Setting Instruction Poljot Alarm Thank you for purchasing an original

Setting Instruction Poljot Alarm Thank you for purchasing an original
Setting Instruction Poljot Alarm
Thank you for purchasing an original ZENO Timekeeper. To ensure correct use, please
read these instructions carefully:
Have you got a problem with your watch?
Your nearest ZENO Represent is usually the best place to contact for help, and it should certainly be the first.
Time (A - Lower Crown)
position in
Standard position
Winding up the watch movement
(clockwise ! only)
position out
Setting hour and minute hands
Alarm (B -Upper Crown)
position in
Winding the alarm device
Standard position - Alarm off
position out
Alarm is activated - Alarm on
Set the Alarm
Please contact first your ZENO dealer and ask for a Service-Centre in your country.
(You will find the address of your dealer in the guarantee certificate)
In case there is no Service-Centre in your country, please send the watch back to your dealer or to
the worldwide Service-Centre:
Service-Centre - P.O. Box
CH-4013 Basel (Switzerland)
Please send your watch, carefully packed, together with $ 15.0 in cash (to cover return postage and handling
charges), the guarantee certificate, completed with your correct name and return address.
For costume reasons please declare the goods to be R E P A I R E D !!!
Repairs without original and signed international ZENO guarantee certificate or after the guarantee period will
be charged. Owner will be charged for postage, insurance and such coasts as may be incurred outside the
normal repair costs under the guarantee. For those customers requiring their watches to be repaired in
countries other than those where the purchase was originally made, repair services are available though it is
to be acknowledged that it might take somewhat longer than normal.
Pull out crown B. Set the alarm time (counter-clockwise
" only). Pull back crown B. Alarm is activated.
To shut off the alarm, pull crown B to position 2.
Our service is, of course, also available after the guarantee period has expired for repair and maintenance
work against an appropriate charge. Sometimes it is cheaper to contact first a qualified watchmaker in your
area. (He must have experience with Swiss Watches!) Please ask your watchmaker for a free estimate!
Mechanical hand winding movement with alarm and
sweep seconds, 18 jewels, shock-resistant, anti-magnetic,
18’000 vibrations per hour
Please note that ZENO only ensures full warranty when the ZENO watch is bought directly from one of the
authorized dealers. The warranty certificate must be properly stamped, signed with the dealers name and
show the exact date of purchase.
Only authorized ZENO retailer or other authorized Service Centers are qualified to ensure proper after-sales
service and are authorized to provide the warranty services in accordance to ZENO quality standards.
Be sure to use the watch with the crown pressed in (standard position). Do not operate the crown with wet
fingers or when the watch is wet. Water may enter the watch and compromise water resistance. If moisture
has entered the watch, or it the inside to the crystal is fogged up and does not become clear within a day, or
seawater enters the watch, immediately the watch to a Zeno Service Centre for repair. Leaving the watch in
such a state will allow corrosion to form inside. Keep you watch clean. Dust and dirt tend to collect in gaps in
the back of the case or band. Accumulated dust and dirt may cause corrosion and soil your clothing. Clean the
watch occasionally. Use a soft dry cloth to wipe off dirt, perspiration and water from the case and crystal. Do
not use the watch in places where it is exposed to high temperature. Doing so may result in deterioration of
the watch or parts. Do not place the watch to a magnet. Timekeeping will become inaccurate. Store your
watch in a dry place. For further information see guarantee card!
Please be sure to check the ZENO-WATCH web site for the latest listing of
World Wide Service Centres at
The water resistance is only guaranteed if the watch is declare by "waterproof" and the watch has not been
subjected to severe shocks, the crystal and crown are not damaged, and the instructions have been carefully
In case you watch needs to be repaired or to raise claims under a guarantee,
please contact the point of sales.
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