Symphony Plus™
Symphony Plus™ ice and water dispenser
12 CI series countertop with Chewblet® ice machine
Shown with SensorSAFE™
SensorSAFE infrared dispense
SensorSAFE not recommended for use with clear containers or for
applications in direct sunlight
Ice and water dispensers, 115V/60 Hz
cooling Item number
SensorSAFE air
Ice-only available, add -I
Example: 12CI425A-LI
12 lb
(5.4 kg)
Ice production
70/50 F (21/10 C)
90/70 F (32/21 C)
425 lb (193.0 kg)
325 lb (147.6 kg)
per 100 lb
(45.4 kg) ice
6.3 kWh air-cooled
12.0 gal (45.4 L) of potable water per 100 lb
(45.4 kg) of ice
Narrow, 16.12" (40.9 cm) width
12 lb (5.4 kg) ice storage capacity
Integral air-cooled ice machine with up to 425 lb (193.0 kg) daily
production of popular Chewblet ice
-soft, chewable, compressed nugget ice is preferred over cubes1
and is ideal for patient care
New -Quiet Night™ sleep mode turns off ice machine when idle
Designed with sanitation in mind
New -automatic self-flushing of ice machine removes impurities
New -drain cup provides internal air gap for added protection of
food zone components from drain line contaminants
-Agion® silver-based antimicrobial provides protection of key ice
and water contact components2
-one-hand lever or SensorSAFE infrared ice dispense
Dependable design, easy to service and clean
New -cleaning and sanitizing of entire machine takes only 1 hour
New -LED display control board provides at-a-glance machine status
-panels are easily removed for accessibility to all components
-ice machine parts are common across all Symphony Plus dispensers
-stainless steel evaporator and auger deliver long life
Environmentally responsible
-meets Consortium for Energy Efficiency Tier 2 specifications
-R404a refrigerant has zero ozone depletion potential
-ice-only dispensers are ENERGY STAR® certified3
-continuous ice making process uses less electricity and water
Durable, attractive dispenser
-frame and exterior cabinet are stainless steel with accent trim
-poly drain pan, grille and dispenser lid are corrosion-resistant
Easy installation and industry’s best warranty
-comes fully assembled and installs with three easy
connections – electric, water and drain
-warranty – 3 years parts and labor, 5 years compressor parts
Base stand with or without factory installed water filter (refer to
form# 7010)
4.00" (10.16 cm) leg kit (item# AF10LBLEGS)
SafeCLEAN™ environmentally responsible ice machine cleaner
(item# 00132001)
Nu-Calgon® IMS-II sanitizer, 16 oz bottle (item# 00979674)
Water filters (refer to form# 6380, 9905, 6070)
Additional Symphony Plus accessories (refer to price list)
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Ice storage capacity
W1 Width
W2 Width, base stand accessory
D1 Depth, dispenser
D2 Depth, drain pan
D3 Depth, base stand accessory
H1 Height, dispenser
H2 Dispense height clearance
H3 Height, base stand accessory
Ventilation clearance
Service clearance
Utility connection location
C1 115 V/60/1 electrical
12 lb (5.4 kg)
16.12" (40.9 cm)
17.5" (44.4 cm)
23.50" (59.7 cm)
5.50" (13.97 cm)
22.00" (55.9 cm)
32.50" (82.6 cm)
9.38" (23.83 cm)
33.00" (83.8 cm)
6.00" (15.24 cm) top and right side
12.00" (30.5 cm) top
through back or bottom
11 amps, 0.8 kW
8.5' (2.6 m) cord w/ NEMA 5-15 90º
hospital‑grade plug
3/8" FPT
3/4" MPT
50 -100 F (10 - 38 C)
45 - 90 F (7 - 32 C)
10 - 70 psi (69 - 483 kpa)
5000 BTU/hr
199 lb (90.3 kg)
80 lb (36.3 kg)
C2 Potable water inlet
C3 Drain
Air temperature
Water temperature
Water pressure
Heat rejection
Approximate ship weight
Approximate ship weight, base
stand accessory
NOTE: For indoor use only
Dimensional drawing
Short form specification: (Choose one) ___ Ice and water or ___ ice-only
dispenser to be Follett ® automatic load in countertop configuration, with 12 lb
(5.4 kg) of storage and separate ice and water chutes. Dispenser cabinet to be
of stainless steel. Environmentally responsible R404a air-cooled ice machine to
have 24 hour production capacity of approximately 425 lb (193.0 kg) of Chewblet
compressed nugget ice at water temp. of 70 F (21 C); air temp. of 50 F (10 C). Ice
machine equipped with automatic self-flushing and Quiet Night sleep mode.
Dispenser to have automatic bin level control to start and stop ice machine. Storage
area insulated with non-CFC, high density, foamed‑in‑place polyurethane. 8.5'
(2.6 m) cord and NEMA 5-15 90º hospital grade plug provided. NSF and ETL listed.
(2.26 cm)
(3.84 cm)
(10.57 cm)
(20.44 cm)
BS*– Base stand sold separately; measurements shown are with base
stand legs at lowest position
Note: See dispenser detail sheet, form# 6675, for counter cutouts.
12 CI series countertop
Form #6620 05/15
© Follett Corporation
1 Independent third party studies. Contact Follett for details.
2 Disclaimer: Antimicrobial protection is limited to the treated components and does not treat water or ice.
3 Energy Star certification applies only to ice-only dispensers. While the Symphony Plus ice and water
dispensers have the same efficient ice makers and refrigeration systems with the same ice machine
electrical and water consumption as their complementary ice-only models there is no ENERGY STAR
category for ice and water dispensers at this time.
Agion is a registered trademark of Sciessent LLC.
ENERGY STAR and the ENERGY STAR mark are registered US marks.
Calgon is a licensed tradename distributed by Nu-Calgon, in the United States.
Symphony Plus, SensorSAFE, SafeCLEAN and Quiet Night are trademarks of Follett Corporation.
Chewblet and Follett are registered trademarks of Follett Corporation, registered in the US.
Follett reserves the right to change specifications at any time without obligation. Certifications may vary
depending on country of origin.
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