AT-V3 Pro - US Fleet Tracking
The USFT AT-V3 Pro Install Guide
AT-V3 Pro
Thank you for purchasing your new GPS vehicle tracking system!
Installation of your new GPS tracking device couldn’t be easier.
Just follow these simple steps.
Step 1 > Wiring and Installation
We recommend installation of your device by a professional installer.
Please verify that your device is activated prior to installation. When
activating a unit, refer to the device MID# on the underside of the
tracking device. (Reference Image A.)
The AT-V3 Pro requires a standard 3-wire installation to operate effectively.
Please familiarize yourself with the following wire colors and functions.
NOTE: Do not cut the wiring harness to shorten the length of the cable as
this will void the product warranty.
* Red wire
* Black wire
* White wire
Blue wire
Orange wire
Green wire
Brown wire
Yellow wire
Ignition input
Input 1
Input 2
Output 1
Output 2
Output 3
Image A
12 VDC constant
Key (on)
(-) to engage
12 VDC
Honk horn/lock doors
Unlock doors/remote start
* Must be connected for device to work properly.
The red wire (power) should be directly wired to a constant 6V - 32V power source found at the key
source or fuse panel.
The black wire (ground) should be securely fastened to a grounded screw or to chasis ground.
The white wire (ignition) is the ignition event wire that is installed directly to the ignition wire.
Ensure that power to the ignition wire is available ONLY when the vehicle ignition is turned on. All
makes and models of vehicles are different - we recommend you make sure that you know your
particular vehicle’s Constant and Ignition wires and their specific color(s) prior to installation.
The blue and orange wires are input wires. These can be used to monitor PTO activity (Power Take Off)
such as emergency lights, doors opening, flat-bed operation, buckets, etc.
The green, brown, and yellow wires are output wires. These can be used for enabling and disabling the
starter, locking and unlocking doors, honking the horn, etc.
Step 2 > Status LED Lights
After installing the unit, and prior to securing it under the dash area, make
sure the unit has a solid green light and a blinking orange light that goes solid
for 1 second, then repeats the pattern. See the table for troubleshooting when
one or both does not occur. (Reference Image B and Table on Page 2.)
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Image B
The USFT AT-V3 Pro Install Guide
LED 1 (orange)
LED 2 (green)
Modem off
Slow Blink
Cell Search
Slow Blink
Fast Blink
Network Available
Fast Blink
GPS Time Sync
Solid to Fast Blink
Blink, Blink, Blink, Solid
Repeating Pattern
Registered but no
Registered and received
Step 3 > GPS/GSM Antenna
Installation andWiring
The AT-V3 Pro uses an internal antenna for both GPS and GSM
(cellular) signals. The GPS and GSM antennas are located
opposite the cables when viewing unit from the top or bottom.
(Reference image C.)
Our device transmits once every 30 minutes if sitting still, or
once every 5 or 10 seconds (depending on your rate plan) when
the vehicle is moving faster than 4 mph. Driving the vehicle
around the block will assist in its first data transmission.
AT-V3 Pro
The best location is under the dash, above the instrument
cluster with a full view of the sky through the front
windshield. (Reference image D.)
Make sure the device is kept free from direct
exposure to the elements (sun, heat, rain, moisture).
Image C
Ideal Placement of AT-V3 Pro device
Poor location
Ideal location
When installed inside a building, your unit may not
receive a GPS signal or cellular signal.
GPS signals WILL penetrate glass, plastic, foam,
fiberglass, and wood.
GPS signals will NOT penetrate metal.
A good placement of the device will yield a
minimum of 7 satellites.
The device will not transmit data location with
less than 4 satellites in view.
Image D
If you have any questions or encounter any difficulties with this system, please contact our technical support.
Monday through Friday 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. CT and Saturday 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. CT
405.726.9900 | 2912 NW 156th Street | Edmond, Oklahoma 73013 |
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