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The new VMS LM Deluxe Laminator has been specially designed with rigidly built rollers for precision drive
control. It is compatible with most types of laminating pouch films. This laminator is suitable for both hot and
cold functions with forward and reverse operations. The laminated item remains completely flat and is resistant
to water, fading and abrasions.
« Sturdy and durable construction * Silent and efficient drive systems
* Easy, reliable and economical operation * Wide temperature adaptability
* Advance and retreat functions * Integrated chip output
Laminator Parts
Control panel
1. Body 3. Film Insert 5. Power Light Indicator 7. Forward — Reverse Switch
2. Top cover 4. Temperature Adjustment 6. Operation on Indicator 8. Hot - Power Off - Cold Switch
1. Connect the machine to the power supply (230V-50Hz).
2. Turn on the power on by switching to HOT position (8) — the power light indicator will turn red (5). The roller
will start to heat up and the operation light will turn green (6).
3. The temperature can be set (4) according to the pouch film thickness (See the table for indicative
temperature settings).
4. If the film thickness is not known, make a test run with the temperature control set to the lowest position.
Wait for 3 minutes for the heater to reach the set temperature during which the operating light turns green.
Wait for 1 minute, the light will go off and then switch on again. This indicates the machine is now ready for
5. Place the item between the two layers of the pouch film and always insert the closed end of the pouch film
into the slit in the front side of the laminator (3).
6. The laminated item will emerge after few seconds at the back of the laminator.
7. In case when placing the film in the machine, the item shifts position or appears skewed, press the reverse
switch (7). The film will return out. Re-position the item properly and re-insert into the machine.
8. The temperature adjustment is to be done according to the film thickness and material. If the temperature
Is too low, the laminated item will not appear clear and if the temperature is too high, the lamination will
have wrinkles. Increase or decrease the temperature accordingly.
Laminating Temperature
Film thickness (micron) Temperature °C
38 100
75 110
125 140
250 180
(Film stabilized at room temperature)
é VMS"
Virtue | Merit | Security
1. Ensure the pouch film is always inserted with the sealed end, otherwise it could lead to the film wrapping
around the rollers or getting crumpled.
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Keep and store the machine in a cool and dry place away from other flammable items.
Do not spill water or other liquids on the machine while it is in operation.
Please ensure the machine is properly connected to the ground line.
Before tuming the machine off, set the temperature control to cold position, wait for 2 minutes and then
disconnect the power. This will ensure the roller is running and cools down properly before it stops rotating.
7. Donot use benzene or other thinners for cleaning.
8. Disconnect the power before opening the machine for cleaning or repairs.
Technical specifications
Laminating width, max.
Laminating speed
Operating temperature
Heating system
Roller diameter
ltem thickness
Dimensions (W x L x H)
Machine weight
Vinod Medical Systems Pvt. Ltd.
LM Deluxe
475 mm / minute
90°C 10180°С
AC geared motor
IR lamp
20.5 mm
<1.2 mm
230VAC 50H?
445 x 175 x 90 mm
5 Kg
Regd. Off.: Kripa Kunj, B 1-2. Sai Nagar, Near Railway Crossing, Raipur 492 009.
Corp. Off.: B-523, Chintamani Plaza, Mohan Studio Cmpd., Andheri Kurla Road,
Chakala, Andheri (E), Mumbai 400099.
Forany complaints call: 022 42152020/ 21 or Email to [email protected]
Certifications: [S09001:2008, 150 14001:2004, CE, OHSAS 18001:2007 and WHO-GMP
Clean the rollers with a soft cloth and propel alcohol periodically to avoid film wrap around rollers.
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