Protectowire FiberSystem 8000 PFS Series Fiber Optic Sensor Cable

Protectowire FiberSystem 8000 PFS Series Fiber Optic Sensor Cable
Protectowire FiberSystem 8000
PFS Series Fiber Optic Sensor Cable
• Two models available.
• Immune to electromagnetic interferences.
• Withstands severe environmental conditions.
• Little or no maintenance required.
• Halogen free, flame retardant jacket.
• Programmable alarm temperature.
Protectowire’s PFS Series Fiber Optic Sensor Cable measures
temperatures by means of optical fibers functioning as linear
sensors. Temperatures are monitored along the sensor cable as
a continuous profile. This ensures highly accurate temperature
discrimination over great distances or large surface areas. The
cable is capable of detecting hot gases as well as radiated heat
and is adaptable to individual objects or hazards. The sensor
cable contains no electronics and is therefore immune to electromagnetic disturbances of all kinds.
The sensor cable is available in two models suitable for the
broadest range of application requirements and has been
designed to provide years of useful service. Its rugged construction and halogen free flame retardant jacket resists most environmental influences, such as temperature, pressure and moisture
• Tunnels
• Cable trays
• Conveyors
• Power distribution apparatus: switchgear, transformers,
motor control centers, power cables
• Cooling towers
• Mines
• Pipelines
• Bridges, piers, marine vessels
• Aircraft hangars
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Today, fiber optic temperature sensors are used in a variety of special applications. Their unique characteristics make them adaptable
for such varied uses as monitoring the curing of concrete, detecting
road icing and leaks in pipelines, and monitoring power cables for
In the area of fire detection, fiber optic technology is ideally suited
to industrial high-risk hazards as well as many types of commercial
applications. Protectowire PFS Series Fiber Optic Sensor Cable has
unique advantages over other types of detectors, especially when
difficult installation factors or severe environmental conditions are
present. When used with a Protectowire FiberSystem 8000 PTS
Controller, temperature measurement on the Sensor Cable takes place
at periodic intervals to provide a continuous temperature profile.
F eatures & Benefits
• Identifies and displays the alarm location anywhere along its
length when used with the unique visualization software and PTS
• Unique zoning capabilities. A single length of sensor can be divided into 256 zones for various requirements (e.g. video, ventilation,
and extinguishment zones).
• Multiple alarm initiating criteria by zone. Alarm initiating may be
based upon a maximum temperature per zone, temperature development per zone in terms of time (rate-of-rise), or temperature
difference between a measurement location and the zone average
(zone differential).
• Reinforced stainless steel inner core (Type FR) and rugged flame
retardant outer jacket provide resistance to mechanical damage.
• Simple to install. Can be field spliced with appropriate fusion
splicing tools.
PFS-554-FR - Type FR Sensor Cable consists of a stainless steel
core tube that contains two independent color-coded quartz fibers
each with an outside diameter of .25 mm (.01 inches). The tube
cavity is gel-free and is longitudinally and laterally watertight. The
outside of the core tube is wrapped with a layer of fine stainless
steel wires that add to the mechanical and tensile strength of the
cable. The sensor cable is then sheathed with a halogen free, flame
retardant FRNC thermoplastic jacket suitable for a wide range of
applications and environments.
PFS-654-MF - Type MF Sensor Cable is a metal free Sensor and
has been specifically designed for use in applications where a high
amount of electromagnetic disturbances are expected like tunnels,
high voltage cable trays and transformers. To minimize the risk of
induced voltages, the construction of the metal free Sensor Cable
substitutes a core reinforced with Aramid yarn in place of the stainless steel tube and wire used in the FR type Sensor. The outer jacket consists of the same halogen free, flame retardant FRNC thermoplastic used throughout the product line. This series is best
described as multi-purpose, and is well suited to a wide range of
both commercial and industrial applications.
Installation Accessories
A comprehensive range of mounting and installation accessories are
available for the installation of Protectowire Type FR and MF Fiber
Optic Sensor Cables. These include several types of clips, straps,
drive rings, beam clamps, cable standoffs, connectors and zone
boxes. Their proper use assures a neat and reliable installation.
Only installation hardware supplied or approved by The
Protectowire Company should be used.
The PFS Series product range consists of two distinct types of
Sensor Cable. Each type has a unique construction that has been
designed to accommodate the widest range of installation requirements and environments. All product specifications are subject to
change without notice.
Cable Type
Number of fibers
Cable Diameter
Min. bend radius
Max. Ambient
Temperature Range
Cable Weight
Max. UL Listed Spacing
UL Listed Alarm Operating
Temperature Range
4 mm (.16 inches)
60 mm (2.4 inches)
-40° to 85° C
(-40° to 185° F)
44 kg/km
(30 lbs./1,000 ft.)
3.8 mm (.15 inches)
60 mm (2.4 inches)
-40° to 85° C
(-40° to 185° F)
18 kg/km
(12 lbs./1,000 ft.)
15.2 m (50 ft.)
15.2 m (50 ft.)
Both Models Programmable from 57° C (135°F) to 113° C (235° F).
Only Protectowire PFS Fiber Optic Sensor Cables comply with the manufacturer’s requirements for calibration and
compatibility with FiberSystem 8000 PTS Controllers. The use of any other fiber optic cable or sensor on this system is
considered a misapplication of the product and will void all warranties either expressed or implied.
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