Top 10 Tips for Promethean Support

Top 10 Tips for Promethean Support
Top 10 Tips for Promethean Support
start, you need to know what kind of Promethean ActivBoard you have?
ActivBoard 300 Series – pen only
ActivBoard 500 Series – pen and touch (pen and finger on bottom right-hand corner of ActivBoard)
ActivBoard 100 Series – pen only, no speakers
ActivBoard Touch (dry erase) – touch/stylus only with external sound bar (MUST BE USING
 ActivPanel – no projector (MUST BE USING ACTIVINSPIRE 2.0 OR LATER.)
1. How do I calibrate?
A: For 100/300/500 Series ActivBoards, hover (close but not touching) over flame in the top corner or
use the option in the ActivManager on the task bar (lower right corner).
A: For ActivBoard Touch, use the option in the ActivManager on the task bar (lower right corner).
2. The pen is not working?
A: For 300/500 Series ActivBoards, ensure the USB is plugged in and the button on the side of the
ActivBoard is green.
A: For 100 Series ActivBoards/ActivBoard Touch/ActivPanel, ensure the USB is plugged in. (Note: For
ActivPanel, USB calbe must be less that 3m.)
3. The projector remote is not working?
A: Check the batteries.
A: Try turning the lights off in the room – occasionally, the florescent light and the infrared light cause
4. The projected image is not on both screens.
A: Check that the projector is actually on. If yes, press function F4 for HP laptop, dell Function F5 – get
the picture on the screen or right click on desktop, choose graphics properties, choose multiple
displays, operating mode and clone display.
5. The computer is locking in sleep mode and will not turn back on.
A: Extend the power-saving mode to 5 hours so the computer does not go to sleep during the school
6. The image does not fit the entire screen.
A: Right-click on the desktop, choose Display Properties, choose Settings, change resolution to 1280 X
720 for 87” ActivBoards or 1024 X 768 for 78” ActivBoards.
7. The pen is not staying calibrated.
A: Check that the software, ActivInspire, is as up to date as possible or contact Promethean technical
8. How do I register my ActivSlate, ActiVotes or ActivExpressions?
A: Make sure the ActivHub is plugged into the computer. Go to Edit-Device Registration, choose the
ActivHub and follow the instructions.
9. Where to go for online support:
10. Where to call for Promethean Technical Support at 1-888-652-2848 x3 (you will need to have the
serial # of the product you are calling about.) or Active Installation at (416) 697-8733.
Promethean Incorporated, 75 Mary Street Unit #1, Aurora ON, L4G 1G3
Telephone: 1-800-791-4961 Facsimile: 1-678-762-7700
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