GameBoy Original Battery Pack Replacement
GameBoy Original Battery Pack Replacement Battery Installation Guide
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GameBoy Original Battery Pack Replacement Battery Installation Guide
Thank you for your purchase of a GameBoy Original battery pack replacement battery from Nintendo
Repair Hut. We appreciate your business and look forward to serving you again in the future. This guide
is intended to take you through the steps involved in the installation of your replacement battery pack.
If you have questions at any time during the installation process please don’t hesitate to contact us at
[email protected]
Thing you will need
600mAh 4.8V NiMH rechargeable battery pack
4.5mm Nutsetter security screw bit
Soldering iron
Soldering braid
A clean work area where small parts will not get lost.
About 25-30 minutes of spare time
Please Read
Before getting started there are several critical safety things to cover. Please do not skip this section of
the guide.
1) Never touch the bare ends of the leads on the battery pack together! This will lead to a short
leading to and not limited to combustion of the unit and or combustion of anything flammable
around the unit or the leads. Trust us since we actually burnt up a unit and caught a flammable
item on fire because of our carelessness. It is very easy to do, so please use extreme caution.
2) The solder fumes are toxic to inhale. It is recommended that you use a fume hood when
soldering or at the very least perform the work in a well-ventilated area.
3) Okay enough with the safety spiel, let’s get to work.
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GameBoy Original Battery Pack Replacement Battery Installation Guide
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Getting started:
If you have a fair amount of soldering knowledge it is safe to skip ahead to step one, otherwise it is
recommend that you read the following how to solder guide, which will discuss the soldering techniques
you will need to successfully replace your battery pack.
Soldering Techniques:
In order to solder and unsolder correctly you will need a soldering iron, solder and soldering braid. Once
you have these items it is safe to proceed forward. For the duration of this project it is not recommend
that you use a cold heat or any other instantaneous heating soldering gun, since these guns use an
electrical current to melt the solder. Passing a strong electrical current through your games is not
recommended and as such should be avoided. We recommend that you use a typical soldering gun, the
type that you have to plug in and wait to heat up. In addition it is recommended that you set your
soldering iron to 30watts for the duration of this project.
Correctly unsoldering a joint is rather easy once you get the hang of it. In order to unsolder a joint place
soldering braid over the solder you wish to remove and then place the soldering iron over the soldering
braid. The soldering iron will heat the braid and in turn the solder will liquefy, which will be sucked up by
the braid. Please see picture below.
This is the inside of a Super Nintendo game cartridge.
braid is
placed over
the solder
you want to
Picture Introduction: Proper usage of soldering braid
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The soldering iron is
placed over the
soldering braid
GameBoy Original Battery Pack Replacement Battery Installation Guide
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Although it might take a little while to completely remove all of the solder, patience and persistence will
pay off in this case. Every 10-15 seconds remove the soldering braid and check to see if the solder have
been fully removed. As the soldering braid accumulated solder you should periodically cut off the used
portion and use fresh solder.
Now that the solder has been removed you can now remove the object that the solder was holding in
place and you are now ready to solder something new into place. For the purposes of this project it is
safe to use a generous amount of solder, though this is not always the case with most soldering projects.
The two most important things to keep in mind are:
1) Never allow patches of solder to overlap or touch, doing so creates a short, thereby rendering the
circuit inoperable.
2) Make sure to use enough solder to securely attach whatever it is you are soldering, do not be afraid
to test the joint out.
Keeping these items in mind lets continue with our demonstration. This part of the project is pretty easy
once you get used to doing it. All you have to do is take your solder and place it over the soldering joint
and then lightly place the soldering iron over the solder. This is just like unsoldering, although this time
you are soldering and not unsoldering. This part is a little tricky when you first start and is hard to
describe with words alone.
It is recommended that you test out melting solder first to get an idea of how it behaves. One ideal
exercise you might want to try is to attempt to solder together two pieces of wire. Take two pieces of
wire, strip the ends, twist the ends together and then practice applying solder over this twisted joint.
During the course of this project if you run into trouble remember you can always back track and
remove the solder and try again, using the soldering braid. Soldering braid and solder are very cheap
and as such are worth playing around with to get comfortable with before you go ahead and try to
solder in a replacement battery. Now that we have covered the basics of soldering and unsoldering, let’s
get started with the replacement of that battery pack.
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GameBoy Original Battery Pack Replacement Battery Installation Guide
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Step One:
To start please locate the four 4.5mm security screw bits that are holding the unit together as seen in
picture one below.
4.5mm Nutsetter security screws
Picture One: Locating and removing the security screws
Once located please unscrew them using a 4.5mm Nutsetter bit or driver. Once the screws are removed
please separate the two halves of the unit and proceed to step two.
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GameBoy Original Battery Pack Replacement Battery Installation Guide
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Step Two:
Now that the unit is open it should look like picture two below.
Picture Two: Inside of the GameBoy Original battery pack
Grasp the yellow battery pack and remove it from the inside casing. The foam tape holding it in place is
quite strong so some brute force strength might be needed. Once it is removed proceed to remove the
circuit board and well so that everything is separated from the front casing.
Once everything is dissembled please proceed to step three.
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GameBoy Original Battery Pack Replacement Battery Installation Guide
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Step Three:
Now that we have access to the circuit board it is time to familiarize yourself with the layout of the
circuit board. Please see picture three below.
Negative lead of the
battery pack
1ohm fusible resistor
Positive lead of the
battery pack
Picture Three: Circuit board awareness
As seen in picture three above the two leads of the battery pack are identified and the 1ohm fusible
resistor is also noted. Once you are familiar with the layout of the circuit board please proceed to step
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GameBoy Original Battery Pack Replacement Battery Installation Guide
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Step Four
Using the skill discussed at the beginning of this guide please unsolder the battery leads from the circuit
board. One recommended strategy is shown below in picture four.
Picture Four: Soldering braid properly used
Placing the soldering braid over the solder joint heat the joint with the soldering iron and the braid will
suck up the solder. Once enough solder has been removed apply traction on the battery lead pulling it
away from the circuit board to help facilitate its release. Once the terminals are removed please also
unsolder the one ohm fusible resistor if it needs to be replaced.
Once everything is unsoldered please proceed to solder the replacement battery pack leads and fusible
resistor. It is important to make sure that the negative battery pack lead (black lead) is soldered to the
negative terminal on the circuit board and vice versa. In regards to the fusible resistor it does not have a
positive or negative terminal as it is bidirectional.
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GameBoy Original Battery Pack Replacement Battery Installation Guide
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Step Four Continued:
Once everything is soldered back in place please reassemble your system. If the battery pack is moving
about you can use tape to hold it in place such as electrical tape. Before using your battery pack please
charge the unit by plugging it into the wall. The unit will be charged in 45minutes to 1hr’s time and
should provide about 8-10hrs of continuous gameplay.
Please enjoy your battery pack. If you find that something is not working correctly after you have
finished the installation of your replacement battery pack please see our troubleshooting section at the
end of this guide.
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GameBoy Original Battery Pack Replacement Battery Installation Guide
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Troubleshooting Section
We are sorry to hear that everything is not working correctly after the installation of the replacement
battery pack. Please select the problem most similar to the one you are experiencing. You can also
contact us for assistance at [email protected]
1) My battery pack does not provide power to the system
a. Please start off by taking out your voltmeter and checking the output cable on the
battery pack for a charge. It should register a 4.0-5.0 DC voltage.
b. If you voltmeter shows a voltage please test out the power port on the GameBoy system
by using a GameBoy Original power adapter. If you don’t have one please open the
system and check out the port itself for any soldering issues.
c. If the voltmeter shows no voltage please open the battery pack and make sure the
battery pack leads are soldered to the right terminals (Positive to positive and negative
to negative). Also try replacing the fusible resistor if you haven’t already.
d. If the battery pack’s leads are properly soldered in place and the fusible resistor has
been replaced it is possible there is a shortage in the wire that inserts into the power
port on the GameBoy. Use your voltmeter to see if there is a shortage by switching to
the ohm setting. If the wire is bad we sell replacements.
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