The SpeedyLam SSORT 0 is The fasTesT pouch

The SpeedyLam SSORT 0 is The fasTesT pouch
 JamesBurn SpeedyLam
13 in. Pouch Laminator
* Heavy-Duty
* 10-Roller Machine
* High-Speed
The SpeedyLam 330R10 is the fastest pouch laminator
available, with a laminating speed of up to
12'/minute. That's a letter-sized pouch every 5 sec-
onds! This unique 10 roller system offers super fast
lamination speeds while assuring high quality results
even on difficult-to-laminate items such as photos,
inkjet prints, & color copies. Patented cooling system
keeps the exterior of the laminator cool to the touch
even when doing long production runs. The Speed-
yLam 330R10 offers a cool down cycle--just press and
hold the power button to activate the cool down
cycle. The cooling fans will continue to run until the
machine has reached the correct shut down tem-
perature. When the system is cooled, it will automati-
cally shut itself off. This prevents damage to the
heated rollers!
Retail Price:
Your Savings:
+ of Rollers:
Class: Professional
Laminating Width: M 13”
Film Thickness: 3-14 Mil
Adjustable Temp.: M Yes
Max. Speed: 144” per minute
Laminates Photos:
Silicone Rollers: Yes
Heated Rollers: Yes
Reverse: Yes
Cold Setting: Yes
1 Year
Brand: JamesBurn
. : Phone: 1-800-925-0054
Lamination Depot E-Mail:
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