A Leader in
Dust Collection
Since 1991
Silica Dust
by Shave Away, Europe
Protect your Lungs and Increase the Life of Your Tools
The Dust Muzzle™ Ultra
The Worlds Most Efficient Universal Dust Muzzle
• Fits All Grinders
• Flexible Down To -20º F
• Made From Wear-Resistant Polypropylene
• Translucent
• Up To 99% Efficient
• Available In 4”-5”,
And 7”- 9” Diameters
• Fits 1” And 1 ½” Hoses
•100% Guaranteed
The Dust Muzzle Ultra is a one-size-fits-all dust shroud that uses a system
of adjustable fingers and spacers to give it over 1½” of vertical flexibility. The
patented stretchable adapter ring prevents hose clamp pinch-off and allows it to
adapt to the bearing housing of any grinder. Based on the design of the original
Dust Muzzle with its side-mounted exhaust port, the Dust Muzzle Ultra is the
most efficient design ever made.
Patent pending
The Dust Muzzle Ultra fits all pneumatic
and electric right angle grinders
Two Dust Muzzles fit all 4-5” & 7-9” grinders
The stretchable adapter ring prevents hose clamp pinch
off on grinders with small diameter bearing housings.
Crack Chasing, Cutting
and Tuck Pointing Adapter Plates
Our snap-on cover plates convert any of our Dust Muzzles into a dustless
shroud for crack chasing, tuck pointing or cutting with a saw blade.
• Grinding, Crack Chasing And Cutting
• Fits The 4”-5” And 7” Dust Muzzles
• Lightweight & Rugged
• Transparent
• Fits 4”-7” Cutting Blades
Buy a Complete System and Receive a
Our complete systems include a Nilfisk HEPA vacuum and everything
you need for dustless cutting, grinding and crack chasing and scoring.
Partner Electric
Walk behind cutting
and scoring system
7” Makita™
grinding system
Faux grout
line system
Skil Saw
US Patent 6,557,261
US Patent 6,748,660
The Saw Muzzle™ GP $159.95
The Saw Muzzle™ $59.95
The Saw Muzzle GP is a self-adjusting, constant radius dust collector for the 12-16”
gas-powered cut-off saws and the Partner™ 12-16” electric cut-off saw. The Saw
Muzzle GP is available for Stihl™, Partner™, Target™, Makita™ and many other
brands. When used with a standard industrial vacuum it will remove virtually all the
dust created by these powerful tools.
The Saw Muzzle is over 95% efficient when used with any Skil™,
Milwaukee™, Bosch™ or Makita™ worm drive circular saw. It
installs in minutes and is excellent for collecting concrete, wood
and fiberglass dust.
Go to our website at to see more of our complete systems
or call us for Custom Designed Multi-station Dust Collection Systems
The Nilfisk Eliminator HEPA vac
Available in
2", 3", & 6"
Hands Free
for RRP, OSHA and EPA Toxic Dust Compliance
(including 12 filters)
The Nilfisk Eliminator comes with a two year warranty and HEPA filter. It is your best
choice for a durable, quality manufactured industrial vacuum. It is capable of handling
any of our Dust Muzzles or Saw Muzzles including the Saw Muzzle GP for
gas-powered cutoff saws.
• Hepa Certified
• 2 Year Manufacturers Warranty
• 95" Of Lift
• Over 130Cfm Airflow
• Triple Filter System
• 50' Power Cord
The Nilfisk Eliminator 1 comes with a complete set of attachments.
Replacement Filters: $8.99
The Saw Muzzle™ Type E $79.95
• Filter Efficiency 99.97% @ .3 Microns
• Wet/Dry Filters Available
• Micro Pre-Filters Hold Up To 20 Lbs. Of Dust
• Quiet: 65Db
•1350 Watts, 120Vac/11.2 Amps
US Patent 6,935,939
The Saw Muzzle Type E offers dustless cutting for the 10-14” electric cut-off saws
that are built on a grinder body with a base plate. It will fit the Bosch™, DeWalt™,
Hitachi™ and many others. It can be installed in minutes and is adjustable for any
depth of cut.
The Dust Muzzle™ DC $39.95
The Dust Muzzle DC is designed for hands-free cutting with core
bits. It is available for hole saws with diameters of 2”, 3” or 6”. The
vacuum suction does double duty by holding the Dust Muzzle DC
to any reasonably smooth surface while it removes dust from the
work place, even in overhead applications.
Professional Quality Premium
Diamond Blades and Wheels
We carry only premium quality diamond wheels and cutting blades.
We have a full inventory in stock and can provide overnight
delivery at discount prices.
1.Turbo Diamond Cup Wheel, 7”, 24 Segment.... $155.00
Diamond Cup Wheels,
Crack Chasers, Tuck
Pointers and Saw Blades
2. Double Row Diamond Cup Wheel, 7”....$133.01
Compliance For Lead Abatement,
Composites, Bridge Repair and Marine
4. Double Row Diamond Cup Wheel, 5”....$94.00
5. Diamond Saw Blade, Turbo or Segmented, 7 1/4”.... $39.00
6. Diamond Saw Blade, 4 1/2”.... $36.00
7. Electro Plate Diamond Tile Blade, 4 1/2”.... $64.00
• Die Grinders
• Soft Pads
• Random Orbit Sanders
• Needle Scalers
• Angle Grinders
8. Tuck Pointer, 7” x .250” x .380”.... $136.00
9. Tuck Pointer, 4 1/2” x .250” x .380”.... $66.00
10. Crack Chaser, 4 1/2” x .250” or .375 x 5/8” Arbor.... $109.00
11.Silica Carbide Paint and Adhesive Removal Wheel, 16 grit, 4 1/2”.... $7.50
12. Silica Carbide Paint and Adhesive Removal Wheel, 16 grit, 7”.... $9.50
All of our wheels and blades are 100%
guaranteed against excessive wear.
3. Turbo Diamond Cup Wheel, 4 1/2”, 18 Segment.... $99.00
by Shave Away, Europe
837 Cornish Drive
San Diego, CA 92107
877 223-2154
619 223-2154
619 223-9690 (fax)
The Dust Muzzle™ Ultra
The Most Efficient Universal Dust Muzzle
Fits All 4”-9” Right Angle Grinders
by Shave Away, Europe
by Shave Away, Europe
Protect your Lungs and Increase the Life of Your Tools
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