(PIR) Motion detector for Colour Observation System VSS7905/00T

(PIR) Motion detector for Colour Observation System VSS7905/00T
Data Sheet
Philips Business Electronics
Action/Alarmbox with Passive Infrared (PIR) Motion detector
for Colour Observation System
VSS7905/00T and VS79055T
The Action/Alarmbox with PIR is an accessory to the Philips Colour Observation Systems VSS7370 and
VSS7374. It is identical to the Action/Alarmbox VSS7902, enabling the user to perform certain actions
through the Observation System by e.g. connecting a door opener to the potential-free relay contacts inside the
Action/Alarmbox. Thus, by pressing the Action button on the system monitor, the door will be opened.
The main difference of the Action/Alarmbox with PIR with the “normal” Action/Alarmbox is the extra
passive infrared detector. This detector is able to detect motion within a room (internal use). Although a PIR
detector can be connected to a normal Action/Alarmbox, the VSS7905 can supply the power needed for the
PIR directly from the system cable, eliminating the need for an external power adapter. Another feature of this
accessory is the moving window feature. When using a normal action/alarm box with a PIR motion detector,
a person walking down a hall covered by a PIR detector will generate multiple alarms. When a motion is
detected by the VSS7905, the accessory waits for 10 seconds until accepting a new alarm. If in this period a
new alarm is generated, the timer will be reset.
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Normal input
10 sec
PIR input
In addition, it is still possible to connect other alarm sensors to the Observation System. When connecting e.g. a
window-contact, the activation of this window contact will generated an alarm at the system monitor, visible
on the On-Screen display and audible through a loud beep. The monitor will automatically switch to the
corresponding camera input.
The action/alarm box has a tamper switch for protection against sabotage.
Versions and type numbers
Europe & UK
Specifications may change without notice
Technical Specifications
Power supply
Contact ratings action relay
Alarm input trigger threshold
PIR detector start-up blind time
PIR moving window
PIR angle of sight
Maximum distance PIR to A/A box
System cable
System connectors
Dimensions (WxHxD)
Ambient temperature (oper./storage)
Ambient humidity (oper./storage)
Ambient conditions
24 V DC (via system cable)
30 V, 5 A AC/DC
> 150 Ohms (N.C. input)
< 150 Ohms (N.O. input)
90 seconds
10 seconds
approx. 10 metres
4-wire dual twisted pair “telephone” cable
RJ11E modular
119 x 77 x 40 mm
+10...+45ºC / -25...+70ºC
20...90 % / 99 % RH
Ammonia resistant
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