The new switching freedom. WaveLINE RF solutions. - Busch

The new switching freedom. WaveLINE RF solutions. - Busch
The new switching freedom.
WaveLINE RF solutions.
2 | ABB WaveLINE
from every
Greater flexibility and more comfort while controlling light and
other functions. The WaveLINE grants you the freedom
of choice where you can place your control elements.
This grants you a comfortable freedom.
P. 4 Retrofit or new building
P. 6 Switchover to the comfort of radio control
P. 15 Light at movement
P. 8 Unlimited possibilities
P. 16 Checking all windows
P. 10 Controlling the main light
P. 17 The confidence that everything is closed
P. 11 Radio control comfort in the bedroom
P. 18 Controlling garden functions
P. 12 Leaning back and enjoying living comfort
P. 19 Watering the garden with Gardena
P. 13 Switching lights and automatic fan
P. 20 Integration into ABB i-bus® KNX
P. 14 Central ON and OFF
P. 22 Overview of product range
ABB WaveLINE | 3
Upgrade, renovation or a new building:
Radio control comfort for all situations.
Table lamp
Table lamp
Multi-talent: The 4gang WaveLINE control elements
Various functions under control via radio signal
WaveLINE is a new wireless control system using the radio frequency technology. With
our new wall mounted control elements “transmitters” you will be able to control Light,
blinds and other functions in your house, along with movement detectors or window
contacts which can create a perfect integration for a reliable safety and functionality.
New possibilities for older buildings.
When renovating an existing house, or simply rearranging the
furniture, the switches are often no longer where they are.
Or you may be missing a few additional switching options for
greater comfort. Often this means: making new holes in the wall,
laying cables, re-plastering, painting or wallpapering. This involves
additional expenditure and generates unavoidable dirt and
With the WaveLINE you save on the associated expenditure, but
not on the comfort. The radio signal bridges the distances for you.
The associated switches are simply glued on and control the
actuator via radio. For safety, for example, the sensors signal
whether a window is open or closed. And they can be retrofitted
quickly and easily. With radio control instead of cables.
4 | ABB WaveLINE
* An actuator is a switch or a dimmer
Easy...Right from the beginning – with radio control in
new buildings.
Also in new buildings it does not always have to be cables! Use
the WaveLINE radio control system right from the start, for
example, to switch lights from several positions in the room, or
even from a different room, in addition to the main switch. The
same applies to blinds and entire light scenes. The wireless
operating comfort equally applies to outdoor areas; for switching
lights in the garden and the pool from the house, for example.
Also automatic or preprogrammed functions can be integrated via
the WaveLINE radio control system. Movement detectors switch
lights via radio signal, actuators lower the heating when an open
window is signaled – the possibilities of the WaveLINE are as
numerous as the desires for comfort and safety. And, if a desired
function has been forgotten: no problem – the WaveLINE is ideally
suited for easy retrofitting.
ABB WaveLINE | 5
Switchover to the comfort of radio control.
Actuator or transmitter both are ready.
WaveLINE actuators
It's this simple: position the switch
actuator in close proximity to your
consumer. This could be a lamp or
a blind. Then exchange the existing
switch for one or several wall-mounted
Why functionality over comfort while you can get both! Operating blinds, dimming
lights, switching devices – with the WaveLINE from the position that is the most
practical for you. Apart from the special actuator you only need the radio wall-mounted
transmitters which are simply glued at the desired position. No cable connections, no
flush-mounted wall box, no construction headaches. Elegant right from the time of
The WaveLINE actuators take over the control and switching
function – e.g. for one lamp or entire light scenes. They are
equipped with a radio receiver, which means that they can be
activated via wall-mounted transmitters that can be installed
almost anywhere and remotely operated. They are easy to install
and their reception is outstanding. Depending on the model, they
are multi-functional with operating mode selector switch,
programmable or specially designed for certain tasks, such as
timer functions.
6 | ABB WaveLINE
It is the wall-mounted transmitters in the WaveLINE system that
make the difference in comfort. You have always wanted to control
the blinds remotely without having to get up from your armchair,
yet the switch is located next to the window at the other end of
the room. The WaveLINE is the solution to the problem. An
appropriate WaveLINE actuator is installed in the blind box and a
wall-mounted transmitter is installed at the desired location
without any structural alterations and you are ready to control the
blind remotely via radio.
Radio control comfort for retrofitting.
Small cause – large effect: with the WaveLINE the
comfort of remote control is easily retrofitted. Clean
and without a separate cable. The old switch is
replaced with a switch combination that is glued on
and a separately mounted actuator is ready to be
remote controlled.
Wall lamp
Gluing area
01 Conventional switch / push-button
Clean installation without having to break
open the walls.
02 Remove the rocker and 1gang cover frame
and glue the mounting plate to the wall
03 Install the new 2gang cover frame and
control elements
ABB WaveLINE | 7
Unlimited possibilities.
Greater living comfort.
Remote control
The WaveLINE manual transmitter:
mains-independent, versatile, elegant.
Living requires freedom.
WaveLINE is not only surprisingly easy to install. The system is
also extremely versatile. Switching, controlling blinds and calling
up entire light scenes and main functions with a press of a button:
the WaveLINE makes your living space a little more comfortable.
You will quickly get used to the everyday advantages of comfort
that practical remote radio control provides and will not want to
miss it. You may even get additional ideas about other functions
that you would like to easily and without great effort convert to
radio control.
8 | ABB WaveLINE
Greater comfort: remote control with the manual transmitter.
A special feature of the WaveLINE system is that the switching
flexibility is increased with radio wall-mounted transmitters and
that one has a radio switch where it is regularly needed. Of
course, also the classical manual transmitter has its place in the
WaveLINE system – with group selection keys for all the important
applications. For switching, dimming, raising and lowering of
blinds or calling up scenes. With the elegant transmitter you have
everything under control right where you are.
Even loads that are not permanently mounted can be
switched via radio control and a radio-controllable
socket outlet. This allows you, for example, to switch
off the bedside table lamp or the radio with the wallmounted transmitter next to the door when you leave
the room.
Create the right atmosphere with light with the
continuously variable dimming function. With the
appropriate dimming actuator of the WaveLINE system
and the matching wall-mounted transmitter you fix
precisely from where you would like to dim the lighting.
04 Central functions
Are all the lights off when you leave the house? With the
WaveLINE and the central function a press of a button
suffices to switch off the lights in the entire house.
Comfortable – and extremely useful for daily life.
05 Light scenes
With WaveLINE you can operate individual light sources
or store entire lighting scenes, which can then be recalled
at the press of a button. Create the individual atmosphere
with light for the evening meal, for watching television, for
reading – with just one radio signal from the WaveLINE.
Why get up to adjust the blind when you can do it
comfortably from the couch! The WaveLINE makes it
possible. Via manual transmitter or wall-mounted switch.
And to operate the screen, the beamer lifter, the garage
door or the exterior lighting is just as easy.
ABB WaveLINE | 9
Controlling the main light.
Without getting up.
Retrofitting a cross connection: the clever
way, so that the ceiling light in the bedroom
can be operated from both sides of the bed.
For this the existing switch, mostly located
at the door, is replaced by a wall-mounted
transmitter. Two wall-mounted transmitters,
that are linked via radio signal instead of
cables, are also glued to the wall next to
the bed. The light can now be remotely
controlled via the separately mounted
01 WaveLINE wall-mounted transmitter, 1 channel,
article no. 6731-84
02 WaveLINE wall-mounted transmitter, 1 channel,
article no. 6731-84
03 WaveLINE switch actuator, article no. 6702
04 WaveLINE wall-mounted transmitter, 1 channel,
article no. 6731-84
10 | ABB WaveLINE
Complete and flexible.
Radio control comfort in the bedroom.
Rocker assignment of 4-channel
wall-mounted transmitter:
ceiling lamp
Table lamp left
Table lamp right
Bedroom complete
For even greater comfort in the bedroom,
additional functions can be retrofitted together
with a cross connection: switching and
dimming the main light additionally from both
sides of the bed and switching of two bedside
table lamps from all positions. Added to this is
the integration of a central function with which
all lamps can be switched off with the press of
a button when leaving the room. Essential here
are the WaveLINE 4-channel wall-mounted
transmitters that are installed in place of the light
switch and simply glued at the side of the beds.
Ceiling lamp
Table lamp
Table lamp
Ceiling lamp
Table lamp
Table lamp
Ceiling lamp
Table lamp
Table lamp
01 WaveLINE wall-mounted transmitter, 4 channel,
article no. 6733-84
02 2 x WaveLINE wall-mounted transmitters, 4 channel,
article no. 6733-84
03 2 x WaveLINE switch actuators, article no. 6702
2 x SCHUKO® socket outlet inserts,
article no. 20 EUC-84
04 WaveLINE universal dimming actuator, article no. 6704
ABB WaveLINE | 11
Leaning back and enjoying living comfort.
Multitude of functions well combined.
Everything comfortably under control.
Discover the numerous possibilities to integrate and enjoy radio
control comfort in your living room. Indoor and outdoor
illumination, blinds and additional equipment such as the screen
for the television viewing event at home: the WaveLINE makes
their operation easy. From the position that is most comfortable
for you. Either with the manual transmitter or with the wallmounted transmitters of the WaveLINE radio control system. The
touch rockers can be assigned individually, which makes available
numerous functions as a single control combination for you.
These are advantages which make the living room even more
Ceiling light
01 Also complete light scenes – for reading,
for example – can be called up centrally.
02 Television viewing comfort with all the
functions and the right light atmosphere is
available at the press of a button.
Wall lamp
Roller blind
Reading Television
Reading Televi-
2 x WaveLINE switch actuators,
article no. 6702, wall lamp, switchable
socket outlet with ceiling floodlight
2 x WaveLINE universal dimming actuators,
article no. 6704, 2 light circuits in the
2 x WaveLINE blind actuators,
article no. 6705, screen and roller blind
6 x WaveLINE wall-mounted transmitters,
4 channel, article no. 6733-84
1 x WaveLINE manual transmitter,
article no. 6780
12 | ABB WaveLINE
Switching lights and ventilation.
Perfect for a bathroom or a kitchen.
> 2 Minutes
Practical and energy-saving.
The WaveLINE wall-mounted transmitter switches the light on or
off in the bathroom or the WC for guests via a series actuator –
and also the fan/ventilation via its second output. The actuator
also has an automatic switch-on and switch-off delay. If the light
is switched on for briefly washing the hands, the fan remains off.
If you remain longer than 2 minutes the fan switches on
automatically. After the light is switched off, the fan remains on
for a further 5 minutes.
01 WaveLINE wall-mounted transmitter, 1 channel,
article no. 6731-84 switches on the lighting and the fan
02 WaveLINE series switch actuator, article no. 6703,
channel 1: lighting, channel 2: fan
ABB WaveLINE | 13
Central ON and OFF.
A good feeling.
Everything is bright. Everythings is OK.
With the WaveLINE you have a central switch directly next to your
bed to switch on the entire lighting at once via radio signal, and
that without extensive installation work. In security technology this
function is known as a panic button. If you have an uneasy feeling
during the night that something is wrong, just a press of the
button and everything is bright and clear. The sudden light will
drive away any unwelcome guests.
Central Off
One wall-mounted transmitter for the light in the entire
Perhaps this has happened to you: you have left the house in a
hurry and are then not sure whether you have turned off all the
lights. Or you simply don't want to turn off or check each single
light. The WaveLINE handles this task with the central Off
function. A wall-mounted transmitter is installed at the front door
without any great effort, which controls the corresponding
actuators via radio. For you this means: one press of the button
and everything is off.
01 WaveLINE wall-mounted transmitter, 1 channel,
article no. 6731-84
02 WaveLINE wall-mounted transmitter, 1 channel,
article no. 6731-84
14 | ABB WaveLINE
Movement equals light.
For safety and quality of living.
01 Busch-Watchdog 220 WaveLINE,
article no.: 6745 AGM-204
02 WaveLINE built-in receiver, article no. 6701
03 WaveLINE LED display,
article no.: 6730-xx on 6404 U
It is possible to display the detection of a
movement using an LED on the BuschWatchdog.
Easy to install – powerful effect
The distribution of the sensor and actuator function to 2
devices opens up totally new possibilities for application
with this Busch-Watchdog. The sensor can be freely placed
wherever it can optimally monitor the entire detection range.
It is extremely energy-saving so that the high-performance
batteries (iron (II) disulphide) last for up to 10 years. If it
detects a movement, it then transfers the switch-on signal to
the built-in actuator, which can even be installed in a deep
flush-mounted socket outlet underneath a push-switch near
the lamp. In addition, it is possible to assign several sensors
to a single actuator and thus reliably monitor even angled
areas. The installation of the WaveLINE Watchdog could not
be easier. Battery operation eliminates all need for wiring.
The wall connection socket is quickly attached to the wall
with only a single fastening screw.A rubber absorber provides
perfect equalisation in case of an uneven foundation.
Adapters for mounting to house corners or downpipes are
also available. The sensor itself is then connected to the wall
connection socket via a bayonet joint and can be turned by
30°, for example, for the equalisation of slopes. The batteries
can be tested directly on the device.
ABB WaveLINE | 15
Checking all windows.
At a glance.
01 It's this easy. Where a light switch or dimmer was installed
before, you can now also use the message system function.
The original switching or dimming function is retained. 1 x
WaveLINE window sensor, article no. 6720-84, for example
1 x Universal relay insert, article no. 6404 U, insert for LED
display for switching the hall lighting
1 x LED display, article no. 6730-84, display with local control for
1 x WaveLINE switch actuator, article no. 6702
1 x Room thermostat, article no.1094 UTA, RTR with terminal for
nighttime temperature reduction
Open, closed or locked: unmistakable information.
Where conventional systems only check whether the window is in
contact with the frame, WaveLINE goes a decisive step further. It
signals the position of the window handle and thus provides
information as to whether the window is locked.
Window sensors monitor and transmit the position of the
window handle – this is indicated by means of a coloured
LED on the easy-to-view display, which can be individually
In addition, the nighttime temperature reduction of the room
thermostat can be activated via a switch actuator when
the window is open. This prevents the heating from being
switched on immediately, especially when the temperature
outside is low.
The associated window sensors mounted between the
handle and the frame are available in black, white, and
stainless steel optics and thus well-suited for all conventional
window frames and window handles. To save costs, the
existing handles can continue to be used.
02 WaveLINE window sensor, white matt 6720-64
03 WaveLINE window sensor, stainless steel 6720-66
04 WaveLINE window sensor, basalt black 6720-65
16 | ABB WaveLINE
The confidence that everything is closed.
Even the cellar door.
Cellar door
The two channels of the universal detector can
be transferred and displayed separately via the
LED display. You are thus always informed as to
whether the cellar door is closed and locked.
Instead of a tour of inspection: an inspection glance.
Where window sensors cannot be installed, the WaveLINE
universal detectors are used. Often it is good to know that
the cellar door is closed – when small children are in the
house or as protection against uninvited guests, for example.
The signalling channels of the universal detectors operate
independent from each other. The first channel is triggered by
the reed channel, while the second channel is firmly wired to
a floating contact. This is practical for later installation: If the
LED display is combined with the universal relay insert, which
replaces the existing switch, the switching function can, for
example, be retained for the hall light.
01 WaveLINE universal detector, 6721-64
02 WaveLINE universal detector, 6721-65
ABB WaveLINE | 17
Controlling garden functions.
From the house.
01 Rocker switch,
article no. 2621 W-54-206
02 2 x ocean connecting sleeve,
article no. 2138 W-54
03 Socket outlet with labelling field,
article no. 20 EWN-54
04 Built-in receiver, article no. 6701,
empty housing, 2533 WN-54
05 Wall-mounted transmitter, 1gang,
article no. 6731-84
Fountain and garden illumination under control with radio
The garden can also be enjoyed from the house. Especially when
functions such as the fountain, garden illumination or the
swimming pool cover can be easily operated from indoors with
the WaveLINE wall-mounted transmitter.
One possible outdoor combination of the ocean® range consists
of three single elements: switch, socket outlet and empty cover
box for the actuator. With the switch the radio control can be
blocked when necessary, such as in the winter. Tip: The
consumers can also be connected directly by the electrician,
instead of the socket outlet.
The key switch prevents unauthorized operation.
The profile half cylinders of an existing locking
system can be used. This makes additional keys
06 Key switch, article no. 2733 SLW-54
18 | ABB WaveLINE
3gang combination as above, only the
switch needs to be replaced with the key
Watering the garden with Gardena.
Its fun with the comfort of radio control.
01 WaveLINE wall-mounted transmitter, 1 channel,
article no. 6731-84
02 WaveLINE switch actuator, article no. 6702
›› GARDENA irrigation valve with a 24V power supply
and sprinklersystem
Watering the easy way.
Permanently installed irrigation systems make watering the
garden with a watering can or hose obsolete. The WaveLINE
provides even more comfort. The irrigation system can
be switched on or off from the kitchen or any other room
in the house. For this, a irrigation valve, from GARDENA,
for example, which can be connected to each switch
combination, needs to be integrated. It is also possible to
automatically switch the garden irrigation system on briefly
with the Busch-Watchdog movement detector, to chase away
small animals from your property. All you need to water your
garden via radio signal is a wall-mounted transmitter, switch
actuator, valve and system from GARDENA!
ABB WaveLINE | 19
ABB i-bus® KNX.
Easy extension of networked home
KNX radio control intelligently linked.
The light in the house is perfect for every situation, the living
room is comfortably heated at just the right time and the
movement of the blinds adjusts to the weather or the time of day
– with networked home technology via the ABB i-bus® KNX the
house adapts itself to your wishes. Aside from the power lines,
also a KNX network is installed with which actuators and sensors
comprehensively interact. Even though a KNX installation is
carefully planned, it could be that individual functions may have
to be added later.
20 | ABB WaveLINE
The WaveLINE makes this possible without having to structurally
extend the KNX network. Signals between the two systems can
be exchanged via the WaveLINE TP-RF media converter. Here an
example: the temperature sensor in the KNX network measures a
specific temperature in the living room, the corresponding
command is signaled via the media converter and triggers the
radio signal in the WaveLINE system for lowering the blind.
Ceiling lamp
Table lamp left
Table lamp right
Venetian blind
Entire bedroom
WaveLINE KNX gateway
01 WaveLINE wall-mounted transmitter,
2 channel, article no. 6732-84(-500)
02 WaveLINE wall-mounted transmitter,
4 channel, article no. 6733-84(-500)
03 WaveLINE switch actuator,
article no. 6702(-500)
04 WaveLINE KNX gateway,
article no. 6770(-500)
05 Control element, 4/8gang,
article no. 6127/02-884
06 Room thermostat, article no. 6124/01-84
07Busch-priOn® 8.89 cm-(3.5“-) TFT colour
display with rotary control element,
article no. 6344-825-101
ABB WaveLINE | 21
The complete range.
At a glance.
Ceiling lamp
Table lamp
Table lamp
Venetian blind
01 WaveLINE wall-mounted transmitter,
1 channel, article no. 6731-84
02 WaveLINE wall-mounted transmitter,
2 channel, article no. 6732-84
03 WaveLINE wall-mounted transmitter,
4 channel, article no. 6733-84
04 WaveLINE LED display, 4gang with switching
function, article no. 6730-84
05 WaveLINE Busch-Watchdog 220,
article no. 6745 AGM-204
06 WaveLINE window sensor, article no. 6720-64
07 WaveLINE universal detector,
article no. 6721-64
08 WaveLINE manual transmitter, article no. 6780
Including a variety of
The wall-mounted transmitters
of the WaveLINE system are
available in the switch ranges
carat®, pure stainless steel,
solo®, Busch-axcent® and
future® linear. Wall-mounted
transmitters with a 1 and 2
channel function are available
in programs Busch-Duro 2000®
SI and Reflex S. All for radio
comfort in individual design.
22 | ABB WaveLINE
01 WaveLINE switch actuator,
article no. 6702
02 WaveLINE series switching
actuator, article no. 6703
03 WaveLINE universal dimming
actuator, article no. 6704
04 WaveLINE blind actuator,
article no. 6705
05 WaveLINE built-in receiver,
article no. 6701
06 WaveLINE KNX gateway,
article no 6770
Easy to install. Also behind
the socket outlet.
The WaveLINE actuators fit into
the flush-mounted wall box. For
the option of remotely controlling
consumers connected to socket
outlets, such as floor lamps, the
corresponding actuator is simply
installed behind the socket outlet.
Interfaces for smooth
The WaveLINE stands for flexibility
due to the simple extension of
operating options in and around the
house. The smooth embedment
into overall systems via made-tomeasure interfaces, ABB i-bus®
KNX or SmartEnergy systems, for
example, is a decisive advantage.
ABB WaveLINE | 23
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of the ABB Group
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