HP Windows Embedded POSReady 7, x32, 1u, CTO Datasheet

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Windows® Embedded POSReady 7 is an operating system optimized for Point of Service solutions
that unleashes the power and features of Windows 7. It is the platform of choice for retailers looking to
replace in-store transaction devices with cutting edge Point of Service systems designed to enhance the
customer experience and increase customer loyalty.
Build your next generation
POS device with confidence
Envision a POS device
with endless possibilities
Windows Embedded POSReady 7 delivers compelling user
experiences, simplified management and deployment, and
ease of connection to the familiar world of Windows. It
goes beyond inventory tracking and tendering to provide
comprehensive information access to in-store staff and
assist retailers in dealing with today’s challenges while
preparing for tomorrow’s opportunities.
Windows Embedded POSReady 7 brings an entirely
new dimension of user experience to POS devices.
With multi-gesture touch interfaces and context aware
applications, POS devices come alive with touch screens
and immersive graphics. It even includes Windows Media®
Player 12 and Internet Explorer® 8, which bring the rich,
multimedia experiences of the web to POS devices.
Windows Embedded POSReady 7 delivers:
In addition, devices powered by POSReady 7 are easy
on the energy bill. With enhanced power management
features, these smart devices conserve more power
and reduce energy costs.
• A suite of POS feature packages and tools that help
reduce development costs.
• Smooth integration with independent hardware using
the plug and play support for POS peripherals provided
by POS for .NET.
• The ability to remove features, which reduces the attack
surface areas of POS devices, and helps retailers meet
Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance.
• Powerful security features like BitLocker®, BitLocker To
Go™, AppLocker™, and other innovations that help
protect POS systems and sensitive data.
• Full support for IPv6 and IPv4, and a new TCP/IP stack
which provides the latest wireless networking and security
features for easy integration with the enterprise network.
Windows Embedded products are covered by
an industry leading 10-year support program
plus a product availability of 15 years.
POS systems are powerful when
they are Windows Connected
With POSReady 7, devices can be easily integrated into
an existing desktop management infrastructure, thus
simplifying deployment and management. And Remote
Desktop Protocol (RDP) 7.1 provides a seamless experience
on remote POS devices.
Finally, POSReady 7 delivers BranchCache™, which gives
staff working on POS devices in branch stores a similar
experience to their local area network.
Windows Embedded POSReady 7
Features at a Glance
High-Confidence Platform
Endless Possibilities
Windows Connected
Integrated POS functionality
Designed for a full line of POS devices
Worldwide community support
• Plug and play functionality for retail devices
• Full-function point of service terminals
• Familiar setup and installation
• Customer-facing information kiosks
• Global ecosystem of partners, professional
developers, and enthusiasts
• Extend your existing investments
in management and infrastructure
• Self-checkout systems
• Dual display capability
• Specific embedded enabling features, such
as write filters, dialog filter, keyboard filter,
etc., to help tailor the OS to your device
Compatibility with leading POS applications
• Support for applications written to the
Windows APIs and Microsoft .NET
Framework providing a wide range of
available software for point of sale
• Touch-screen keyboard
• Built-in networking capabilities
• Microsoft Internet Explorer® 8 Web
browser software is included
• Internet Explorer 9 is available for download
• Windows Media® Player 12 is included
for checkout lane advertising and training
• Microsoft Silverlight® 4.0 Support
• .NET Framework 3.5 Support
• POS for .NET 1.12
• POSReady assists with PCI compliance
through tools to lock/harden image and
reduce the attack surface of the image
Standards based
• Group and local policy support
• Professional grade platforms tested to help
ensure a solid development framework
Support for multiple languages
Developer and retail resources
Tools and technologies
Designed for reliability and security
• Support for Unified POS interoperability
specifications from the Association of Retail
Technology Standards (ARTS) including
peripherals based on OPOS, and POS for .NET
• Legacy support for OPOS drivers 1.08
and above
• Multilingual User Interface support for
36 languages available
• 5 languages allowed to be installed at
any given time
• Third-party sites provide technical resources
and connect community
• For additional POSReady product
information, to locate a distributor or
review customer success stories visit:
• The Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN®),
provides detailed technical information,
training, and community support. For more
information visit: www.msdn.com
• The TechNet Web site, www.technet.com
is the place for IT professionals to get the
information they need to plan, deploy,
troubleshoot, maintain, secure, and support
their Microsoft technology investments.
• The Windows Embedded Partner Program
(WEPP) connects you with a worldwide
network of partners who can guide you
through every step of your device project.
For more information visit:
• For more information about UPOS and
OPOS, visit: www.nrf-arts.org
• Documentation in 9 languages
• FREE trial version
• Assurance of a 10-year Support Lifecycle Policy
Get started today!
Go to www.windowsembedded.com/downloads
to try an evaluation version of the complete product
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