City of Elmhurst - Sidewalk Café Permit Application

City of Elmhurst - Sidewalk Café Permit Application
City of Elmhurst - Sidewalk Café Permit Application
$100.00 Fee/Year
Date of Application:
Establishment Name:
Establishment Address:
Elmhurst, IL 60126
Phone Number:
Number of Tables Requested:
Number of Chairs Requested:
Any Additional Related Items:
Dates that you would like to operate or maintain a
Sidewalk Café (Café Season Runs: April 1 – November 30*):
* The City Manager may extend or reduce the term of sidewalk café permits issued in a calendar year if, in the City Manager's discretion,
the extension or reduction of such term is in the public interest. Please contact Administration (630)530-3010 for more information.
• Applications take up to ten (10) business days for approval. Sidewalk Cafes may not be set-up until approval is granted.
• Attach evidence of general liability insurance with limits of not less than $1,000,000 listing the City of Elmhurst as Certificate
• Attach diagram of Sidewalk Café including a 60” pedestrian walk-way which must be maintained. The attached diagram is a
typical café style to use as a model. Pedestrian area cannot encroach on the tree grate. Layout is subject to review and
• When a fence is provided to enclose the sidewalk café tables, drilling and bolting into the concrete sidewalk or concrete pavers is
STRICTLY PROHIBITED. All fences shall be of a self-supporting design so that the supporting columns or posts are on bases which
are not secured to the pavement and do not damage the pavement. The City will invoice the responsible party for ANY damage
to City property, including staining.
• Banners of any sort are NOT PERMITTED to be displayed on the fence of a Sidewalk Café. A separate permit is required for any
temporary banner that you wish to put on view. Please contact the Zoning Administrator at (630) 530-3100 for information on
hanging banners outside of your restaurant.
• Please note, sidewalk cafes are an extension of your existing establishment therefore NO SMOKING will be allowed in the
sidewalk café area regardless of how many feet tables are from the entrance.
For Office Use Only
Date Received:
Valid Dates:
Number of tables approved:
Number of chairs approved:
Insurance Information:
Liquor Establishment:
Building Commissioner Approval:
City Manager Approval:
Liquor Commissioner Approval: (if needed)
City of Elmhurst
Sidewalk Café – Layout Guidelines
Building Line
30” Table
30” Table
30” Table
Utility Area – Light Poles, Grating, Hydrants and Signage
Fireadmin/kopp/sidewalk café layout.ppt
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