Philips NT9130/16 Datasheet

Philips NT9130/16 Datasheet
Philips D-finer
Precision trimmer
Most comfortable
for defining your facial style
Get the most comfortable precision trimmer for defining your facial style
Best performance that feels great
• Ideal angle for easy reach and maximum comfort
• Ultra sharp closed cutting system avoids pulling, guaranteed
Brings maximum ease of use
• Soft grip for maximum control
• Deluxe storage case to store neatly your product
Skin friendly
• Skin friendly trimmer with rounded tips
• Guarded system protects against nicks and cuts
Precision trimmer
Power system
• Power supply: AA battery
Ease of use
• Wet & Dry: 100 % waterproof for easy use and
• Luxurious storage pouch
• Durability: Protection cap
• Guarantee: 2-year worldwide guarantee
• Cleaning: Cleaning brush
Ideal angle for easy reach
Ideal angle for easy reach and maximum comfort
Soft grip
• Handling: Ideal angle for easy reach, Soft grip
coating for maximum control
Create the look you want
• Styling tools: 2 eyebrow combs
• Shape & Trim
The soft-touch rubber grip elements ensure optimal
hold, even when wet, for better control when
operating your appliance.
Deluxe storage case
Organize and store neatly your precision trimmer
and its accessories in a deluxe case
Tube system
The ultra sharp closed tube cutting system avoids
pulling of hair, guaranteed
Skin friendly trimmer with rounded tips, for defining
your facial style comfortably
The guarded system of the tube trimmer protects
your skin against nicks and cuts
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