AC2000 Programmable Charger Control

AC2000 Programmable Charger Control
Programmable Charger Control
Feature-rich control provides
valuable options and insight to
charge information like no other!
s Interchangeable with other compatible
s 30 programming functions
s Store up to 19 items of cycle
information for the last 99 cycles of
charge operation
s Access cycle information without
interrupting the charging operation
s 5 different start modes
s Provides refresh charge, cool down
and energy-saving options
s Prevents thermal runaway
s BID interface
AC2000 provides complete and accurate charge
information at your fingertips
Status LEDs
Equalize Key
Stop Key
Wiring Harness
Unparalleled in the industry, the AC2000 control
offers many outstanding features and options to
take you into the 21st century. The AC2000 utilizes
the latest engineering and electronic technology to
provide the ultimate in charge cycle information. Up
to 30 cycles of charge information is automatically
stored for retrieval. Plus, the control allows review
of current cycle data anytime without affecting
the charging operation. Offering five different start
modes and exciting new features such as refresh
charge, extended run time, high-current shutdown
and much more, the AC2000 is the industry’s
choice for efficient and effective charge control.
Interchangeability ease
The AC2000 control is easily interchangeable with
other compatible controls and requires no tools –
even in older model chargers! Just position the
control and push in two rivets for a secure fit. To
replace the control, simply push on the plungers
located on the rear side of rivets and remove.
One-touch keypad
Resistant to moisture and mechanical shock, the
AC2000’s sealed-membrane keypad allows programming, review and retrieval of charge cycle information. Keys numbered 0 to 9 provide instant access to charge information. Program/Review, Enter,
Up and Down Arrow and combinations of keys allow
for easy customization of the charging process.
When conditions warrant a manual stop, pressing
the red Stop key brings the charging operation to a
halt safely without damaging batteries.
Alphanumeric display
Archive charge cycle data
The AC2000 features an eight-character alphanumeric LED dot matrix display that brightly
illuminates messages and numbers that are
distinguishable from over ten feet away. Through
easy to understand messages, the alphanumeric
display allows viewing of charge status; archive,
programming or review information; fault condition
and operating status.
The AC2000 automatically archives up to 19 items
of charge cycle information for the last 99 cycles of
charge operation. Upon connection of a new battery,
the most recent charge cycle is labeled #1 and all
previous archive data is shifted to the next archive
location (1 to 2, 2 to 3, etc.). Cycle data is accessible in two ways: 1) display up to nineteen items
for the selected cycle or 2) view one data item for
all available cycles. Scroll forward and backward
through archived data, by pressing UP and DOWN
arrow keys.
Selectable display readout
The default feature of the AC2000 continuously
displays the output voltage and current during
the charging operation. Change this display to
ampere-hours returned or time on charge by simply
pressing appropriate keys.
Easy to program
30 functions allow you to program the AC2000
with ease. Before beginning the charging operation,
press the PROGRAM/REVIEW key to scroll through
the menu and select PROGRAM. Simply key in the
function number and press ENTER or use the arrow
keys to scroll to the desired programming function
and key in the desired settings.
Optional security system
The AC2000 can be set to automatically display
a message prompting for a four-digit password
before proceeding with programming alterations.
This optional security system protects control
settings from unauthorized changes.
Charge cycle review
The AC2000 can retrieve and display up to 48 items
of charge data. The Cycle Review key provides
access to specific charge information at any point
during the charge cycle without interrupting the
cycle. With the touch of a button, the following
charge information is displayed for review:
1. Ampere-hours returned to the battery
2. Total time on charge (in hours and minutes)
3. 80% to charge complete (in hours and minutes)
4. Battery open circuit voltage
5. Start current
6. Start voltage (per cell)
7. Finish current
8. Finish voltage (per cell)
9. Charge termination code
Program the AC2000 to start the charge cycle at a
predetermined time of day. Time-of-day start enhances
charging schedules plus helps to reduce utility rates when
programmed to begin the charging operation during offpeak hours.
Delayed start
Program the AC2000 to delay the start of charge for up to
24 hours. With the selection of delayed start and upon connection of a battery, the delay time appears on the digital
display and counts down, in one minute intervals, until it
reaches zero at which time charging will start. Use delayed
start for battery cool-down before recharging to increase
battery efficiency and extend battery life. Program different
delay times to stagger-start charging of batteries to ease
high-peak energy demands.
Time-of-day blockout
PT/DV/DT Charge Termination
The AC2000 utilizes our patented charge
termination technique, DV/DT, or rate of
change of battery voltage with respect to
time, with proportional time (PT) to
determine when to terminate a charge
cycle. The length of time it takes the battery
to reach the 80% charged point determines
the sampling rate. This termination method
ensures a precise charge every time, never
under or over charging, even on lightly
discharged batteries. This technique used in
conjunction with the tapered curve of the
ferroresonant chargers, ensures that the
rate of change for both battery voltage and
Should the user prefer a voltage/time charge
current always provides an efficient and
termination, the AC1000 can be set for this
accurate termination of charge.
popular termination method through available
programming options.
Time-of-day start
The AC2000 can be programmed to blockout a predetermined amount of time during the course of the day. The
charger will turn off at the beginning of blockout and resume charging at the end of the blockout period. Use timeof-day blockout to efficiently save on energy costs, prevent
unnecessary charging that may inadvertently result due to
operator lunch or break periods, or for battery cool-down.
power. A lithium battery and a microcomputer
chip combine to ensure proper program maintenance, eliminating the need to reprogram when
power is resumed.
Automatic start operation
High-current shutdown
Five seconds after the battery is connected, the AC2000
will automatically begin the charging operation, eliminating
the need for timers or dials to be set. This delay provides
time to check for proper battery connection before the
charge cycle begins.
Manual start is also available. The display will read “Enter
to Start” and not start the charge operation until the ENTER
key is pressed.
By monitoring both the output current and
voltage throughout the entire charge cycle, the
AC2000 will recognize a battery in thermal
runaway and shut down the charger, preventing
damage to the battery.
Charge status at a glance
Bright LEDs illuminate when a charge is in progress, the
battery is 80% charged, the charging operation is complete
and the battery is on an equalize cycle. At a glance, know
exactly which phase of the charging operation is taking
place. Fault conditions are easily detected through the
simultaneous flashing of LEDs, plus the AC2000 will display
a message to indicate the fault condition.
Cool down option
The AC2000 can be programmed to delay
illumination of the “Charge Complete” LED until
after a specified cool down time has elapsed.
Adjustable from 0-8 hours, this efficient feature
helps to prevent battery overheating and extend
battery life.
Refresh charge
An equalize charge of three hours beyond a normal DV/
DT charge termination can be selected manually or
automatically. Automatic equalization can be programmed
by day of week or by number of charge cycles from 0 to
30. When the automatic equalize function is selected, the
manual push-button is disabled to prevent unnecessary
equalize charges.
Featuring an adjustable 8 to 99 hour refresh
charge timer, the AC2000 can be used to
provide a refresh charge to stored batteries to
replace normal losses associated with storage.
Similarly, in situations where it is anticipated
that the battery and charger will be left connected for a period of time after charging – for
instance, in the event of a long weekend or a
week-long company shutdown – the AC2000
can be programmed to automatically provide a
refresh charge to ensure a fully charged battery
when you need it.
New battery recognition after AC fail
Extended run time
After an AC fail during the battery charging process,
charging will resume provided there has not been a battery
change. If a change occurred, the AC2000 will recognize
the presence of a “new” battery and begin a new charge
In severe battery applications such as cold storage, the AC2000 can be programmed to extend
charge time for up to one additional hour past
normal termination.
Program and data retention
The circuitry for communication with the BID
module is included on the AC2000. This can
add valuable battery specific information to the
control archive records.
Automatic or manual equalize
The AC2000 will retain all programming and archive data
for a minimum of ten years, even in the event of loss of AC
BID interface
One control for 6, 12, 18, 24,
or 36 cell batteries with 100,
200, or 400 ampere full-scale
digital ammeter
Located on the AC2000’s printed circuit board
are ten dip switches that allow you to customize
the charging operation. The AC2000 can be set
to charge 6, 12, 18, 24, 36 or optional cell size
batteries with either a 100A, 200A or 400A fullscale digital ammeter by simply selecting the
appropriate cell and ammeter sizes. (Note: on
the control, as in the above diagram, there is no
dip switch for selection of the 200A ammeter;
however, this is easily set by opening both 100A
and 400A dip switches.) OPT CELLS allows you
to charge batteries of other cell sizes, between
6 and 40, not listed.
When security is an issue, close the
Programming Password Enable dip switch to
allow the AC2000 to display a message that
prompts for a password before programming
changes can be made. Close the Approval
Delay Disable dip switch to prevent approval
delays that routinely occur when the AC2000
is part of a CDAC system.
AC2000 Dip Switches
Quality is the driving force behind
our products. Engineered to be the
best, our chargers and controls are
designed to meet the many challenges
associated with charging batteries. We
remain strong in our commitment to
produce quality chargers and controls
that serve to meet customer charging
needs as can be evidenced through our
impressive line of products. Plus, we
design our products to provide operating
features that allow the customer to
charge effectively and economically.
Customers especially benefit from
start options that allow charging during
off-peak hours to reduce energy costs.
All our products are expertly assembled
and subject to intensive quality control
and test procedures before shipment to
the customer to ensure many years of
trouble-free and energy-saving service.
Quality-built for years of trouble-free
and energy-saving service
Advanced technology simplifies fleet management
Turn your fleet of battery chargers into an efficient fleet management system
with the AC2000 control and CDAC, our Charger Data Acquisition and Control
system. Through the addition of an optional expansion board, the AC2000-EXP,
the control is able to interface with CDAC to provide system operators with
real-time access to battery charging status and warnings whenever abnormal
conditions occur. This efficient system allows maximum equipment utilization
and extends individual battery life. Available in RS-422 communication format,
the AC2000-EXP can be added to any AC2000, regardless of date of purchase.
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Data Link
View charge information on your
computer screen. With our Data Link,
you can easily download accumulated
charge data from the AC2000 to
your computer. Review information
associated with a particular cycle or
from the last 30 cycles of charge.
Data information can also be
converted into a text file for import
into a spreadsheet program.
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to change without notice. ©2009, AMETEK, Inc. Prestolite Power, Troy,
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Print Kit
When you simply want to print out
charge cycle data, use the Print Kit.
It allows you to download charge data
from the AC2000 control to a
compatible printer.
For more information about
CDAC, Data Link or Print Kit,
ask your local distributor.
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