Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions
with Installation Instructions
1999-2008 GM 4.8L, 5.3L, 6.0L & 2009-2010 GM 5.3L
V-8 Pickups and SUVs
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03/18/11 PN 96410 v.4.0
General Installation Practices
1. For ease of installation of your
Banks system, familiarize yourself with
the procedure by reading the entire
manual before starting work.
2. The exploded views provide only
general guidance. Refer to each step
and section diagram in this manual for
proper instruction.
3. Throughout this manual, the
left side of the vehicle refers to the
driver’s side, and the right side to the
passenger’s side.
4. Disconnect the ground cable
from the battery before beginning
work. If the vehicle has more than
one battery, be sure that the engine
primary battery is disconnected. This
is necessary for safety and to ease
the installation of the passenger side
TorqueTubes® exhaust manifold.
5. Route and tie wires and hoses
a minimum of 6 inches away from
exhaust heat, moving parts and sharp
edges. Clearance of 8 inches or more
is recommended where possible.
6. When raising the vehicle, support
it on properly weight-rated safety
stands, ramps or a commercial hoist.
Follow the manufacturer’s safety
precautions. Take care to balance the
vehicle to prevent it from slipping or
falling. When using ramps, be sure the
front wheels are centered squarely on
96410 v.4.0
the topsides; put the transmission in
park; set the hand brake; and place
blocks behind the rear wheels. If the
vehicle is supported by a hoist, the
front wheels may be removed for
further accessibility
CAUTION! Do not use floor jacks to
support the vehicle while working
under it. Do not raise the vehicle
onto concrete blocks, masonry
or any other item not intended
specifically for this use.
7. During installation, keep the
work area clean. If foreign debris is
transferred to any Banks component.
Clean it thoroughly before installing.
Tools Required
• 1⁄ 2” and 3⁄ 8” drive ratchets with
standard and metric sockets and 1⁄ 2”
and 3⁄ 8” drive extenstion
• Standard and metric combination or
open-end wrenches
• Standard screwdriver
• Clean shop towels or rags
• Pry bar
• Foot-pound torque wrench
• Penetrating oil or light lubricant
TorqueTubes Systems Installation
1. Raise the vehicle and support it
with properly weight rated safety
stands, ramps or a commercial hoist.
Follow the manufacturer’s safety
precautions. When using ramps, be
sure the front wheels are centered
squarely on the topsides; place the
transmission in neutral; set the parking
brake and place blocks behind the
rear wheels.
2. Disconnect the negative (ground)
cable from the battery (or batteries, if
there are two) before beginning work.
Secure the cable(s) so that they do not
come in contact with the battery posts
during the installation.
3. Remove dipstick, unbolt and
remove dipstick tube. Pull dipstick
tube out with a twisting motion.
Note: to simplify removal of the stock
exhaust manifolds and installation of
Banks torque tubes, remove all plastic
retainer pins attached to the fender
lining on the front left and right wheel
liner, then remove the wheel liner and
set aside.
4. Disconnect EGR tube from right
side exhaust manifold (if equipped).
Save all hardware for reinstallation.
See Figure 1.
Figure 1
Figure 2
96410 v.4.0
Figure 3
5. Unbolt air injection tubes
(if equipped) from the exhaust
manifolds. Save all hardware for
reinstallation. See Figure 2.
6. Disconnect spark plug wires from
spark plugs. Pull boots off with a
twisting motion.
Note: the ring gasket will be replaced
with a supplied ring gasket in a later
10. Inspect the exhaust outlet surface
on the cylinder heads and remove any
debris that might prevent the new
manifolds from sealing.
7. Unbolt the exhaust manifolds from
Note: Inspect the gasket and check for
evidence of exhaust leakage. If gasket
is leaking then replace original gasket
before installing the Banks torquetubes.
8. On each side of the engine, unbolt
11. Place a small amount of anti-seize
Note: Disconnecting the steering shaft
at the u-joint bolt may simplify removal
of the exhaust manifold. Draw a line
across the steering shaft (firewall side)
and knuckle u-joint. See Figure 3.
Remove the knuckle u-joint bolt. Make
sure not to swivel the steering shaft nor
knuckle u-joint when disconnected.
12. From under the vehicle, install
the cylinder heads. Save the stainless
steel exhaust manifold gaskets for
the exhaust manifold outlet flange, then
remove exhaust manifolds.
9. Remove the stock ring gasket
attached to the driver side Y-pipe.
96410 v.4.0
compound on the threads of each
of the supplied 12-manifold Flange
hex bolts. When installing the bolts
be careful not to cross thread in the
aluminum threads of the cylinder
the Banks TorqueTubes manifold on
the cylinder heads using the original
gaskets and supplied 8mm flange hex
Note: the gaskets have markings
stamped in them for proper
conical gasket (Banks p/n 93163, GM
p/n 1503-5747) into the TorqueTubes.
See Figure 5.
Retain the TorqueTubes with six (6) of
the supplied 8mm bolts. Torque bolts
to 18 ft-lbs.
15. Reconnect and tighten the outlet
13. If your vehicle is equipped with
flange to the Y-pipe using the supplied
bolt, washer and nut. Torque the
six (6) Y-pipe flange bolts to 35 ft-lbs.
3⁄ 8
air injection and EGR fitting then
locate previously removed hardware
and supplied gaskets. Reconnect air
injection tubes and EGR tube to the
TorqueTubes manifolds. Tighten the air
injection and EGR fitting to 8-10 ft-lbs.
Note: If you have previously
disconnected the steering shaft,
reinstall the knuckle u-joint bolt. make
sure that the knuckle u-joint and the
steering shaft are aligned utilizing
previously drawn line. See Figure 3.
14. Locate the supplied ring gasket
16. Reinstall the dipstick tube.
and conical seal from your kit. Install
the gaskets into the Y-pipe flange
groove. See Figure 4 and Figure 5
for reference.
Note: Some model years do not
have a conical seal on the Y-pipe but
instead utilize a ring gasket for both
Y-pipe flanges.
If the passenger-side Y-pipe flange is
flat, install a ring gasket (Banks p/n
93167, GM p/n 1507-7362) into the
Y-pipe groove. See Figure 4. If the
Y-pipe flange has a flare, install the
Figure 4
For 2009-2010 models only, use the
supplied spacer and 10mm bolt. Install
the bolt through the dipstick tube
bracket then through the spacer and
into the cylinder head.
Note: the spacer and 10mm bolt are
packaged in an individual package.
17. Reconnect spark plug wires.
Note: If previously removed, reinstall
the front left and right wheel liner
using the factory plastic retainer pins.
Figure 5
96410 v.4.0
Figure 6
18. Reconnect the negative (ground)
19. Your system includes two (2)
“Banks Power” logos designed to
complement the vehicles front fenders.
Use the provided measurements for a
clean factory look. See Figure 6.
20. Lower the vehicle. Start the
vehicle and listen for exhaust leaks.
Tighten clamps as necessary. Drive
96410 v.4.0
the vehicle and listen for any leaks
or rattles once normal operating
temperature is reached. Correct as
Note: the vehicle exhaust may smoke
upon initial start-up. this is normal,
as grease used in the tube-bending
process burns off the pipes.
21. The Banks TorqueTubes system is
now complete.
96410 v.4.0
Gale Banks Engineering
546 Duggan Avenue • Azusa, cA 91702
(626) 969-9600 • Fax (626) 334-1743
Product Information & Sales: (888) 635-4565
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