tecline led light us-40

tecline led light us-40
\Technical specifications:
● Light source: CREE LED XM L2,4 PCS
● Color temperature :6000K to 7000K
● Beam Angle: 15 °
● Output brightness :4000 Lumens *
● Batteries: Lithium ion battery pack
● Run time:(100%)120 minutes/(50%) 240 minutes/ (15%) 800 minutes
● Dimensions : head ø 65.5x97mm/ canister ø 51x190mm/ Cable length 1150mm
● Weight (without battery) 1.5KG
● Operation temperature -20 ° C~50 ° C
● Bulb life: 50,000 hours
Switch Instructions:
Press head switch button to select different output for 2 seconds. Press switch button for 2 seconds to turn the light
Test description:
Note: The light output and runtime can be tested with fully charged new batteries and maximum brightness.
Testing data is average data. Due to the differences between new or old battery, individual performance may vary by +/-15%.
Performance and characteristics:
1.Made of high quality aluminum alloy. Thickened, anodized housing, durable, corrosion-resistant.
2.Cree high efficiency LED bulbs, compact light source, strong and uniform beam.
3.High/medium/low output to accommodate different divers’ needs.
Low Power Warning
⊙When the voltage drops to protect value, you should switch to the flash mode. If the voltage continues
dropping, the light should be switched off. The batteries should be charged again to avoid over discharging
which could result in damaging them.
⊙Power supply with 18650 rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack.
⊙The light is consistent with the production process of environmental protection of most countries,100% recycled materials and
energy -saving light sources, friendly to the environment.
Please read the following instructions carefully
! Warning
• Do not look directly at the light source; do not direct the light to the other person's
• Avoid using the lamp in hot environment for a long time - such as using it outside water. Overheating the light may result in
damage to the LED chip.
• Do not open the battery canister in the water. Any damages caused by the user and resulting from flooding the light are not covere
Maintenance and storage
• The battery canister should be opened in clean place so that any dust or water does not get inside it.
• Storage environment: Avoid dirty, dusty environment, high temperature and freezing conditions.
• The battery maintenance: If the lamp is not used for a long time, user should discharge and charge the battery again at least once
• O-rings: Before using the lamp after a long break, user should check whether the O- rings are in the proper place or
missing; whether grease is dry, whether there is any debris around the O-rings.
• The O-rings should be replaced every year.
• Carefully clean the O-rings if you notice any debris around them. Be careful not to scratch the O-rings. Place them back in the plac
paying attention that they do not roll.
• Put the wasted batteries and lamps to the appropriate collection place to help protecting the environment and renewable resources
Product is covered by warranty for 2 years.
Product warranty and technical services should be provided by qualified service
The warranty does not include:
* Lost.
* Man made
* Damages resulting from improper use of the product (dropping, shaking,
* Wear from normal use.
* Damages resulting from sun, heat or corrosive
* Damages resulting from overheating.
* Damages resulting from improper maintenance, repairs made by the owner, negligence or
damages caused by accidents.
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