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Part Number: TCENC101.
Shows CISCO AP, Mains Power Socket, Lightning Arrestors &
Single Port POE Punch Down Block.
This versatile IP65 Rated steel enclosure protects
network equipment from the elements or damage
and is perfect for enabling 802.11 networks to
operate in harsh environments.
This steel enclosure, is extremely durable and
rugged, and is used to house one RF Access
Port/Point, associated Power Supply, and
connections to both power and data sources. The
enclosure is fully earthed and purpose built to
provide a secure modular environment for all
elements of the customers RF system. The enclosure
has been designed to IP65 rating and therefore is
ideal for warehouse environments. Knockouts are
provided to allow customers to configure the entries
to their own requirements.
The back plate has been manufactured to allow for
CISCO Access Points, Motorola AP300 & AP5131.
A number of further M4 inserts have been provided
for fitting of power supplies and Single port Punch
Down block as well as Lightning Arrestors. Further
adaptations can be made on request to suit customer
fixing requirements.
Smooth light grey polyester powder paint
inside and out over phosphated surfaces.
Company Logos can be screen printed if
Included Components:
• Qty 4 Antenna arms.
• Qty 4 Fixing Bracket.
• Qty 8 M5 x 10 countersink screws.
• Qty 8 M4 x 8 Fixing Screws
• Qty 4 IP67 Cable Glands.
• Qty 4 Silicon Seal.
• Steel Back Plate.
• Locking Key.
• 1.4 mm (16 gauge) steel
• Hinged opening facilitates component
installation and maintenance.
• Gasket provides oil-tight and dust-tight
seal against contaminants.
Height 45cm. Width 33cm. Depth 10.5cm.
Weight 8.5kg.
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TC Installations Limited
Units 11 – 13 Highlode Industrial Estate, Stocking Fen Road Ramsey, Cambridgeshire. PE26 2RB
Tele: +44 (0) 1487 710555
FAX +44 (0) 1487 710060
TCENC101 Fixing Notes:
1. The enclosure is provided with four fixing plates which are fitted to the enclosure using the
M5 countersink screws provided (8).
NOTE: All four fixing plates are to be used to mount the enclosure.
The plates can be secured to uni-strut using the (4) M6 bolts provided. The large M6 washer is to
be placed between the fixing plate and the uni-strut. Wall fixing use M6 Rawl Bolts (not
2. Remove knockouts to suit installation requirements.
3. Fitting the Data/Antenna Cable ( Diagram 1)
a) Remove the Gland nut and silicon seal. Pass cable through the nut and the Gland into
enclosure. Make connections inside the enclosure. Fit Silicon seal around cable.
b) Ensure that rubber seal in the gland is in place then pass Silicon seal into Gland leave
5mm protruding.
c) Tighten the Gland nut. Silicon seal will grip cable and form a water tight seal.
Diagram 1
Coaxial Cable
Lock Nut
Silicon Seal
Gland Nut
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