Invisible Drop Cable
Corning® ClearCurve®
Invisible Drop Cable
Corning Offers Innovative Solution for FTTH Development
Corning® ClearCurve® invisible drop cable is an innovative micro drop cable solution that allows service providers to bring
FTTH service to existing living units/offices in a faster and easier fashion. Invisible Drop reduces a carrier’s installation
costs and minimises the disruption and aesthetic dissatisfaction often associated with retrofitting service cables in
existing living units.
Invisible, Fast, Simple.
The zero-bend-loss (ZBL) fibre and corner clips
Conventional Cable
Invisible Drop Cable
Edge corner clip
Plate corner clip
Inside corner
Epoxy glue or straight clip
Inside corner
Outside corner
Plate corner clip
Invisible Drop Cable
• 900 μm round type
• Corning® ClearCurve® zerobend-loss (ZBL) optical fibre
• Transparent colour
• Hard and resilient buffer
• Environmentally and
mechanically stable
Epoxy Glue
• Material hardens naturally
• Supporting adhesion of cable on surface
• Flame-retardant
Corner Clip
• Plastic (flame-retardant)
• Double sided adhesive tape
• Transparent colour
• Grip cable
• Cable can be side in/out
Invisible Solution, Visible Value
Invisible drop consists of a new 900 μm drop cable with ZBL fibre (compatible with G.657.B3 and G.657.A2), the most
advanced bend-resistant fibre. The translucent cable is easily attached to a variety of wall surfaces using two types of
simple and discrete corner clips. The pathway management tool kit provided with invisible drop includes a variety of these
clips along with a small tube of specially formulated epoxy which can be applied at discrete points along the cable or
smeared like painters caulk. This results in a truly invisible installation that may be painted by the homeowner if desired.
Virtually Invisible Installation
Invisible drop is the best solution to
fulfill occupants’ expectation with
minimum impact on interior design
Almost Everywhere Installation
Invisible drop can be installed in
various surfaces of wall such as wood
moulding, sheet rock, concrete board,
plastic, etc.
Cost Innovation
Invisible drop provides low
maintaining/installation cost due to
pathway management tool kit with
simple and long-lasting installation
Easy-to-Install by One Person
Invisible drop can be installed faster
and easier by one person using
pathway management tool kit
Guaranteed Performance
Invisible drop provides high
performance with ZBL fibre and
pathway management tool kit
Invisible drop fully complies with
Restriction of Hazardous Substances
Directive (RoHS)
What are the recommended
installation conditions?
Would the interior design remain
seamless after the installation?
Invisible drop can be installed almost EVERYWHERE. With
its strong adhesive performances, corner clips are able to
easily stick to most surfaces including wood, sheetrock,
concrete, and plastic while maintaining its adhesiveness.
When looking closely at invisible drop installation, the
surfaces and corners are very neat without any traces of
installation since the cables are thin and transparent. Also,
no traces can be found either when wallpaper is applied.
The cable fits easily inside mouldings and can also be
neatly installed down the edges of bookcases or furniture.
It is possible to install the cable in various ways.
Yes. As the name implies, invisible drop blends into any wall
surface (painted or not), making it nearly unnoticeable to
the untrained eye. This solution eliminates the need for
drilling and fishing cables which is often expensive and
time consuming for carriers. In addition, invisible drop does
not require any mechanical fasteners which may damage
the interior finish of the living unit.
Need more details?
Visit the ZBL fibre specification sheet:
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