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Jumbo Electric 3 Hole Sharpener
Operating Instructions
Before operating this
unit, please read these
instructions completely
•Power source: 220-240V 50Hz
•Current: 0.65A
•Thermal switch: 90°C
•Weight: 4 lbs (1.8kg)
•Dimensions: 116mm x 190mm x 195mm
Parts Identification
Multiple Pencil
Shavings Tray
Power Cord
with AC Plug
How to Use
1.Insert the AC plug into any standard 220V AC outlet.
2.Simply insert pencil into the pencil opening and the sharpener
starts sharpening immediately. Keep the pencil inserted straight to
avoid uneven sharpening.
3.At the end of the sharpening cycle the “AUTO STOP” feature will
operate by automatically pulling the cutter blades away from the
pencil. Note: Some pencils with uncentred lead (pencil defect) will
not sharpen evenly.
4.Pull out the pencil when you feel the end of the sharpening cycle.
5.For smooth trouble-free operation, empty shavings tray frequently.
1.To prevent motor damage, remove the pencil from the pencil
opening when point is sharpened.
2.Refrain from inserting hard materials such as pens, chalk, crayons
or soft colouring pencils which will damage or clog the cutter blades.
3.If the motor should overheat, a safety device (thermal switch) will
open to protect motor from damage. If this should occur, unplug the
power cord and let the unit sit for approximately 30-40 minutes.
During this time the thermal switch will cool and reset automatically.
4.Never replace with wires, or regular fuse.
5.The cabinet can be cleaned with a cloth, dampened with a mild
soap and water solution. (Do not use scouring powder, benzene,
gasoline or thinners).
When the shavings tray is removed, the pencil
sharpener will not operate.
Please insert the shavings tray prior to use.
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Jumbo Electric 3 Hole Sharpener
Model: 104000 AUS Version
Power Source: 220-240V
Current: 0.65A
Made in Taiwan
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