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Model no.: LT800B
* Set the required toasting level using the knob
«1» - minimal toasting level,
«6» - maximal toasting level.
Note: Set the control knob (2) to the needed position.
* Press the lever (5) until clamping.
* When the toasts are ready, the unit will be switched off automatically, the carriage control
lever (5) will return to its initial position.
* To remove small toasts, carefully move the carriage control lever (5) upwards.
«Reheat» BUTTON
If necessary, you can warm up cold toasts; to do this, put the toasts into the slots for bread toasting (6)
and press the carriage control lever (5). Press the «Reheat» button (4). In this mode you can warm up toasts
without additional browning.
If you want to stop the process of toasting, press the Cancel button (3).
«Defrost» BUTTON
To toast frozen toasts, put them into the slots for bread toasting (6), set the required toasting level
with the control knob (2), press the carriage control lever (5) until clamping and then press the «Defrost»
button (1).
The toaster is equipped with a crumb tray (8).
* Switch the unit off and let it cool down.
* Move the tray (8) sideways to delink it from the unit body.
* Unfold the tray (8), clean the tray (8) and the inside of the toaster body from bread crumbs.
* Close the tray (8).
Cleaning and care
* Before cleaning make sure that the unit is unplugged.
e Wait until the toaster cools down completely.
* Clean the outer surface of the toaster body with a damp cloth and then wipe it dry.
* Do not use coarse sponges, abrasives and solvents to clean the toaster.
* To avoid damage of the unit, never insert foreign objects into the slots for bread toasting.
* Open the folding tray (8); clean it and the inside of the toaster body from bread crumbs. Close the tray
* Do not immerse the unit, the power cord and the power plug into water or any other liquids.
* To avoid injuries or damage of the unit, never insert foreign objects into the slots for bread toasting
* Keep the unit away from children in a dry cool place.
Technical specifications
Power supply: 220-240 V - 50/60 Hz
Power: 750 W
The manufacturer preserves the right to change the specifications of the unit without a preliminary
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The unit is intended for making toasts. a ESSZZ =
Description Lown
1. «Defrost» button
2. Toasting level control knob
3. Cancel button
4. «Reheat» button
5. Carriage control lever
6. Slots for bread toasting
7. Cord storage
8. Folding crumb tray
For additional protection it is reasonable to install a residual current device (RCD) with nominal operation
current not exceeding 30 mA into the mains of the kitchen; to install RCD, contact a specialist.
Before using the unit, read this instruction manual carefully and keep it for future reference.
Use the unit for intended purposes only, as specified in this manual. Mishandling the unit can lead
to its breakage and cause harm to the user or damage to his/her property.
* Before switching the unit on for the first time, make sure that the mains voltage corresponds to the
voltage specified on the unit body.
* The power cord is equipped with a “europlug”; plug it into the socket with a reliable grounding contact.
* To avoid fire, do not use adapters for connecting the unit to the mains.
» Before switching the toaster on or plugging it in, make sure that your hands are dry.
* Do not use the toaster outdoors.
* Place the unit on a flat steady surface.
* Provide enough space around the toaster for proper ventilation.
Attention! Set the required toasting level correctly, the bread can catch fire if you toast it too
* Do not use the toaster near curtains, walls covered with wallpapers, near clothes, kitchen towels or
any other inflammable materials and surfaces that can be damaged by high temperature.
* Do not use the toaster for toasting products with too much sugar or filled with jam or marmalade.
* To avoid the risk of fire, do not put oversized food and food wrapped in metal foil package into the
* Never cover the toaster during making toasts.
* Always switch the toaster off and unplug it after operation or before cleaning.
e Before cleaning the toaster, make sure that it has cooled down.
* Clean the tray regularly. Provide that no crumbs accumulate on the tray.
* To avoid fire or electric shock, do not immerse the power cord, the power plug or the unit itself into
water or any other liquids.
* Do not use abrasives or solvents to clean the toaster.
* Provide that the power cord does not contact with hot surfaces or sharp furniture edges.
* Do not allow children to touch the unit body and the power cord during the unit operation.
* Do not leave children unattended to prevent using the unit as a toy.
» For children safety reasons do not leave polyethylene bags used as packaging unattended.
Attention! Do not allow children to play with polyethylene bags or packaging film. Danger of suffocation!
* This unit is not intended for usage by children under 8 years of age.
* Children aged 8 and over as well as disabled persons can use this unit only under supervision of a
person who is responsible for their safety, if they are given all the necessary and understandable
instructions concerning the safe usage of the unit and information about danger that can be caused
by its improper usage.
* Never pull the power cord when disconnecting the unit from the mains, take the power plug and
carefully remove it from the mains socket.
* Never use the toaster if the power cord or the plug is damaged, if the unit works improperly or after it
was dropped.
* Do not disassemble the unit by yourself, if any malfunction is detected or after the unit was dropped,
apply to the nearest authorized ser vice center.
* Transport the unit in the original package only.
* Keep the unit out of reach of children and disabled persons.
CAUTION! Metal parts of the toaster heat up strongly during operation, do not touch them.
* Never try to take jammed toasts out of the operating toaster with your hands or with a metal object,
as contact of the metal object with the heating element under voltage may cause electric shock.
* Unplug the toaster, wait until it cools down and only then remove the toasts carefully with a suitable
wooden or plastic spatula.
* To avoid burns, keep your hands and other open parts of your body away from the metal parts of
the toaster during the unit operation.
After unit transportation or storage under cold (winter) conditions, it is necessary to keep it for
at least two hours at room temperature before switching on.
* Before the first use of the toaster, remove any package materials and stickers that can prevent normal
operation of the unit.
* Make sure that the mains voltage corresponds to the voltage specified on the unit body.
* There is a cord storage (7) on the bottom of the unit body. You can adjust the optimal power cord
length by folding the cord in the cord storage in a corresponding way.
* Without loading toasts, plug the unit in, set the toasting level control knob (2) to the position «6»
and switch the unit on by pressing the lever (5).
* During the first switching on the heating elements burn, therefore occurrence of a small amount of
smoke or foreign smell is possible. It is normal.
* If necessary, switch the toaster on for several times.
* The toasting level depends on the thickness of the bread slice, bread sort and quality. Never toast
too thin or too thick slices; the thickness of the toast should not exceed 20 mm.
* If the toasts are jammed in the slot, press the Cancel button (3), unplug the unit and let it cool down.
Use a suitable wooden spatula to remove the toasts. Do not touch the heating elements to avoid
damaging them.
* Put one or two slices of bread into the slots for bread toasting (6).
* Insert the power plug into the mains socket.
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