How do I use the Smart Interactive Whiteboard in the Hugh

How do I use the Smart Interactive Whiteboard in the Hugh
How do I use the Smart Interactive
Whiteboard in the Hugh Owen C22?
Smart interactive whiteboards have touch-sensitive surfaces that may be used to access and control
computer applications.
To use a Smart interactive whiteboard:
Turn the projector and computer on and log onto the computer as usual
Check the Smart board is on. The light on the lower right-hand side of the interactive
whiteboard should be green. If the light is red there is power but no communication
between the whiteboard and the computer.
Touch the whiteboard or use a tool from the tool tray on the front of the board.
The tools may be used to:
Annotate and highlight information projected onto the board.
o Pens from the tool tray may be used to write on the whiteboard. The curser
disappears when a pen is picked up and reappears when the pen is returned to the
pen tray. If the pen is returned without saving the annotations, any changes will
disappear the next time the screen is touched.
Note: The interactive whiteboard recognises the last tool removed from pen tray, so if a
pen is held when the eraser is picked up, the board assumes that the erase function is
Access and control computer applications by:
o Tapping the whiteboard twice for a double click.
o Pressing the right mouse button on the pen tray and then tapping where you want
to right-click for a right click.
The telephone in the room connects automatically to the IS Workshop after 5 seconds. Wait
to be connected and explain you are in a teaching room and require assistance.
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