float
b. Water tank could be empty
3. No indicator light, no
wind, no mist.
a. Power cord is unplugged, and
electric power is power off
a. Clean out the water tank and
replace with clean water
b. Pour out the water and check for
c. Refill the water tank. A full tank of
water will last approximately 8
a. Free the bobber and allowit to
float freely.
b. Refill the water tank. A full tank of
water will last approximately 8
a. Plug the power cord, and turn on
the electric power
4.Peculiar smell from
the mist
a. When new, there might be residue
in the water tank/mist plate.
b. The water in the water tank many
be contaminated.
a. The smell should disappear after
further use.
b. Clean out the water tank and
refill with fresh water
5.The fan doesn’t work
as normal
a. The plug and supply cord are
b. The
blades are bend
c. Don’t safety device
a. Find service agent or a suitable
qualified person to change or
service b. Don’t play the blades.
Use soft damp cloth then wipe with
dry cloth
c. Installed correctly in accordance
with the manual. Can not be
installed until there is no electricity
WARNING: Unplug from electrical supply source before cleaning. After servicing, any safety
device (including grilles and blades) must be reinstalled or remounted as previously installed.
Use soft damp cloth then wipe with dry cloth. Do not use harmful cleaners. Do not bend the
If the plug and supply cord are damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer, its service
agent or a suitable qualified person in order to avoid a hazard.
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