Quick Start Guide

Quick Start Guide
 Quick Start Guide Thank you for purchasing the Wheel Witness HD PRO! Please refer to this guide for “plug & play” operation! Detailed instructions are available at: http://www.wheelwitness.com/userguide ©2014 WheelWitness Inc. 1. Install microSD Card into the card slot. (If you have trouble use a penny to push it in.) 2. Remove protection tape from the Fixed Plate and install Plate on the Windshield Glass. (We recommend you clean installation area with rubbing alcohol). 3. Slide Camera to the Fixed Plate and adjust proper vertical and horizontal positions. 4. Connect Power cord to the DC IN Camera power socket. 5. Connect Power cord into the cigarette lighter socket in your car & start the vehicle. 1.
Menu Button
OK / Manual Record Button
Mode / Down Button
EV / Up Button
microSD Card Slot
System Reset Button
GPS Port (optional, available for sale separately)
Red Light Indicator – Power / Charging
Blue Light Indicator – Recording
Green Light Indicator – GPS (optional)
170° Wide Angle Lens
DC IN – Power Port
USB Port
Power Button
Menu Operation Setting Date & Time Press “MENU” button active the Menu selection,
“OK” button enter sub-menu and confirm selection
left and right or up and down button to select the
MENU Button [Date & Time] select Year, Month,
Day, Hour, Minute
Press [OK] to enter setting.
Automatic Record: The HD PRO is automatically configured to start recording anytime the power is received through the cigarette lighter plug. The camera will shutoff a few seconds after power is turned off. It is set to automatically loop the SD card as well. The oldest file will be automatically overwritten with the newest once the SD card is full. (Default setting, can be changed in menu.) In Case of Emergency: The WheelWitness HD PRO is equipped with a built-­‐in battery. In case of emergency, and in the event of a power loss, this will ensure the camera finishes recording the file and does not corrupt the SD card. In the event of an accident, or some other case – the quickest and easiest way to ensure you save the file is to power down the camera by disconnecting the power cord. The camera will shut off after a few seconds. The SD card can then be viewed with the supplier USB memory card adapter. 
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