Dim Some

Dim Some
Dim Some...
with the SkyVault Daylight Dimmer
...Then Dim Some More
We’re not talking about Chinese food here. We’re talking about the ability to control daylighting
in BIG spaces.
Dim some for an afternoon playoff game. Dim some more for a matinee theater production. Or don’t dim at all
for a trade show. The new Solatube® SkyVault® Daylight Dimmer can adjust daylight levels from brightly lit to
lightly shaded to near blackout in just seconds.
Whatever experience you want to create, the SkyVault Dimmer gives you the control
to make it happen.
Create the Experience
Daylighting big spaces requires two things:
massive amounts of natural light and the ability to precisely control it. Lack of user control has kept daylighting out
of consideration for auditoriums, convention centers, and sports venues.
Not anymore. The Solatube SkyVault Series with Daylight Dimmer is the first viable option for illuminating these spaces
with pure, natural light—and for controlling it as easily and effectively as electric lighting.
Not just the bare minimum of control either. With full 0-10V digital lighting control interface capability, you have power over light,
dark, and everything in between.
Bright daylighting for a trade show? Sure. Near blackout for a concert? Absolutely. Spotlight on the court? You
bet. You can control the scene to create any experience you want.
A Bigger, Better,
Faster Dimmer
The SkyVault Dimmer gives you the best of daylighting when you want it,
and the option to dim it or turn it off completely when you don’t.
The dimmer’s butterfly baffle design features Solatube Spectralight® Infinity material for maximum
light transfer when it’s wide open, and a smooth, flare-free transition to dark as it closes.
It all happens in just seconds, so you can control daylight in big spaces quickly and easily.
Integrated for Better Design
It takes more than a few carefully placed lights to truly design a space. This is why the new
SkyVault Dimmer features an open architecture control system. It can be fully integrated
into virtually any 0-10V digital lighting control system, working both in conjunction with and
separately from electrical lighting.
When installed independently of a lighting control system, the SkyVault Dimmer provides
fast, efficient transition from completely light to completely dark, without the
option of partial dimming. And you’ll have complete flexibility to choose a switch that
best fits your design.
Array of Sunshine
From 0 to 10
in 5.5 Seconds
There’s strength in numbers. With the SkyVault Dimmer, up to eight units can be wired
together on a single 24V transformer. They’ll open and close simultaneously for
synchronous lighting throughout the space.
Up to six transformers can be controlled on a single controlled circuit array, which
The first and only dimmer of its kind with built-in 0-10V
means that just one controller or switch operates up to 48 dimmers.
digital lighting control interface capability, the SkyVault
Dimmer lets you adjust daylight levels from 100% to
0.5% of daylight output. Operating 42% faster than previous Solatube dimmers, the SkyVault Dimmer sets new
speed records. It goes from wide open to closed in just
5.5 seconds. Which doesn’t even leave enough time to
say, “Ladies and gentlemen, the show is about to begin.”
You can also use different arrays for diverse lighting effects. In a sports arena, for instance,
you can bring in bright daylight during pre-game to help fans find their seats. Then at game
time, dim daylighting over spectator seating while another array illuminates the court.
The SkyVault Dimmer offers the same level of design flexibility as electric lighting . . .
using significantly less electricity and producing a better quality of light.
It’s Showtime
When precisely controlled, daylighting in big spaces can make an
event truly unforgettable. So whether your customers want to
dim some—or dim a lot—the SkyVault Dimmer has it covered.
Installation Information
The SkyVault Dimmer installs between two 12-inch transition tubes in
the SkyVault Core System, just above the Prismatic Diffuser or Amplifier.
It operates on a standard 24V low voltage AC circuit, eliminating the
need to run conduit for most applications.
For questions, contact your Solatube Account Manager.
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