Sony BZSQ-Z7V Datasheet
Ziris Application Suite
Ziris 7 is a full-featured digital signage system for
large and small screen networks.
Ziris 7 is Sony’s enterprise-strength digital signage
software, designed to exploit the full potential of digital signage today, and optimise it for ease of use.
Within the suite, specialised modules link together,
co-operating to create an ideal environment for making, delivering and displaying eye-catching digital signage content.
Ziris Create 7 is the creative core of the Ziris 7 ecosystem, featuring an intuitive interface that works
across a wide range of visually stimulating media.
Ziris Manage 7 monitors the Ziris network, with an
easy-to-navigate, tree-like representation of players
and their connections. The system generates alerts if
there are performance issues, and users can ‘zoom-in’
on individual devices for detailed management.
Ziris Edge 7 and Ziris Transfer 7 add scalability and
flexibility to Ziris networks by managing heavy workloads and bringing dependable performance to difficult or challenging network conditions.
Ziris View 7 is Ziris’s player software. Supported by
Windows 7® PCs, it receives, stores and outputs captivating content made in Ziris Create 7 to a connected
screen. Fluent in a wide range of media types, and
designed with robust performance in mind, Ziris View
7 completes the seamless end-to-end Ziris experience. Digital Signage is an increasingly important
channel for communication and marketing in public
spaces. Every aspect of the Ziris 7 Application Suite is
sharply focused on creating and delivering the most
vibrant, colourful and attention-grabbing visual communication possible: today, tomorrow and in the
End-to-end Sony solution
Ziris 7 is an integrated hardware and software digital
signage system from Sony. Each component in the
Ziris 7 Suite is designed to work in collaboration with
the other parts, and to perform specific, specialised
tasks. Having an end-to-end integrated solution from
a single manufacturer means that the system works
better as a whole, is well supported now, and with future developments.
Full HD resolution
HD screens are now cost-effective and are perfect for
digital signage, as they provide a superb image from
a distance and close-up. Ziris 7 makes full use of this
by working with pristine HD video and high-quality
Ten layer compositions
Sony’s intuitive timeline-based interface is ideal for
creating simple or complex screen compositions. For
novel and sophisticated screen layouts, Ziris 7
provides multiple graphics layers for creating innovative compositions. With Ziris 7, there are always
enough layers to match your creative demands.
Metadata-driven content delivery
Ziris 7 can save time and organisational effort by
automatically delivering specific content to designated
sites. This can work at any level within a Ziris composition - even down to individual objects of a
‘slideshow’. This capability is ideal for inserting localised content within a national campaign.
Works over any network topology
Ziris 7 will work effectively on any type of network. It
can even work with sometimes difficult or unreliable
connections like 3G. Ziris 7 has been designed to
make the best use of whatever kind of network you
Extreme ease of use
Ziris 7 been completely re-engineered with a new,
unified interface and a streamlined workflow for content creators and administrators. Designed to be intuitive as familiar office software, it’s now easier than
ever to create and display world-class content with
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